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Nude Warband vs Drakkar


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(and our non-charr friends)


It's time to celebrate with some good old-fashioned dragon-slaying!





We've conquered our way through plenty of dragons, so it's time to take on the newest addition to lineup - Drakkar! But we’re going to do it our way- nude! No armor in this warband! You haven't lived till you've jumped into a mosh pit in your skivvies!

Don't forget to bring your weapons. He's a wiggly one, and we want to make sure we get that sweet loot, including a chance at Drakkar's own weapon chest.


⚔️ We'll see you at Jora's Keep Waypoint [&BCcMAAA=] ⚔️



Come join us on Wednesday night for a sort-of-roleplay-sort-of-map-complete-sort-of-pve event! While warbands are normally just comprised of charr, we’ll make an exception for this. Everyone’s welcome to join!

(You will need access to Episode 1 Icebrood Saga - Whisper in the Dark - to access this map.)

We’ll meet up at that waypoint and then head over to concert! Leave your armor behind, but you can bring trinkets (including your backpacks) and weapons, and whatever skills/traits/builds you’d like.




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