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Super Adventure Box is here! This was originally released as an April Fool's Day joke way back, but we loved it so it came back as a permanent festival.


SAB is a game all on its own - it's got platforming, collecting, secret rooms, shortcuts, skins, minis, achievements, titles, infusions, and guild hall decorations to unlock. There's three different difficulty levels, so you can pick your preferred flavor of self-hatred.


The best part is there are no gear, build, level, or expansion requirements. Anyone can play with any character!


At reset I'll be running a quick tour of SAB and what you can earn. Unfortunately SAB caps at a 5-man party in the levels, so I'll stream a run of World 1 if we have time.




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My mom and I have decided to go on an adventure today but I hope I will be back in time to come to this! If not I’m assuming there is a video on YouTube that is somewhat helpful 

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