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[/Stretch Goals] DRM CMs Set 1


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Hey you! You want to get some DRM clears? 🔥


Come get story progress, achievement points, credit towards the /stretch emote, loot, mastery points, Icebrood Saga exp, unlock weapon recipes, earn some Prismaticite crystals, and possibly get the super rare Volcanic Stormcaller weapon box!


We're going to knock out the first set of DRMs - Metrica, Brisban, and Gendarran Fields.


For the CM version of DRMs, we will need fractal comps, so healbrand, alac, and dps. Cleave and boon rip are a bonus and this is a great chance to get some practice on a new build. Please RSVP so I can get an idea for interest.


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DPS (banners) please 🙂 Also, if the time shifts tooo late, I may have to back out, but I'll let you know when we see what peu train is this week 🙂
Edit: I assume the time will run as scheduled, so am good to go 🙂

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