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Hello everyone!! It has been a long while since we have had a fun raid event and what better time to bring it back on the day after April Fools!! This weeks BRN we will be tackling Bastion 3 with a spicy twist! 


What does this mean for what I should bring?? ANYTHING! I say anything and almost entirely mean it! The main goal of this night is to have some fun laughs doing crazy stuff for the heck of it! This night is intended to be first and foremost something completely crazy; seriousness is not in our vocabulary! Have a good laugh playing dagger dagger condi Daredevil! Give fury and might with the elusive Boon Deadeye! Give alacrity with core Ventari Rev! Shield your allies and yell at them to feel better with heal Shout Warrior! Come with your own theory crafted build!! If you aren't into the crazy memes play something you aren't familiar with yet, or just come laugh with your friends as they do crazy things in the name of science and fun!


For this signup it will be very funky making groups so please detail what roll you are looking to cover! If you are covering a support or boon role please list which boons your build can provide and to how many people (if you don't know just assume 5-man). Likely there will be more than the normal amount of supports, this is totally fine and expected! Boons we are looking to try and cover in some fashion are, might, fury, quickness, and alacrity! All other boons are a plus! Feel free to contact me on discord if you have further questions about the event! 

Some example builds for desired boons
Quickness: power and condi stm Chrono, boon Chrono, power and condi Quickbrand, Healbrand
Alacrity: Power RRx2, condi RRx2, core Ventari Rev, boon Chrono w/ well of recall+ mimic
Might/Fury: Heal Tempest, Boon Herald, Boon Deadeye



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Condi daredevil!!! I won't be contained 😤


Also heal scrapper. Boons- nothing good but we sure won't have condis.

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i still don't know what to play


either heal boon chrono or minionmancer necro?????


i can give 5 stacks of might on my scourge uwu


i also have a healbrand with full Privateer runes ✨bawk

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I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do heal tempest huehue


I'll have to think of some other meme type build in the meantime ;D

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Meme DPS: Power Renegade, Birb/Hybrid Soulbeast, maybe Condi/Power Boon Herald? Does no kit Sword PBM holo count? lol



Meme support: 

>>Power RR<< (5 man might, 10 man half alac), Core Ventari Heal Rev (5 man might, 5 man scuffed alac), Heal/All'swell Boon Chrono, Heal Herald (10 man might/fury etc), I guess I can try condi STM Chrono lol


May edit this throughout the week when I think of more. Can also play any of my normal support builds o/

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(...for roster purposes I'd consider it more of a DPS that can supplement heals rather than a support/healer, but up to the raid team how to interpret this and I can adjust accordingly... maybe 🥦)


Other options that aren't really options:

Heal tempest (#NotAMeme)

Staff Weaver

Boon Herald

Heal Herald

Longbow DH

Power RR

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VERY late sign up b/c i want to br there as a backup, but I am on call ❤️


I guess just whatever is available O.O

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