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Hey all!


It’s time for some good old fashioned guild scrims!  This is meant for us to work on our team fighting and to get helpful and constructive feedback on how we can better work together as a team!  

Please RSVP and comment with what class and roles you can fill in a match (Teamfighter, Duelist, Roamer, Support).

If you have any questions, let me know!

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Team fight: Burn Guardian, GS Guardian, Reaper.  

Support: Support Guardian.

Roaming: Power Herald.

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I'm tentative since it's Mother's Day and I'm not sure yet when I'll be back from my in-laws. 😅 ACTUALLY sounds like we're celebrating tomorrow, so I should be good.


Mirage (duelist/roamer)



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I will do my best to come, but it might be a bit dicey with the time and because it's Mother's Day.


I have a strong preference for these builds:

Shiro Renegade (teamfight/roamer)

Power Soulbeast (teamfight/roamer)

Core Ranger (sidenode)



I can play these builds, but not as well as the ones I main:

Condi Herald (teamfight/sidenode/kind of roam-y?)

Condi Immob Druid (sidenode)

Flamethrower Scrapper (teamfight)


I can play these builds at a mediocre to below average level:

Power Reaper (teamfight)

Condi Thief (stealing)

Core Guardian (teamfight/sidenode)

Power Holosmith [not prot holo] (teamfight/sidenode/roamer]

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Holo [sidenode/teamfight]

Reaper/necro [teamfight]

Herald [+1]

Thief/DD [+1]

Condi Mirage [+1]

Spell breaker[+1]

Soul beast [Teamingfight/roam]






Core guard



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teamfight: power reaper, core necro, pwr dh

duelist/roamer: all of the meta and decent builds

support: healbreaker, core guard

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