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Weekly Strike Missions!!!


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Hey everyone, it's that time of week again for Strike Missions. As always we are gonna run before BRN and we are gonna try and get everything in while still leaving enough time for people to get ready for raids. With that, for Weekly Strike missions we will run all of the strikes, fyi I do not count count forging steel as a strike as you cannot open it from the portal. When you RSVP can you list what you want to play, it helps me make rosters 🙂.


As per usual we are going to be running a Heal Scourge for boneskinner, so if you want to play it or would like some practice on it just let me know when you sign up. If we don't get one I will do it🙂


(However, I know that people do need to run forging steel for a number of achievements and because of this we can run forging only if requested and it will be added at the end and only if we have time before raids.)


Q: Where do I go for Strike missions?

A: Eye of the North, everyone in GW2 has the waypoint and if you can't find it it is directly north of the plains of ashford


Q: What can I bring to Strike Missions?

A: Anything that you can bring to raids, if you don't know what that is don't worry. Here is a link the the website everyone uses for their raid builds https://snowcrows.com/


Q: Do I need any experience to come to Weekly Strike Missions?

A: HECK NO, we are going to be running these as trainings and we are very open to anyone and everyone. So don't feel scared to come if you haven't done them before.



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I really want to, and i'll play anything, but I honestly have no idea if I can due to work. I'm marking myself as a maybe and can't honestly say I'll even be able to be there Q_Q

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