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Beware the Trained Attack Choya! | GuildWars2.com


You read the title. We're heading to Dragon's Stand! Yes. A Peu Train, going to Dragon's Stand. But...that's it. We're not actually doing the meta or the events. Instead, we're going to travel to Dragon's Stand as CHOYAS! 


This event REQUIRES everyone that's participating to have the Endless Choya Dance Tonic. This event will not work if you do not! If you need it still, here's a quick guide on how to get it: 


1. Head to Domain of Kourna to Apizmic Grounds Waypoint [&BFALAAA=]

2. Finish the Heart to unlock the vendor. Interact with objects, kill choyas to finish the Heart quickly. 

3. You will need 175,000 Karma + 50 Inscribed Shards. To get Inscribed Shards quickly, follow my guide here: https://www.peuresearchcenter.com/resources/ls4-currencies.html#inscribed-shard


While the event sounds cute af. Brace yourself. 


How the event will play out

- We will starting 3 separate choya stampedes. Each starting at each beginning waypoint of all the HoT maps until we get to Dragon's Stand. 

- There will be at least 2 checkpoints in each map. For every checkpoint, you will gain 5 gold. At the end of the map, you'll get an additional 5 gold for a total of 45g gold total! Rip my wallet if everyone wins. 

- No armor! This will ensure that everyone will have the same toughness. 


I won't tell you what the route or the checkpoints are. You'll just to have to attend to find out. I will take the safest route possible for you. Trust me


Please RSVP so I can keep track of who's coming and keep track during the event. 



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