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This Week's Stretch Bosses: Vale Guardian and Gorseval!
Depending on groups and time, squads can take a stab at other bosses in the BRN rotation.


  • Comment¬†with the builds you can bring and¬†RSVP¬†to the event. We need you to do both so we can properly roster you - otherwise you'll likely be moved to backup.
    • If you want to be backup, you can mark Maybe and/or mention on your comment.
    • If you can't stay the whole time, comment with that as well.


  • The guild will drop ascended food platters, but you can grab any utilities or extra food items from the guild bank. You'll want enough for about 2 hours.
    • If you don't know which you need, feel free to ask!


  • Check the spoiler below for videos on the bosses.
  • Rosters will go up Thursday night on discord and the site.¬†Signups will close at 11 EST on Thursday so we have time to put the rosters together.
    • If you sign up after that, you will most likely be moved to backup.


  • For more information about the requirements and expectations of BRN, as well as the other guild raid nights,¬†click here!
    • Current BRN expectations -¬†level 80 exotic gear¬†(contact a Phoenix or Flame to help get some stuff crafted for you!),¬†SC build, and¬†any required masteries or mounts.
    • No experience required, but watching provided videos of bosses encouraged.


  • We're looking for leaders! If you're interested in becoming part of the leader rotation, please DM¬†one of the Raid Flames -¬†@ars¬†@Manstervile¬†@Zidane- on Discord.

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Would like to practice:

Tank Chrono


Can also fill:

Regular STM Chrono

DPS (power or condi)




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Power Dragonhunter
I could also practice a fresh Condi Soulbeast (just exotics, built on top of my non-meta heal druid)

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