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Strike Missions




Strike Night!


Come one come all to our weekly RISE Strike night! Strikes are fun filled bosses geared to get individuals ready to raid! Come to learn your class, practice mechanics found in raids, and enjoy fun filled times with RISE members!


No experience is required! We will guide you through each fight! If you are looking to get into raids this is an excellent place to start!



Please RSVP by 2:00pm Est Saturday and comment what builds you can bring! If you are able to bring a healer for Boneskinner please indicate this along with what you will be playing for the others!

Comps will follow a slightly relaxed raid style composition as follows:   Healbrand, Alacrigade, Druid, 1 additional Quickness (QuickBrand, Healbrand, BoonChrono), and 6 DPS of any kind! Please bring your own utilities. If you don't have any or know what you should bring feel free to ask and we can provide some! Guild will provide ascended food.



Helpful healers for Bonnerskinner: Scourge (vacuum), Heal Elementalist, Druid, Healbrand, etc. 








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lol peu reminded me it's the new strike!


p/c DPS SB, p/c BS, alacrigade, healbrand, heal ele for skinner

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DPS (preferred) or Alacrigade/Heal Ren (maybe quickbrand, don't make me HB though lol) 🥦

I'm okay with being backup!

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DPS soulbeast 🙂 Feeling more confident in mechanics, time to learn how to max out dps... 

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