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Book of the Month Club (November 2020)



  Book of the Month Club!


This is an event for people looking to:

- Read more;

- Talk about books with people;

- Need a wider variety of books to add to their bookshelves


This will be a monthly event for people to come together to pick a book, read it, and have an opportunity to discuss the book we just read!



Book Theme : Dystopian Future (Thanks @Kagrenac!)
Suggest any books related to the decline of civilization, or frightening/unsettling civilizations!


DM me book nominations by: October 17, 2020

Voting Closes on: October 23, 2020

Book will be announced: October 24, 2020


This Month's Book is:


The Road (Cormac McCarthy)


Happy Reading!





How exactly will this work?
DM me your nominations for what book we should read in the upcoming month!

In the next week or so, vote on which of the nominations you would like to read!

A month later we'll meet together to chat about the book!


What kinds of books will we be reading?

Depends on you guys! With some exceptions (see below), the poll will be open for all sorts of genres (fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, classics, autobiographies...whatever people want to read that month). Doesn't matter whether or not you've already read the book or were thinking of picking it up. Ideally, let's pick books that are likely to be available in bookstores or libraries everywhere.


Will people know what books I nominate? I'm worried people will hate my suggestions.

Nominations are voted on anonymously, so no one will know you nominated a book unless you disclose that yourself.

I haven't read/read about any books that qualify for this month's theme; what should I do if I don't know what to nominate?

Part of the fun of book club is to discover new books to try, so you can use this as a chance to browse Amazon or GoodReads for some inspiration on books to nominate! Themes are also always open to interpretation, so feel free to ask if a book can fall under the theme if you're not sure.


How many books will we vote on each month? Is there a limit?

For now, the limit is going to be 10 books to vote on each month (since it'll be hard to get a clear winner the more options I add to the polls). This number may change depending on interest.

If the book I nominated didn't get added to the poll, can I nominate it again for the next month?



Can I keep nominating the same book until it is voted as the selection for the month?

We'll play this by ear, but if you have nominated a book several times and it has not been selected in any of those months, I may leave it off the poll for a couple months to give more space to newer nominations.


Are we allowed to pick books that have film/TV adaptations?



Are there any books we can't suggest?
Let's try to keep the selections around PG-13; if you wouldn't want to have to explain the latest chapter of the book to a 14-year old relative, then it may not be appropriate for this book club. Let's also try to avoid anything highly political (e.g., anything relating to real-world politics, with a clear political slant in one direction or another). Finally, we're going to steer away from anything too irreverent for a wide audience. Anything that is controversial may be subject to review by myself, and may not be included in polls. I'll try to give wide latitude to books with literary value, but ultimately the tastes of the group as a whole will dictate how close to a line a book is allowed to get. More categories may be added here as books are suggested.

Do I have to read every book to participate?

Nope! If you need to skip a month because you have too much going on to read the whole book, or if you're not into the book selected for the month, or for any other reason, you can still come back the next month to vote for a new book. You're also still welcome to come to our book chat if you don't mind spoilers.


Will we be given any information about the books in the poll?

I'll be pulling short descriptions for each book based on what I find on GoodReads or Amazon. The descriptions will be spoiler-free.


Will you be providing trigger warnings for all the options on the poll?

I'll try to add trigger warnings to each description, but as I will definitely not have read every book on the poll, and don't want to potentially spoil books for people, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to include all the information you need to make a decision. I definitely encourage everyone to also look into books themselves, when possible. If you need to skip a month because you're concerned about trigger warnings, that's totally fine! If you feel you have to frequently skip months because the selected books tend to have a lot of material that triggers you, you can DM me privately, and I can let the group know that an anonymous member would like us to avoid those sorts of books.


The book we picked last month seemed really cool, but I wasn't able to read it; can I nominate it again for this month?

One of the goals of the group is to get is all reading new books, so unfortunately, once a book has been selected, it can't be nominated for another month.


How will book chats work?

Book chats will be a time to have informal conversations about the books we read. Depending on the group, I may ask some questions to move the ball rolling, and we can let the conversation move from there organically. You don't have to be a literary scholar to participate; we're here to have fun talking about books. 🙂


Do I actually have to talk about the book in book chats?

While the goal of book chat afternoons is to get together and talk about the book, there's no requirement that everyone has to contribute to the conversation if they don't want to. Depending on the book, we may spend hours talking about it, or we may spend more time just catching up with each other.


Any rules for book chats?

Just be respectful, kind, and considerate during chats. Remember that while you may have loved or hated a book, other people might have felt differently. At the end of the day, we should all respect each other's opinions, and most importantly, have fun!


Are we allowed to talk about book spoilers throughout the month (i.e., outside of book chats)?

We do have a channel on discord (#book-nook)! Feel free to chat about books there, just remember to use spoiler tags when appropriate.


I don't have the cash to buy a book a month; how else can I participate?

[Insert obligatory "plz don't pirate" disclaimer here]


Here are some legal resources for finding books at low/no cost; some may work via your local library:

Project Gutenberg





If you're having trouble finding a copy of the book to read, DM me and we'll figure it out.


I have more questions/have some suggestions!

Feel free to DM me with questions/feedback (ideally in discord; I check that more often)!


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