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[FIRE] Prog


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This Week's Boss: W5-W7 Prog! Starting with Qadim

The group can shoot for clears afterward if they finish early.


  • Specialized builds needed for this boss:
    • A Ton
      • Priority goes to people willing to learn / practice these roles.
      • Niche builds (i.e. kiter) don't require vetting, just be ready with the gear and build you need.


  • Comment with the builds you can bring and RSVP to the event. Please only list builds you've vetted.
    • If you want to be backup, you can mark Maybe and/or mention on your comment.
    • You must be vetted on a build to come. If you're looking to get one vetted before Saturday, contact one of the raid flames @Gryps @wynteru @Phantastro @Constant @Sana and we can aim to get it in before Saturday.



  • The guild will drop ascended food platters, but you can grab any utilities or extra food items from the guild bank. You'll want enough for about 2 hours.
  • All the gear standards for BRN apply here as well (level 80 exotics or better, a Snow Crows/viable off-meta raid build), plus the addition of vetting builds and prepping for any bosses you're unfamiliar with. Basically, you cannot come in blind to these fights.



  • Check the spoiler below for videos on the bosses. We're expecting players in this tier to have a good understanding of their build, general mechanics, and the flow of the bosses. So if you're unfamiliar with bosses, please check the videos below!
  • Rosters will go up on Discord, so keep an eye on the #raids channel.


  • For more information about the requirements and expectations of FIRE, as well as the other guild raid nights, click here.

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only interested in q1 kiting, backup otherwise. can do any other role on any other boss

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