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Dungeon Storm - Honor of the Waves


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Let's get HotW cleared! The goal for this is to do both the story mode and the three normal explorable paths.


What to expect:

  • Loots! HotW is a level 75 dungeon and so drops gear and materials around the T5 range.
  • Symbol of Koda- These are the currency and are used to buy the unique armor and weapons; craft gifts for Frenzy and Frostfang. This is also where you can get the super tanky Sanctuary Runes.
  • Achievements - Completing these paths will give you credit towards Dungeon Master, Dungeon Frequenter, and Hobby Dungeon Explorer achievements.
  • Teaching - The point for this is to show the strats for the different paths, not necessarily super speed clears.


What you need:

  • A quality build. This is a level 75 dungeon, but please bring a level 80 with exotic gear. We probably won't need a dedicated healer but quickbrands and alacrigades will help.
  • Access to Frostgorge Sound, anywhere on the map.
  • Underwater gear- It's time for some underwater combat!
  • Potions! We have potions of Svanir slaying stocked in the guild bank, so grab that sweet DPS buff.


Slap that RSVP button if you're interested! We had enough for two groups last time so let me know if you'd be down to take a possible second group.



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Really want to join however my WvW guild run crosses over a little bit so will likely be up to 30 minutes late (lately we have been finishing early though). SO can be backup

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I don't mind running a hotw group.

I can guarantee a story and probably 2 paths if we have at least 2-3 people in the group

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Screw it, might as well try.


Power tempest because I don't think my cFB is geared for underwater combat at all.

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