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Late Night Strikes


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Hey everyone, I know it has been quite a long time, but I am officially back and I ready to lead some strikes. So without further ado, welcome to the first official Late Night Strikes Run!!! This will ideally be our new time to run in the week, and we will be running slightly differently than we ran Friday Night Strikes. 


This event will be focusing on clearing every strike currently in the game, aside from Forging Steel (it does not count), Though the event is open to EVERYONE, no experience needed. So even though we will be focusing on clearing every boss we will be open to training if needed, so feel free to come on down and lets bash from frozen baddies.

Strike missions are GW2's introduction to raiding, they are set up they same way with 10 squad members and full raid compositions but they are built to be much easier than raids while introducing some common raid mechanics. So if you are interested in learning how "10 man" raid style content works this is your event. As stated earlier we will be using raid compositions which require full raid builds, if you are unsure about what that might be or how to gear one you should check out https://snowcrows.com/ this sight will give you almost every raid build we use in the guild and if you have any specific questions please feel free to ping me (@EnergyEvan) in the strikes channel in discord or send me a PM through discord.

I know I am not very good at this, and people don't normally read these. So if you did congrats, there is nothing useful past this point. Haha, I lied, as I said earlier Forging Steel does not count, but it is tied to multiple achievements so if you really want to run it or need it for an achievement, you can request to run it ONLY if you specifically ask to run it when you rsvp to this event.



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DPS or Alac, but I'm not familiar with the strike specific roles for alac, so I'd need someone to mention anything in particular I would need to bring for individual fights

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