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[Impromptu Raids] Ectoplasmic Residue + Crystalline Heart progress!


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This past week I heard there are several people working on their Legendary Armor collection, so to help get some more ecto residue or achievements, here's an impromptu raid event to get some progress in~

  • No requirements, this is a casual unofficial event
  • You still need raid builds and such though! Please comment the raid builds you are willing to play or at least have the gear/build for
  • You can use the broccoli rating system to tell me how comfy you are playing something. 它它它它它 five broccolis for very comfortable and 它 for absolutely new/will play in last case scenario
  • If a lot of people are willing to come help then I'll prioritize people who are actively working on their collections


  1. We have the option of either entering one of my pre-cleared instances for Wing 1 or Wing 3 to open chests for Ectoplasmic Residue. I also have a cleared Sloth / open Trio instance for 1 additional chest.
  2. We have the option of fighting bosses from Wings 1 through 3 for collection loot. (If you have already cleared Keep Construct this week, you cannot get the Itzel Poison collection item from its chest)
  3. We can work on Crystalline Heart achievements by fighting bosses in Wing 4. (These can be done even if you already cleared the bosses this week)

Not sure what you need for your Collection? Check out Sleepy's Envoy 1 guide!

I can train and teach any of the bosses we might encounter, so feel free to sign up even if you haven't fought one of the bosses you or someone else might need - for example, Sloth or Matthias. The event time can be shifted depending on what's convenient for peeps, so just let me know!

Recommended Comments

I need the KC (poison)& Twisted Castle (polished Aurillium) plus some other things from w3 but down to do any of them also




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I already have the achiev but can help others

I can fill any role - tanking I have limited exp (I have successfully tanked SH twice before but no other bosses)

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