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Thursday Late-Night Raid Static

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This event began 01/08/2021 and repeats every week on Thursday forever

Start time will be 10:30pm CT, 11:30pm ET, 8:30pm PT on Thursday nights. We will run for 2 hours. This will begin January 7th and continue until... I don't know when. I (Kit) want to learn all the raids and be decent at them.

We are looking for another Main member. Thank you to everyone who is willing to help with this endeavor! ❤️❤️❤️ 
The roster as it stands:
1. Kitiara
2. Asamel
3. Maeric
5. Dole
6. Manstervile
7. Newfie
8. EnergyUwu
9. Cawtchlin
10. StoneBoltKing

Back Up:
1. Tiffy
2. Care
3. Sahana
4. Visco
5. Moey
6. Moose


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Name Change, roster update

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I have a few FIRE vetted builds but have done none of the FIRE fights so would be learning right along with you. If you’ll take my halfway educated gamer self, I’d love to join you!!!



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You both are welcome. Everyone else on the roster is super experienced in Raids. This will be an excellent learning opportunity 🙂

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LOL! I would not put myself as "super experienced." I have done Wings 1-4 and QTP, but 5-7 will be uncharted territory for me 🙂 I hope that's ok! I saw a late night raid static forming and jumped right on since I'm like you and only play late. If there was a need for experienced people then I missed that bit 😞


I'm a quick learner though 🙂

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Hey Pusher! No, experience is not necessary. I should have said *most* of the roster is highly experienced lol. I'm happy to have you with us and am looking forward to learning and practicing with you! ❤️

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2 hours ago, Visco said:

I'd also love to fill for this if a spot opens up later!

Hey Visco,

We'd love to have you as a back up just in case!

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I would like to join in if I haven't fallen asleep...long week. So it will be 9:30p.m. my time; I'm MST.

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