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Raids Open Office Hours!


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Looking to vet your next build for FIRE or PAL? Want some advice on how to play a class? Need a rundown of what you can do to carry your squad?


On Fridays before BRN, the raid team is opening up office and will be available for consultation! Let us know in the event comments if you'd like to meet up with a raid flame, and we'll be available!



Things we offer during open office hours:

  • Vetting classes for FIRE
  • Advice and teaching for support classes
  • Finding your CCs and other utility your class can bring
  • How to set up arcDPS
  • Overview of raid performance through reviewing logs
  • Refining your DPS rotation (if we're familiar with the class you play)
  • and more!



Raid Flame Team



Recommended Comments

I'd like for someone to watch me do my deadeye rotation. I'm capping at 32k / sec (would like to be closer to 34k/sec) and having an issue with regenerating malice after using all of my stealth skill combos - hoping someone can help me get the timing right in the rotation or just provide some feedback

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I am interested in getting some advice for my Necro DPS usage if possible. As well as any pointers that can be offered so I can improve?

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I'd love for someone to please help me with my sword pbm. 🙂
or if no one is available for that maybe teach me how to hb, or alac....

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If im on in time ( probably not , timezones suck) i'd like some god to check my necroness out ^-^ don't ask me what i cap at i can barely remeber what i had for dinner last night let alone remeber some number that i saw a day or so ago XD. 


You won't need to tell me what build to run what Armour etc that i already have from snow crows -   just tell me if my numbers are looking spicy or sweet 😄 probs be like a few mins - like 10 minim :3 ( maybe even shorter O.O).


Edited: something came up i'll look at this again next week XD

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Going to try to make it this week so I can get some builds vetted for if my schedule ever syncs up with FIRE raids 🙂

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I would like to have a few of my many supports vetted for FIRE (Healbrand and Power Alac are my priorities).  I can probably make the last 15-20m of the office hours this week if that's enough time.

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Need help with power SB rotations, I feel like im doing something wrong...

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I would like to get vetted for FIRE, I have HB, pSlb, and cSc I've been using in training runs. Thank you.

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