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Gabo's HP HoT train


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It's that time again when I look at my newest characters and realise I'm missing quite a few specializations, so I'm organizing another HP train run.


My plan this time is to start with HoT HPs and move to PoF maps if time permits.

We will be making small breaks every hour and, if moving fast, we will unlock 1 full specialization and start some of the second. You don't need to stick for a full train, just jump in or step out whenever. (If coming late, you might need more WPs unlocked or TPs to friend)


Come specialize those condi reapers, weaver tanks and heal deadeyes 🙂 



- Level 80 character(s)

- Have first WP of Crystal Oasis unlocked. Preferably Verdant Brink too. 

- Preferably at least yellow gear (coming with level 10 green gear will slow us down considerably) 

- Basic gliding / at least a bunny + raptor. Flying mounts a plus.


If somebody could bring a Mesmer for portals, that would be amazing. 


RSVP if you are going to make it so I know who to wait for 🙂 


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nvm, not adding rsvp

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