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After BRN PvP AT


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My friends!


Friday night AT?  😁

A fair warning: These are going to be much more difficult than simply queuing for unranked, BUT all are welcome!  Just make sure you have a viable build.  If you aren't sure if it's viable for this, let's get on beforehand and test it and we can talk about it.  If it's from metabattle and ranked "Good" or better, then it will automatically be considered viable.  Please do not test builds during automated tournaments.  We obviously want to put our best foot forward for this.  The goal is not to test out new things unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.



There are different roles that we would ideally fill, so think about these roles when deciding what you can bring to the table:


Team fighter: These are meant to spearhead team fights and do fighting on or close to the nodes *with other people there.*

Support: Support is technically a team fighter as that maximizes the potential to win team fights, but it's exactly what it sounds like.  You support your teammates.

Side Noder/Duelist/Roamer: These classes are meant to fight away from the rest of the team and are good at holding a point against one enemy, as well as rotating to other nodes to decap/cap.  Some of them can +1 other duelists and even team fights to help swing the momentum of the fight in your teams favor.


These are the usual suspects for effective team roles and all are very important.  The more you can do well, the better off we are! 



Please comment below with what you can bring to the tournament and I'll make a roster the day of!  If you do not comment with that info, I will message you and ask you to do so!


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!


Recommended Comments

Team DPS - reaper, condi core necro, ld dh, nade holo.


Support - Ele (this will depend if I can get some practice on it before friday to shake the dust off), scourge


Side node - prot holo (not preferred, but can play)

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Power DH, Burn Guardian, Power GS Guardian, Support Guardian, Power Herald, Prot Holo.

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Roamer-pHerald / Popgun Deadeye

Teamfight - Reeper, SB or LB DH

Sidenoder - omegalul


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