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Friday Strike Night


Event details


Hi everyone, it's time again for weekly strike missions, but this time things are gonna look a little different. That's right, Weekly Strike Missions have been officially rebranded. Instead of a scary we want clears environment and we are now going to be focusing on training new builds and giving new players a low stress 10 man content training environment. For instance if you are wanting to get into BRN Raids but are worried that you aren't ready for it, come to Strikes. Or if you are in BRN but you got a new build/ role you want to try out but aren't sure if it's raid ready, come to Strikes. We are open and welcome to all, no experience needed, NEW PEOPLE ARE SUPER DUPER AWESOME AND WE WANT ALL OF THEM. So come on down and have some fun while we break some frozen baddies faces.

WHAT ABOUT GOODIES??? What can I get from strikes?
Well you can get a multitude of things from strike missions that includes:
- Ascended gear (armor/ weapons)
- Fully stat selectable Exotic armor
         -IMO the runic armor is one of the coolest armor sets in that entire game
- A really frosty chair
- Map currency for all of the living world season 4 maps

So, when it comes to the runs in general there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, like raids you should have a meta/ accepted off-meta build, if you don't know what that includes you can go to https://snowcrows.com/ and they will give you a rundown and short guide of everything you need to do/ get for each class, when it comes of accepted off meta builds you can use the https://docs.google.com/document/d/17o2v0YeCSiSyq0sg9ZIH7HK6HeQm9mQ9spOur0cEg4Q/edit made by Kat, and that will give a link to a video intro of any build that the guild allows in strikes and raids :). Second off, even though the runs are going to be set up as a training environment we still would like to clear all of the bosses we do, so please keep in mind, if you are in the event you should be happy to be there (please don't complain about your role or the quality of pulls), we can joke around some but we don't want to go to far, if you do I will sic the raid team on you (they are scary).

Now for the Event itself.
We are as normal going to be running Strike missions on Friday before BRN raids from Reset, up until raids (We will make sure everyone in BRN has at least some break before raids). We are going to be doing all of our normal bosses, so everything but Forging steel. 

Regarding forging steel, I hate it.... It's long and doesn't give cool stuff, but players do need to do it for a number of achievements, so if you really want to do forging steel you can request we do it when you sign up and if we have time we will run it at the end.

One last thing, sorry about all the reading. And for the Boneskinner we are going to need a heal scourge, so if you want to play it just list it as one of your builds and I will slot you to do it, if we don't get one I will cover it 🙂



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Can fill with anything, but alac or dps practice would be 💯


Also signing up as backup if you need the spots.

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Have to eventually learn my HB and Druid. But if not, DPS 🙂 Can HB or condi quick. either works


Edit. Changed to Backup because my WvW guild starts running 1 hour after this starts.

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I only had an hour of sleep the day before, and I haven't slept yet tonight! SO, provided I'm alive (96% chance I will be) come 5PM MST (7PM MST) I'd happily join y'all as not just a backup!

I could dps, practice alac (no healren though), practice hb, practice boon chrono (yuck though for bs I think?), I could also technically druid but I've never done so in instanced content before - minus a 3-man TC but that doesn't count.

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Backup,  can play anything. ANYTHING.


Like minion mancer auto attack necromancer...

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