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Clay Train Part 2!


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Welcome to the Clay Train! Based upon the Peu Train, Peu loves doing world and Meta events. As Peu loves events, I love Jumping Puzzles. Therefore, the Clay Train shall feature Jumping Puzzles!!!!!! This is a teaching course, and Mounts are not allowed!

Please do not cheese the JP's by porting others up without trying them for a bit, and please do not use the mount high up glide to the finish method! I want people to try to learn the JP's as I personally believe they help you learn more complicated movements around the battlefield.


Below are the Waypoint Links/Locations that you will need to be able to get to in order to do these Jumping Puzzles along with the order we are going to do them. You will need these waypoints to participate in that JP race.


1. King Jalis's Refuge - Snowden Drifts - [&BL8AAAA=]

10.26  3 tries


2. Shaman's Rookery  - Wayfarer Foothils - [&BHcBAAA=]

20.20   3 tries


3. Spelunkers Delve - Caledon Forest - [&BDQBAAA=]

41.58   2 tries


4. Morgan's Spiral - Caledon Forest - [&BDUBAAA=]

46.76    2 tries


5. Chaos Crystal Cavern - Iron Marches - [&BOQBAAA=]

57.43     2 tries


6. Branded Mine - Fields of Ruin -  [&BNcAAAA=]

41.78    2 tries


7. Pig Iron Quarry - Fireheart Rise -  [&BBkCAAA=]

21.25     3 tries


8. Shattered Ice Ruins - Frostgorge Sound - [&BH4CAAA=]

49.72    2 tries


9. Antre of Adjournment - Malchor's Leap - [&BKoCAAA=]

45.23   2 tries


I have done these myself a certain amount of times and my best times, in a set amount of tries, are listed under each of the spots in red. If you think you can beat my time, come to the event and prove it! The first person who beats my time will get 20 gold! This goes for each of them separately. If you win on one, you can win on the others as well.


It will start off with some practice as I make my way to where you need to end, and I will call out in discord when to go. That is when I will start the stopwatch on my side and wait for anyone to get there. This will happen a certain amount of tries marked in yellow for each one. Only one person can win, but I will continue the event times if others want to continue trying.


You do not need to be part of the race to enjoy! If you just want to come and hang out and do JP's, then go for it!


I do have specific spots for each JP, if you would like to know a specific spot, let me know and I will show you.


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Swiftness only this round, fair question

1 minute ago, EggieNogginhew said:

Are skills like blink and the various leaps and lunges fair game to shave off time over linear distances?


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