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T4/CM Fractal Signups


Event details





T4/Challenge Mote Fractal Signups




This event is for people who:


Are completely new to fractal CMs, or want more practice in CMs in general. No prior experience required! We will teach you everything you need to know to get started, although it will be appreciated if you look up a guide or video before jumping in.


Want to try out and/or practice a new class or role in CMs. Let me know in the comments if this is the case and I can try to put you on your preferred role (and possibly group you with people who are experienced at the class so you can get live feedback!)


Enjoy doing fractals with friends and helping other people progress while learning more about the game mode and your class. Fractals is about communication and learning from everyone in the group. There is always more room to improve, and always more fun to be had with friends 😉 



This is a training event. We will be resetting on bosses if people die early, so newer people can have more opportunities to see and experience boss mechanics, but at the same time we will move at a reasonable pace so we don't get stuck on one boss for too long. We will limit pulls on each single CM boss to no longer than 30 minutes, to be able to see more bosses and/or avoid being burnt out, unless the entire group wants to keep going.



Requirements for the event:


Be able to reach 150AR on your build with a combination of AR infusions and the Anguished Tear of Alba.


Have some experience in T4 fractals.


Have a good general knowledge of the class you are bringing and end game content in general. You don't need to be an elite raider or SFTA monster, just know what your buttons do and be able to play and learn and adapt (and CC when the breakbar appears) 😛 


Be on time. The event starts at 9pm ET (currently 1 hour post reset). We will look for a backup if you do not show up 5 minutes past the event start time.


If possible, it is preferred that you bring a condi build to Sunqua Peak CM. It will make your life 100% easier especially if you are new to the CM. It is NOT a hard requirement, but it is something to seriously consider if fractal CMs are your thing >:D


Please RSVP and comment with the roles/classes you want to bring if you know you can make the event. If you prefer to be backup, please select "Maybe" in the RSVP.

If you want to go but are not sure if you can make it, please let me know in the comments or on Discord. Otherwise, I will assume that everyone who RSVP'd, including Maybes, will be able to make it.


I will post rosters on Thursday at 6pm ET. If you sign up after the rosters are posted you will likely be backup.



For general guides and videos, please refer to the stuff below: 

Fractal guide / Tips: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Fractals_of_the_Mists

Meta builds / Fractal Information / Guides: https://discretize.eu/ 


Any other questions? Suggestions? Want to do more fractals or have more training runs? Let me know via DM on Discord and the Choyas will find a way to help you!




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Going to try to make this one! HB or cQB or DPS cFB

(edit, Uni times changed. Wont be able to stay)

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