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Lower Tier Fractal Signups


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T1-T3 Fractal Signups


Welcome to another week of lower tier fractal daily runs! Anyone is welcome to join, whether you are completely new or working on progressing to higher tiers.


The only thing we please ask is to:

  • RSVP and Signup
  • Show up on time (8:00 PM EDT, i.e. server reset time
  • Open mind on learning and progressing in future fractals
  • Have fun! 

Please RSVP if you know you can make the event! In addition, it would help a lot if you can post with the max tier fractals you can do. You can just show up on time to the event as we form up in game, but you might not be guaranteed a spot in your preferred tier if you don't RSVP.


This event may require multiple leaders. If you can do it, we would really appreciate it if you can help! 


For guides and videos, please refer to the stuff below: 

Fractal Information / Tips: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fractals_of_the_Mists

Meta builds / Fractal Information / Guides: https://discretize.eu/ 

99 CM: https://discretize.eu/fractals/nightmare 

100 CM: https://discretize.eu/fractals/shattered-observatory

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