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[BRN] Out with (some of) the old!


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This week we are going to try something new with wing 4!


Goal: Practice New Builds and New Comps!

In this BRN we're aiming to try out some of the new boon support comps that have sprung onto the scene after the latest patch. These include mirage alacrity and quickness scrapper, as well as other supports that are now more viable like staff heal tempest. People are welcome to try out their new DPS builds as well! 


Be sure to RSVP and comment your build(s)!


Here is a sample comp we can try out depending on what supports people want to play:

 Mirage Alacrity (+25 might, alacrity)

Quickness healer (healbrand or heal scrapper)

Quickness provider (condi quickbrand, chrono, qrapper)

Off healer (druid, heal tempest)




If you have any questions, please contact @ars, @Manstervile, @Zidane, @Phoenix, or @Maeric!


Recommended Comments

Miralac/condi mirage

Boon support chrono

Healbrand/DH/condi FB


Power Ren/alac Ren




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Would like to try condi DD, miralac, banners. Can flex into most other stuff, can be backup 💪


Edit- parents still in town, prob can't make it - super duper backup for me 😔

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