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[FIRE] Clears Night


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This is an event that is designed for FIRE+ players to get some clears together. To stick to the goal and keep it on track, there are some requirements. Again, be sure to read over everything; you can message me directly if you have any questions.


  • This is for raiders who have, at minimum, are vetted for FIRE and run those builds you've vetted (exceptions for weird niche roles like kiters).
  • Feedback/Advice will be given, but these are not training raids - the goal is clears.
  • Remember to come prepared. Research unfamiliar bosses, check for changes to builds, how that build performs on the bosses, if that build is viable on the bosses, have any required mounts or masteries, and perform expected mechanics that your class is commonly assigned.
  • This is also not designed to be a show up, get carried set up. All members are expected to step up and be ready.
  • While there is a boss goal, there is the possibility of extra time, meaning ALL bosses are technically on the table. The exceptions to this would be Statues, Dhuum, Largos, and both Qadim 1 and Peerless.   



  • All the current raid info you need is all right here: check this post out for details.
  • All people who sign up will automatically be added to the backup list unless they explicitly state otherwise.
  • Rosters will go up Sunday night/Monday morning.
  • Bosses:
    • We will be working on clearing bosses from Wings 1-4 depending on group comp and preference.
    • If time permits, we may head to other bosses.

Recommended Comments

usual last caulibackup, can alac/banneroos/DPS o/

(nontank druid or minstrel chrono if you're desperate)

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Last-er-ish Brocc-o-backup 👻


Chrono, pDPS 


Druid (you don't want me on Sab, just saying)


I don't remember what's left & vetted <_<


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the ultimate in last-er caulibackup:


i really, really prefer hb as i haven't raided in quite a while and that's my comfy zone, but i can also do crap dps/middling druid (just not on kc...heck them orbs).

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