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RISE T4/CM Fractals Signup

[Updated 6/8/2021]

Hey everyone! Are you ready to put all your skills and knowledge about fractals to the test? Do you want to dip your toes to the hardest challenges Fractals has to offer? Then you come to the right sign up page! Whether you're new to CMs/T4s/want to brush up on your mechanics/want to learn a new role in CMs or just love to do Fractal CMs in general, we want you to join us! 



  • Please RSVP and comment what role and class you'll be bringing to this event! It's essential that we can form balanced team comps!  
  • We require you to have an agony resistance of 150 in total o135+ with a Distinguished tear of Alba
  • Have experience running Fractals.
  • Have a good understand of what your class does! Basic rotation knowledge will be necessary to handle the highest content of fractals! We don't expect you to be a DPS monster or boon uptime master! However, we would like it if you'd join knowing what most of your skills do and are willing to learn and adapt!
  • Arrive roughly 5-10 minutes early! It's never fun waiting for friends to join especially on challenging content like this! Please make sure you're online in game and discord before 9PM ET! Otherwise, we may need to look for fills. 
  • If possible please bring a cDPS for CM 100/Sunqua Peak, it will make your life a lot easier and will help ensure we complete CM 100. If you do not have a cDPS, you are still welcome, but please work towards getting a cDPS class setup. 


To recap please RSVP and comment your class and role you'll be playing/like to be playing. If you'd like to join as a backup please hit the maybe button. Rosters for groups are made to be as balanced as possible, if we have too many DPS sign ups and not enough support there will be higher priority for support players as they are essential to the group. If you're not sure you'll be able to make it or have any other questions or comments please give me a DM in discord!


I'll have rosters made around 6PM ET so please look at the #fractal channel on discord to see who you'll be paired up with! 

Let's get those clears and have fun! 


Other guides that you may find helpful: 

Fractal Information / Tips: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fractals_of_the_Mists

Meta builds / Fractal Information / Guides: https://discretize.eu/ / https://snowcrows.com/


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dps or HB, I can also do banners but you'll have to give me a heads up to move some AR over to him

Sorry had something come up, and won't be able to do it this week 😞

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