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PvP Funtime!


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This event began 04/12/2020 and repeats every week forever

Howdy all!


Come on over on Sundays at 4pm EST and get the best tips & tricks in town with our local PvP masters!  Need a build?  We can help with that!  Need some help with map sense?  We can help with that too!  Whatever you need, WE GOT YOU!


Our goal with these sessions is for people to have fun and feel comfortable in a non-toxic environment while learning and experimenting with different builds and classes.  

We will ask for an X in guild chat just before 4 so we can make the teams!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask @Cowboy!  Hope to see you for some PvP fun!



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I can bring Power Reaper, Power Dragonhunter, Power Revenant!  I can try some weaver, soulbeast, and warrior too!

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mostly running power necro, but have a weird hybrid support tempest and a spellbreaker

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I have a Power Banners warrior, but I'm not sure what I should use for PVP. I also have a Thief, but I don't know much about PVPing on that character either.

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I've never done any PvP but very curious to try (if no judgment). condi ranger 🙂

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If i can still sign up i will go if not i will be cheering!

I will be practicing My Mesmer 😄

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going to try and make this.   I may have to leave early but really wanted to try my toes in PvP.  🙂    i only have 1 toon.   ranger.  (not very good but death is only a doorway... 😉  )

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I mainly run elementalist. Lately I have been learning duelist hybrid fire weaver and duelistcore ranger, but my best runs are with teamfighter/roamer fresh air weaver.

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I would like to attend. The only thing I currently play is Guardian, but I am willing to learn any other build if someone is willing to teach. 😄

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