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Community Movie Night (BYOPopcorn)

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It's time for a COMMUNITY MOVIE NIGHT! We'll screen-share a movie and hang out in voice chat together to laugh, cry, and just enjoy each other's goofy company. It's a lot of fun and a casual event that anybody can enjoy!


What will we watch? That's up to YOU! We'll take a poll this weekend, but for now: comment below if you're planning to attend our movie night with a G, PG, or PG-13 suggestion that is available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime.


What do you need? Your favorite movie snack, comfy seat, computer, and discord VOIP to visit with friends (this isn't a "silence in the movie theater" kind of thing).


Hope to see you there! We'll start right after Kitty Blu's Boss Train.




Recommended Comments

@Ed @x_ɹǝllᴉʞɔᴉʇsᴉʇɹ∀_x @Nezo @Senlorandir @Yeris @Griffnation @Sana @Martini @PaxtonR74 -- you guys have RSVP'd yes or maybe, so just wanted to give you a heads up on options:


A few that caught my eye looking through Amazon Video, Netflix, Disney+:


- Space Balls

- Spider Man into the Spider-verse

- Ralph Breaks the Internet

- Masters of the Universe

- Captain Marvel

- Scott Pilgrim vs the World



Christmas movies:


- It's a Wonderful Life

- The Santa Clause

- Home Alone

- The Grinch (2018)


If you guys think of something else, let me know and I'll check for it! (I couldn't find the Room or Fateful Findings available for free)


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I haven't watched many movies, the only ones I've watched in that list are some of the home alone series and Spider Man into the spider-verse [Both amazing movies that I'd love to watch again.] I think my only preference is to watch something more Christmasy ~ 

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I am totally down to watch a Christmas movie if you guys want! There are a few other decent ones around... I'm willing to rent one on Amazon, too.


Home Alone or maybe even National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation would be nice because I can't watch those with Kara 🤣

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Into The Spiderverse is so worth watching again!!


I haven't watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail in AGES and that's probably right up this group's alley 😁

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