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    Quest Report 5/20 Report by Cedric Grayfuller Siscia tried everything she could to heal Eli; she summoned her tentacle, she burned some sketchy herbs, etc, but nothing had any effect. Given that we had been dealing with an incubus, I had a growing, horrible suspicion that nothing we were going to be able to do would help. When we eventually made it back to Sharn, we had to collectively carry him back to the guild hall, since none of us were really strong enough to do it on our own. Inside the guild hall, the guild leaders were all gathered at the big table on the right near the entrance, not looking happy at all. Instead of the usual jovial atmosphere, everything was all hushed and quiet, as if they already knew that we had bad news. “We had some issues on the way back,” Scylla told them. “Our ship was overrun, technically, by demons.” The Speedo Cowboy, seeing Eli, shouted at us demanding to know what had happened to the Waistcoat Cowboy. He looked pissed. Siscia burst into tears. My fears were confirmed—the incubus had taken Eli’s soul. The guild leaders got some heavily burned and scarred person we hadn’t met before to take Eli upstairs, while Siscia asked if what had happened to him was even fixable. Connah said it was, “with the right measures taken,” but was pretty vague about what exactly that meant. Whatever needed to be done, the other cowboys wasted no time in heading right out the door to take care of it, taking Shaper (who they didn’t seem too happy with) with them. Leon told us, Lionel in particular, that we had all made a huge mess of everything. House Thuranni has almost declared war on the guild; House Cannith was really upset about our heist and would have cut ties with the guild if not for me. Maeric was mad about how Lionel had shit-talked at Anna, and really chewed him out for his lack of “PMA,” among other things. Throughout all of this, Lionel was lying back in my seat in the corner, his feet on the table, blatantly disrespecting everyone. Auhgunst came up from behind him and slapped him in the head, daring him to keep going. Unperturbed, he did, and she hit him again, so pissed off that she also destroyed the couch in the process. Even then, Lionel tried to keep going, even as Nion pleaded with him to stop. Connah, coming back downstairs, tried to get Auhgunst to back off. Lionel insisted that we hadn’t done anything wrong. “The people trying to assassinate all of you beg to differ,” Leon argued in response. It seemed that the Thurannis had been detecting thoughts while they had us in that cage and had noted that Lionel wanted to kill all of them. On one hand, as Nion noted, we were, after all, being held in a cage above lava at that point, so they couldn’t have expected us to be particularly happy about it. At the same time, I can’t help but notice that this is literally exactly the same as the justification Lionel gave them for why he thought it was okay to kill Percy, and I admit it doesn’t feel too great being on the other end of it. “They weren’t going to kill you,” Leon explained, exasperated, “but they threatened war against us unless we comply. Now that the cowboys have left, we don’t stand a chance. Can we just try to solve this without more violence?” Poor Siscia, who is of course probably the least culpable of all of us, was super broken up at this point, basically sobbing about how sorry she was and how she would try to do better, but Lionel was unmoved. Evidently, what they specifically wanted our help with was hunting down the shadow. Lionel declared that he would take his chances and misty stepped out the door. Nion sighed and began chasing after him, though he left Quill inside, with us. Connah also went after them to try to get Lionel to come back. Pif noted to Leon that she hadn’t been involved with the blink dog stuff, so she felt like she should be allowed to stay on the sidelines. Leon motioned toward her sword. I exchanged a look with Siscia, dismayed. She asked me if I wanted to get a drink, and I found that I actually did. I should note (as if it matters at this point) that I’ve really come to regret my role in the heist back in Trolanport. I let Lionel sort of talk me into it—I guess, with party tensions what they were at that point, I was hoping that it would help knit us back together, whereas refusing would have just caused more conflict. Lionel keeps saying that if he hadn’t forged the writ, Pif would have just stolen the sword anyway, so what he did actually helped the situation. But at this point I’m pretty sure that Lionel could rationalize literally anything in his head, and that doesn’t make it right. There’s no way that what the party got out of the heist was worth our—and, in particular, my—betrayal of House Cannith. I don’t know how I can face Delphine now; I know she was the one who prevented the guild/Cannith partnership from being dissolved, but I don’t think she knows that I was personally involved. Anyway, Connah succeeded in dragging all of us, including Lionel and Duriel (who was the person with the burns) to the tavern. She was really making an effort to be positive and cheerful, in spite of everything. Siscia wanted to feel indignant about how cool Connah was but was having a hard time not being impressed. The first thing we saw as we walked in was this tiny tabaxi leaning into this woman who clearly just wanted to be left alone, offering to pay for all her stuff if she would just tell him stories. Siscia perked up immediately and slid into the seat across from them. “Hey,” she said, “oh my gosh, I love your hat.” The woman pointed out that she wasn’t wearing a hat and begged them to just let her drink in peace before moving over to the next table. The tabaxi’s eyes lit up. He told Siscia she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and asked her to tell him a story. She pointed at me; with horror, I realized I knew where this was going, and moved over to the bar before I could hear her spill out too much of her account of my relationship with Delphine. The tabaxi, who was named Top of Bottle, was writing down everything she was saying in this worn-down journal, even as the two of them talked so fast I could barely wrap my head around it. I sat next to Scylla, and although the bartender wasn’t convinced I was even old enough to drink at first, he acquiesced and brought me a beer of some sort. I don’t really know what it was; Scylla ordered it. Pif, who was also sitting nearby, didn’t want to drink because it was still morning, but the bartender poured her a mimosa, which she eyed suspiciously until he told her it was free. She seemed to really like it. Connah and Duriel joined Siscia and Top of Bottle, and I think Duriel told a story about where they came from, but I was all the way at the other end of the tavern at that point and wasn’t really paying attention. Top of Bottle, offering to pay for everyone’s drinks, whipped out the roughest-looking lute I’ve ever seen and started plucking at it. Siscia was mesmerized. Connah mentioned that our guild leader was a musician so perhaps he could teach him some stuff. The tabaxi’s ears flicked, as he went into deep thought. He seemed to think his playing was already masterful, but he was interested in the stories he thought the guildmaster would surely have to tell. Someone made a facetious comment about an application process that seemed to freak him out a bit, but Connah tried to lure him in by saying it would basically be storytime. I noticed that she was conveniently leaving out the stuff about the assassination contracts and so forth. Eventually, she called everyone over to a corner of the tavern for a guild meeting. I asked her if the guild had been already sort of doing something about the shadow. She told us about how Neil had stumbled into a ritual for the Fallen Angels, who killed him and, ever since, have been sending death threats and stuff to the guild. (It seems the Fallen Angels is the name of the cult we’ve been dealing with.) Connah explained that we were probably going to have to recruit the Knights of the Ashen Vale, though she acknowledged that this was a little embarrassing. It was becoming increasingly clear that Connah’s cheerful demeanor was at least partially an act; it was starting to falter more and more as she talked. Nion took over, talking about the writ that Shaper originally gave us to deal with the blink dogs, and we proceeded to tell our side of the story. Connah told us that the cowboys were going to get Eli’s soul back. She said that they had adventured together for eight years and none of them had tied, so she was sure it would be fine. (It would be fine, she said, with tears in her eyes; Lionel remarked to Siscia that this was what it was like to be around her). She said she would try to calm everyone else down. Next, she formally introduced us to Duriel, who she said was going to start adventuring with us. “You need someone that’s more reserved, and Duriel’s totally badass,” she said. Siscia warned Duriel that if anyone ends up holding a gun to a party member’s head, not to tell them to “go ahead”; that promised, she was happy to accept them as a new party member. At this point, two rounds of mimosas that Scylla had bought were ready. Siscia proposed a toast “to our new friend Duriel and that super cute tabaxi over there.” Nion asked Connah if she really thought our party could handle the shadow. Connah assured us that she did, “though your backup was going to be the cowboys, so we’ll have to go back to the drawing board, but it’ll be good.” It also came out at this point that the shadow we encountered was actually just a shadow, not the shadow. We were, indeed, dealing with the legend I read about back in the library. Our shadow was Phaedrus, the champion of Dramul, who was the astral dragon, devourer of worlds, etc. We were basically being asked to deal with a god. Nion reminded her that we recently almost died to two death knights and asked if she really thought we could handle a god. Not yet, she admitted, but that was what training was for. Lionel asked her why the guild leaders weren’t handling this. “We are,” she said. Lionel then launched into this giant speech about how he didn’t think the guild’s plan was very good, and he also didn’t feel very much attachment to the guild. He was still mad about everyone judging him without listening to his side of the story, and he talked about how the guild really hadn’t done anything for him. Pif also remarked that she would rather get attacked by assassins, and Nion concurred that it sounded like the guild was sending us on a suicide mission. I have complicated feelings about this whole thing. On one hand, it sounded to me, as well, like the guild was sending us on a suicide mission. At the same time, if we’re privy to knowledge about someone trying to bring about the end of the world, isn’t it our responsibility to try to do something about it, even if we ultimately die trying? What’s the alternative? To just do nothing and let the world end? I suppose that, if I’m really committed to finding out just what I can do, then going up against an impossible adversary is one way to get an answer, as daunting (and probably-lethal) as it seems. I’m still not super happy about being forced into this, though. Also, Lionel’s attitude is increasingly pissing me off; in particular, I’m really not a fan of how willing he seemed to be to completely abandon all of us except perhaps Nion. Connah seemed frustrated by our doubts. “Don’t you understand that getting a soul back is also a suicide mission?” she asked. Someone pointed out that we weren’t on that mission. “Of course you’re not,” she explained, “because that’s dangerous.” We went back to the guild hall, several of us pretty drunk, even though it was still early afternoon. Auhgunst suggested that, for our next mission, we take a trip to visit Scylla’s family in lower Sharn. Connah tried to depict this as a “paid vacation,” but Scylla, who was drunkenly trying to sit on the broken couch, was just confused, and didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the idea. Having my own share of family issues, I can sympathize, but it doesn’t seem like we have a whole lot of choice in the matter. As the guild leaders dispersed, Lionel asked Pif about the clock in her bag. She told him she didn’t know what it does; she just wanted it. He wanted to look at it, but she was afraid he was going to break it and didn’t want to give it up. She held the bag to her, swaying under the effects of the mimosas. She finally reached into her bag, pulled out a mirror, and tried to give it to him; after he pointed out that this wasn’t the clock, she tried to put it back in her bag, missed several times, and then passed out. Lionel decided that she intended to let him see the clock, so he helped himself to it while she couldn’t stop him. I wasn’t feeling too great myself at this point. I’m really thankful to Siscia for helping take care of me; she’ll probably say that it wasn’t a big deal, but with how miserable I was feeling, it really did mean a lot to me. -Cedric
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    Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Pax Preferred personal pronoun? Him May we ask your age? 45 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Authurboozer.4675 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? Former member Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? Yes. 40 to 50 hrs a week What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? PvE. I enjoy the teamwork of Raids and Fractals, learning new things and passing along any knowledge I may be able to contribute. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? I would like to learn more about WvW still, but nothing is just holding me back. Too many things I want to accomplish in the PvE environment at the moment. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? My fall backs are still Soulbeast and Reaper, but still getting more involved in all of the Guardian builds. I enjoy the versatility of Guardian and not having to switch characters if healing or some boons are needed. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? My favorite aspects will always be the comradery and conversation, making silly memorable moments that we can reflect on over time. Least favorite will always be drama, politics and leeching the fun / friendliness out of the group. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Of course!!! Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. I am pretty much a home body, at least for now. The current state of things pretty much has everyone in that situation. I enjoy a good movie, shooting pool, playing darts and hanging out by the fire, shooting the s**t and having some drinks. Simple, relaxing and enjoyable times is all I want in life. Work is stressful and complicated enough so I see no reason to make the rest of my life that way. What other games do you play? None Who’s your favorite all time video game character? No sure if I really have a favorite. The fist thing that comes to mind is Qbert, that was a lot of jumping with no arms, small feet and keeping his balance without falling over forward due to the big schnoz!
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    Quest Report 4/15-24 Report filed by: Cedric Grayfuller Finally, there was enough of a lull in the drama for us to visit the library. I (and, for that matter, Lionel) hadn’t forgotten that this was one of our biggest incentives to go on this trip in the first place. I still remember my first time visiting the University library in Sharn, and how it really opened my eyes to all the possibilities in the world and myself. So many people had devoted so much time to sharing knowledge from places and cultures across the continent, across the world, even across time; to investigating the forces of nature and magic and artificing; ultimately, to using their lives to build toward something greater. It really came crashing down upon me, seeing the seemingly endless shelves of books, how much more there is to this world than any individual can possibly experience, but I saw this as an inspiration, a call to avoid wasting my time on the wholly unambitious and mediocre path my parents envisioned for me (which, at the end of the day, would accomplish what? To make money? For what?), and to really apply myself and see what I might contribute to that scholarly conversation. This is, as far as I’m concerned, what it means to be truly alive. (And, I must admit, I’m far more comfortable with scholarly conversation than actual conversation.) Everything about libraries just calls to me. I love the idea of just wandering through the shelves, and finding some corner where there’s no one else around, and just grabbing some arbitrary book and more or less jumping into another world. I love the quietness. I even love the musty smell of the old books. Taken together, it makes me feel like I’m home, more so than my actual home ever did. So knowing that there are other big libraries, with books and resources beyond even what I can find in Sharn, is something that’s really exciting to me. The Trolanport library made a strong initial impression both on the outside and the inside. It was this huge building that towered over the buildings around it, with elaborate, ornate architecture that could perhaps even be accused of being a bit ostentatious, but that in any case made a statement about the value that the city placed on books and research. The shelves stretched from floor to well over my head, amongst myriad expensive-looking globes, artifacts, and other displays. Siscia mentioned that it reminded her as a forest, which I interpret as her feeling a little bit of that “homeness” herself, even if she didn’t necessarily realize it. The time we actually spent in the library probably didn’t actually live up to these lofty expectations, though it was still definitely worth going. I didn’t come in looking for anything in particular (I tried to get the attendant at the information desk to show me around, but he was this grumpy guy who didn’t really seem like he appreciated where he was, and he basically just complained about how all of the good books had been confiscated and taken elsewhere), but I did do some searching into how a child would have demonic power. I ended up in the section about gods and magic, and didn’t really find any answers, but I did find some interesting lore about an ancient dwarven leader named Seamus who closed a portal to the realm of Dramul, an astral dragon that devours worlds. It contained a prophecy about how a “demon in sheep’s clothing” would be born as his champion, and how when this happened, Dramul’s plan for revenge would be nearly complete. I’m pretty sure that Dramul was the astral dragon that the shadow we met spoke of trying to summon. Could this kid Ben be the demon in sheep’s clothing? Definitely some interesting material to think about, but unfortunately there wasn’t any actionable information here, about weaknesses or how to stop them or anything like that. If this is what we’re up against, I really hope our guild leaders know what they’re doing. Siscia was looking a bit lost at this point, so, remembering how I had impressed her with my totally-book-derived knowledge of the menagerie, I took her to go look for the section on animals. We found this huge encyclopedia of exotic birds, with full-color pictures, and spent a long time looking at birds, accompanied by Nion, who was also interested. An entry on arrowhawks caught our attention in particular, and later Siscia and Delphine wrung a promise out of me to go visit the other plane they live on some day, even though they looked super dangerous. In any case, I think I successfully conveyed to Siscia why I like libraries so much; she seemed satisfied and impressed by the visit. I should mention, we also met this weird guy named Jerome, who was wandering the library dressed in a white tuxedo and cape, with a curled mustache. He asked if I wanted to see his favorite book, and before I had a chance to answer, he grabbed my arm and started pulling me along to the children’s section, where he pulled a book from the shelf and started reading what was evidently his favorite part. I extracted myself with the help of Siscia and basically tried to get as far away from him as possible. Meanwhile, some of the others went off and did their own thing. I ran into Lionel in the section on gods and magic, but he brushed me aside when I tried to ask what he was looking for. Scylla, from what I understand, went looking for books on thievery. Pif, unsurprisingly, went looking for stuff to steal. She found a clock that runs backwards and went to pocket it even though it was like a foot tall; she also had her own run-in with Jerome. Only after we had returned to House Cannith did we notice that Eli was missing, and that, furthermore, we didn’t remember him having even made it to the library. Shaper suggested looking at the docks, and we were on the way when we realized that, at some point in transit, Nion and Quill had also gone missing. After a moment of panic, Lionel went flying back to try to spot what had happened to them, but Nion had already saved himself from the cultists trying to snatch him away by the time Lionel got there. At this point, Lionel wanted to just give up on Eli and go back to House Cannith. Siscia, in owl form, wanted to keep looking. Her owl perception was not very good, but Nion, flying because he thought it was safer than walking, spotted a giant trail of blood across the rocks near the docks. It went underneath a pier, where we followed it to a hidden cave. It was quickly apparent that this was no mere cave; we had stumbled into some sort of full-on dungeon. Inside was a dead body in black robes, completely unrecognizable, but definitely a cultist. Scylla tried to taste the blood on the ground to see if it was Eli’s, but all this accomplished was to give her an upset stomach. Continuing along the trail, we found Eli’s axe on the ground. We started to talk about what to do, but Siscia got impatient and started flying on ahead. In the next room, we found Eli’s hat on the ground, and a few more dead cultists nearby. A live cultist appeared from behind a corner and took a swing at Shaper, who shrugged it off. Siscia transformed back and moonbeamed him to death. (I pointed out the irony of Siscia just killing someone like that after her earlier argument with Lionel.) There were numerous additional cultists in the hallway where the first one came from, but they were all nicely lined up for my new wall of fire spell. We followed the trail some more and found Eli, on top of someone, beating them in the face with a crab. He had stab wounds all over his chest and was shaking. “Where were y’all,” he gasped as he got up and limped over to collect his hat. He told us that, from what he could tell, this was some sort of ritual sacrifice place. Shaper noted that, although we didn’t necessarily have to murder our way through the place, he would be totally okay with sending these cultists a message. After the wall of fire died down, Quill checked down the hallway, but had to duck out again immediately when the room at the end turned out to be occupied. We had a discussion about what we wanted to do, and whether it was a good idea for us to continue onward now that we had found Eli. This decision was made for us when our loud discussion inevitably captured the attention of the occupant of the next room. He slashed at Shaper, who was standing closer than anyone else to the end of the hallway. He was a death knight, covered from head to toe in armor, with glowing red eyes. Shaper, thinking quickly, cast heat metal on the death knight’s sword, making him drop it. Nion summoned his hound and cast hold person. I peeked out from around the corner, threw a devastating fire bolt down the hallway, and immediately returned to the safety of the corner. Lionel was envious of my spot and tried to push me out, but I didn’t let him, and he proceeded down the hallway to get closer. We were sort of beating up on the death knight, but a door behind him opened up and in walked another one. Nion, noticing that our foes were undead, cast sacred flame to finish the first one off. But then the second one punched the ground and wrecked everyone in the room with a destructive wave attack, downing Eli and doing big damage to everyone else there. This guy was much tougher than the first one. Nion’s hold person failed this time. I tried to lob another fire bolt, but there were others in the corridor now, and trying to arc it over them made it miss. Lionel initially didn’t want to waste counterspell on saving everyone’s lives, but reluctantly decided to use it when the death knight started to cast destructive wave again—only for it to fail anyway. Everyone in the room went down. While Nion and Siscia, who were fortunately standing far enough back to escape the wave, rushed to do what healing they could, I heard a familiar voice behind me. “Don’t touch my friends,” called Jerome, the weird guy from the library, who was suddenly standing behind us for some reason. I glanced at the death knight, noting that he still seemed rather unfazed, and then cast haste on Jerome, having run out of better ideas. Jerome, who I guess either really loved us or had no sense of self-presentation, took off running straight at the death knight, pulled some knives out, and stuck three into him. This prompted a sort of rally on our part. Scylla managed to shove the death knight to the ground and then disengage. Shaper started attacking again, succeeding in at least annoying him. After much internal debate, I tried to arc a fire bolt around the five or six people in the corridor now, and actually succeeded. (illustration by @Siscia) But it was still pretty rough going. The death knight took a good hack at Jerome, slashing his tuxedo open. Scylla’s attempt to sneak a shortbow shot through the crowd failed, prompting her to fling her bow to the ground in disgust; it skidded across the ground into another room. Pif just absconded at this point, giving up on the fight. Shaper was getting repeatedly downed and then healed by Siscia’s healing tentacle spirit. Nion tried to banish the death knight, to no avail. Finally, Lionel made Shaper and the broken Steel Defender invisible, deciding that it was time to go too. Eli also advised Jerome that we had bitten off more than we could chew, though Jerome, ignoring him, continued to attack with his short sword. Shaper mended Steel Defender, undoing the invisibility, and the death knight tried to attack him, but he reacted with a quick Shield and started to head out. At this point, Jerome was the only one left in the room fighting the death knight. I didn’t want him to die for us, which he seemed well on his way to doing for whatever reason, so I ran in, grabbed him, and cast my newly-learned Dimension Door to teleport out of the dungeon. After everyone else cleared out, with no more danger of friendly fire present, Lionel fired a parting lightning bolt at him, and this was apparently enough to take him out. At Shaper’s suggestion, Lionel molded earth to close off the dungeon entrance, making a big wall to attempt to block off any pursuit. Eli suddenly remembered to give Shaper back his dragon scale, which had fortunately not been lost, and we headed back to House Cannith. -Cedric
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    Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Randy Preferred personal pronoun? He May we ask your age? 59 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) rndhume.7084 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? I'm Lumi's dad. He recommended it so we can do activities together. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? Yes, I'm on EST. Most evenings, but only 1-2 hrs What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? I mostly like crafting, farming (for crafting), world exploration... because it's relaxing. But, I do fractals with Lumi and most quests & new content. I hate jumping puzzles. I do PvP for dailies & armor and WvW when I need to for legendary crafting. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Get better at fractals. Farming runs. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? Soul Beast is my main, new content & open world. Alacrigade for fractals, Deadey for PvP, What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Favorite: Help and making friends. Least Fav.: not knowing what to do or how to respond in certain situations or understanding game language. Typing while fighting. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Pineapple & ham is OK, but I prefer traditional w/ meat. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. Family. Music. Learning new things and starting new hobby (craft beers, making mead, gardening, working history (old mills, trades & RR), outdoors, ancestry, etc.... What other games do you play? None now. One at a time! We played Atlantica and Silk Road years ago. PC strategy games. Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Lumi (my son) 8*) My main is supposed to look like Strider from Lord of the Rings. I don't have a game character fav. I tend to stereo type my characters. So beastmaster should use a bow and look like ranger. Deadeye should use a rifle and spellbreaker should use 2 daggers. I know that's not meta, but I like that at least for open world.
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    Early Morning Rituals The sun has yet to rise and Duriel sits at their desk, right hand slightly stained with ink as the quill pen scratches across the parchments surface- Do not hurt where holding is enough; do not wound where hurting is enough; do not maim where wounding is enough; and kill not where maiming is enough; the greatest warrior is the one who does not need to kill. They set the quill down and scatter a light dusting of sand across the page's surface before tapping off the excess onto the table. They consider the words carefully before standing and taking the page to the fireplace and carefully feed the freshly inked parchment to the fire- slowly, deliberately destroying the poetry. They watch the fire for a moment before returning to the table to carefully clean up their workspace- each piece put precisely where it belongs. That done, they grab a wooden waster from the corner of their room and tread quietly through the guild hall to the training room- where a solid hour is spent practicing technique against a roughly battered pell. Duriel checks the wooden sword for damage and cleans up the training space before moving on to their morning meditations. The stretching poses taught to Duriel by the Kalashtar are not easy to perform- stiffened joints and broken bones healed roughly complicate what should be simple moves- but Duriel pushes themselves through it, reciting the principles of the Il Yanah- hearing the voice of Zashanna speaking them in their mind- by the end of the session Duriel stands alone in the training room, shaking and covered in sweat. They retire to the baths, where naked they consider their body in the reflection of a polished mirror- there’s hardly a piece of them left that isn’t burnt scar or the mark of sharp steel or claw. The green scales along their sides ripple along the lines of cuts and burns- the last vestiges of their past. They practice their smile again and again, not sure how close it is to finally being right, the sharp fangs always seem to ruin the effect, but it almost seems more natural now. That done, they begin the rituals of cleansing and eventually return to their room. Armor polished, room cleaned- Duriel finally has a moment to give to leisure and pulls a book from off the shelf, “The Humors of Wood Elves- A study”- they turn the pages until they come to the one they’d marked as last read. “What is brown and sticky?”- Duriel asks no one in particular, they let a pause fill the air before adding “A Stick!”- they pause and consider the words carefully- they say it out loud a few more times, using different inflections and pauses until sighing, they mark the page and return the book to the shelf. Connah had wanted to see them this morning- about some sort of new assignment but had been cagey on the details- cheerful, but cagey. Duriel prepared themselves for what could prove to be a very rough day and made their way down stairs to await their new orders.
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    Alright, here it is. So, this was a part of Nion's backstory that I wanted to illustrate in some way, but I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to go about doing it. This is mostly in the form of a flashback but, some of the recent events may have influenced how it ultimately played out in my head. This happens just a few months before he decides to apply to Reborn of Embers. I figured with a lot of what happened recently I really wanted to kind of get a more solid foundation (even if this is just a short glimpse) for some of his upcoming choices but, maybe I'm just overthinking things In any case, here it is. Left to right, even though I draw anime style haha.
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    Haha, as long as he doesn't make fun of me liking straight dissarono like you do, he should be fine!
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    Quest Report 4/29 I slept in late the morning following our rescue of Eli and fight against the death knights. Siscia, Lionel, and Nion got up earlier and went to talk to the griffon. He said that the person who took Shaper was one of the people who comes out and feeds him sometimes. They took Shaper to the eastern side of the city, in the factory district, but the buildings looked all the same to him so he couldn’t say more. Lionel asked if Nion could go for a ride, and Nion was, like, brimming with happiness when the griffon accepted. (illustration by @Tiffymew) Partway through this, Scylla got up and also wandered toward the menagerie. Approaching the griffon from the direction opposite the one the others had taken, she was accosted (not sure this is a great word to describe what actually happened, but this is how she told the story afterward) by some flumphs, which are floating telepathic jellyfish things from the Underdark. She was very freaked out by the chorus of voices that started talking in her head, even though from what I understand they are fairly friendly. (illustration by @Tiffymew) After they were done in the menagerie, Nion came to wake me up and invite me to breakfast. Shaper showed up during breakfast, with much of the armor plating on his arm stripped away. He said it was a work in progress, related to what he had talked about previously, at which point I blurted out to everyone about how he was working on a self-defense mechanism, not realizing that this wasn’t already public knowledge. To be fair, it couldn’t have really been intended as much of a secret, given how open Shaper was being with showing off that he was working on it; at the same time, I still feel bad about just telling everyone like that. Shaper indicated that he was going to spend the day in the workshop, but there would be plenty of guards around this time, so we didn't need to worry about him. We decided to go shopping, at a higher-end marketplace than where we had explored previously. Pif and Scylla went looking for weapons. Pif tried to haggle down a 2500g scimitar, unsuccessfully. Lionel went into an alleyway and disguised himself as Solus to try to requisition the scimitar, but the shade of his skin was off for some reason; he looked rather sick. When the merchant commented on “Solus’s” appearance, he tried to explain it away as a product of the rough last few days. The merchant said he would give him the scimitar if he went and got a writ from House Cannith. Lionel, of course, instead went to put together a forgery. He didn’t actually know what the house sigil looked like, so he had to consult with me. I was initially skeptical about participating in what basically amounted to a heist, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to help make Pif more useful in battle, and House Cannith had after all previously said they would more or less buy us anything we wanted, so I eventually agreed to help. Together, Lionel and I put together something that looked reasonably good. Lionel, as Solus, returned to the merchant and was able to acquire the scimitar. He evidently tried to make up with Pif mentally, though Pif, still thinking that the actual Solus had suddenly showed up and started helping her for some reason, was freaked out because this was the first time he had tried to talk to her like that. After lunch, Pif offered to help Lionel look for magical things. Nion gasped when he found a bag of tricks, but it cost 2000g. Lionel did buy a bag of bounty for 150g, allowing him to create food and water several times a day. Pif had her eye on a ring of truth telling and was thinking about pulling off another heist, and went so far as to ask Scylla to create a distraction, but Nion glared at Scylla and she panicked and ran off. Then Nion spotted a cloak of billowing and got really excited; Siscia spotted him a few gold so that he could afford it. Scylla also bought a crossbow with a magical “efficient” quiver that connected to an extra-dimensional space to hold ammo, acting almost like a bag of holding for rangers. We went back to House Cannith. Siscia went to check on Eli and found him disheveled and bummed out, but, at any rate, alive and neither kidnapped nor seriously harmed. Merrix had told us earlier that House Cannith would be throwing a feast in our honor that night. The feast was lavish and impressive; House Cannith’s security may be suspect, but their cooking is the best I’ve ever had. I had a conversation with Delphine in which, among other things, I warned her about what the shadow had tried to do to Solus and tried to warn her to protect herself (all while, a few seats over, Eli was busy eating every chicken leg he could get his hands on). At the conclusion of the feast, Merrix announced that he would be willing to go forward with the guild arrangements. He said he hoped the bad things that had happened wouldn’t put a damper on the budding relationship between Delphine and me. He also gave us gifts as a token of his gratitude for coming and an apology: Siscia received an amulet of the drunkard, Scylla goggles of night, Pif a dark shard amulet, Shaper a wand of secrets, Lionel a clockwork amulet, Nion a deck of illusions, me a brooch of shielding, and Eli a four-shot revolver, which he picked up and immediately started twirling on his finger. The ship arrives to take us back to Sharn tomorrow. Quite a lot has happened since we first set out on this journey, much of it alarming but some of it not so bad. There’s certainly a lot of work cut out for both our group and the wider guild, in the wake of recent events, and no shortage of danger for both Reborn of Embers and House Cannith. But, at the end of the day, we did succeed in the diplomatic mission we originally set out to accomplish, and I am hopeful we can find similar success in our future endeavors as well. -Cedric
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    So... I’ve been working on this idea for about a year now and I plan to turn it into a D&D setting if I can get a group to do it, although I’ve already implemented some of the characters from it into our current Eberron campaign (Connah York and Sophia and Rhea Carlisle). It’s all still pretty new and definitely subject to change, but I hope it turns into something. Basically, it’s a world built around folklore, children’s stories, and poems. Growing up, I loved everything of this nature, so I read a lot and wrote stories and poems (that were really bad but sort of creative), and I guess these sorts of things kept me from losing my imagination. It’s pretty much the entire reason that the story is my favorite thing in everything I do. So the world itself is called Mirdun. The population is unfortunately primarily human, with the only other prominent races being elves and dwarves. Despite it not overflowing with magic, there is still quite a lot of it. It’s not incredibly rare to find a talking animal, or people who are 6 inches tall, or to see a giant that wanders across the plane. The continent our heroes would be on is called Cortavu. The country is called Kalamira. The city that our heroes start in is a medium-sized castle-city on the southern coast called Drogar. Drogar is critical when it comes to defending the southern shore of Kalamira. In its thousand year history, which includes 12 devastating wars, Drogar has never fallen and it’s forces have acted as the stalwart defenders and saviors of the entire nation. In this city, the military power is not corrupt and takes care of each and every citizen. Everyone has more than enough, but no one has a lot, so it’s more alluring to live in the capital of Kalamira, which is a towering and sprawling city in the center of the nation full of dreams and opportunity called Zion. Zion is an ancient city ruled by a monarchy that are descendants of its founder - Gilgar, a demigod who overcame fierce trials to solidify his people’s place in the world. Gilgar spent his life having servants gather treasure from around the world. He wanted every bit of wealth in the world to belong to him and his people. While he was not successful in claiming everything for himself, he did manage to make the city into the richest in the world. 2000 years later, the treasury of Zion is vast and the city remains the wealthiest place in the entire world. The royal family: Gilgar is said to have had more than 300 children in his lifetime, each born with some sort of superhuman ability. That magic remains in the royal family today, and because of the absurd number of children Gilgar had, a shocking number of citizens of Zion wield some sort of power. This makes it very easy for the main branch of the royal family to choose who will marry into it. This has successfully kept Gilgar’s blood in the veins of the monarchy for 2000 years. Just a mile upriver of Drogar lies a quaint village called Marah’s Quay, named after a witch who survived execution about 500 years ago and was thought to be divine as a result. She gained a following from her survival and led her people more than 100 miles by foot from the village of Hudson, to what would become Marah’s Quay. It quickly prospered as it became an agricultural powerhouse as well as being an important stop for ships carrying goods. Despite these things, Marah’s Quay doesn’t have a large population and still maintains its quaint character and is still considered a small village, but this is where a few of our notable NPC’s are from. Religion is important in Mirdun and they generally tolerate each other. It’s not uncommon to worship multiple gods here. There are two religions whose followers despise each other, however. The Druidic tribes throughout the world generally follow Johannes, the Father of the Forests, who is said to have planted the first forests in the world. Many loggers and woodsmen in general worship Paulus, the Father of the Axe, who is said to have chopped down trees and built the first cities using the wood. Other religions that don’t constantly have conflict: Edwin Thatcher, the Father of Ships, who is said to have been the first to sail on the ocean. Jean, the Mother of the Harvest, who is said to make the crops grow each year. The Miner, who is said to have created the caves and tunnels beneath the mountains while searching for his lost daughter. It’s believed that The Miner protects those in the tunnels so that they may never be lost to their families. In this world, the players would continuously have encounters with characters from folk-tales, plots of poems, and characters from children’s stories and such disguised by other names. For instance, the headless horseman, the little old lady who lived in a shoe, Babe the blue ox, Bloody Mary, etc. There would be an overarching plot, but that’s yet to be determined. There are many more ideas that aren’t entirely fleshed out in my head yet, but I’ll update this as I continue to get my thoughts in order.
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    @Ably Very nice! Welcome! If you didn't realize, RISE is actually an animal crossing guild, not GW2, so you'll fit in well here! (JK - but we have a pretty active AC group here too!) Hope you enjoy the community!
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    Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Aurum Preferred personal pronoun? He/Him May we ask your age? 31 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Aslan.6978 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? Squeeks; was a member of a previous guild and got to know a lot of folks who are here now. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? Yes; I live in EST. I'm on typically for 1-2 hours 2-3 nights per week. What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? PvE and fractals. I really enjoy content that can be conquered by either just a couple players or a small group; it's fun to get to know people a bit better and work out communication/ working together in those situations. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Strike Missions; just haven't looked much at them yet and haven't had a whole lot of time to explore them. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? Guardian, Ranger, Revenant, etc. My favorite by far is Firebrand guardian; so much versatility and utility especially with build templates! What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Favorite: enjoy the community atmosphere and social aspect. It's more fun to have people to play with! Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Yes Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. I just failed a Spark trial about a few weeks ago; I guess I was too busy and wasn't ready to make the commitment to complete all the necessary requirements. I'm ready to try again! Bringing my wife, Jael, along this time as well! We both enjoy GW2 very much, and have begun to find the longer term aspects that we enjoy about the game (going back and doing old collections and achievements) since we have completed all the stories. Outside of GW2 we enjoy being active outdoors! What other games do you play? Pretty much Gw2; looking forward to a couple PC releases soon (Horizon Zero Dawn) Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. So many weapon choices!!!
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    @Book Club Poll is up! Please vote by this upcoming Friday!
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    "I’VE. TRIED. EVERYTHING!" Siscia's lower lip had been quivering for quite some time, but she had busied herself with preparing herbs, cleaning out the wound, burning small bundles of carefully-selected leaves from her pouch, and chanting for hours as something resembling an angel-squid hovered placidly above Eli, its translucent tentacles caressing his head until the physical trauma appeared to be healing well. Still, he was unresponsive. His eyes were glassy and blank. The healing spirit swept an ethereal arm across the druid's furrowed brow. She staggered back, exhausted, and fell clumsily into a wooden chair next to the hammock. Finally, she broke down. "I don't understand! It's like… it's like… the bleeding is stopped, his brainy bits are going to take a while to heal up, I know, but… but… something is really really wrong! Not like 'oops that was NOT the flask I meant to grab' wrong or 'here kitty kitty oh wait nope you're definitely a skunk' wrong or even 'he just got shot in the head' wrong. I mean… WRONG. You know?" Two small, shining eyes blinked sympathetically at her from a shadowed corner of the small room. The ship rocked gently, and a lantern swayed from the ceiling. Even so, a stillness gripped the tidy quarters. Sounds were muffled. Light was muted. Sweet-smelling smoke looped and curled gently through the air toward an almost-imperceptible crack in the round window. Everything was peaceful, except the sobbing druid. Eli didn't move. He continued to stare into nothingness, as though he wasn’t present on the ship at all. His jaw was slack and his mouth hung open slightly. Drool trickled down his cheek. Siscia sighed with exasperation and grabbed the corner of her well-worn cloak to wipe it away. The tiny figure in the corner scurried closer. Siscia dried her tears with the same corner of the cloak and then bent forward, reaching out toward the creature. A scrawny, three-legged rat with a crooked tail clambered into her hands. Siscia scritched behind its ears, which it seemed to appreciate greatly (probably because a missing foot meant less reach for clawing at fleas). "Well, friend, I just don't think there's much else I can do. I suppose we just wait. Maybe Connah will have some idea how to fix this. It's like… it's just like he's not even in there anymore and how does that even happen?! Ugh! 'If he gets shot, you can heal him, right?' I TOLD Shaper that it wasn't always that easy. Especially right to the head…" she trailed off. Her shimmering, tear-filled green eyes focused on something invisible and far away. She replayed the moment she saw Eli's brains splatter onto the deck and his body go limp in the fake-Bathrobe-Cowboy's arms. If only they'd all known that wasn't really the Bathrobe Cowboy… maybe things would have gone differently. Or, maybe not? It’s not like the party had a great track record lately. What had started as a jolly adventure that would take her to places she’d never seen and give her some experience with people outside the Greensingers had quickly taken a turn. Now, there were crazy concerns like assassin guilds, sham-trials, possessions, murderous plots, shadowy figures, kidnappings, politics… Suddenly, Siscia felt like she was in way over her head. Navigating Thelanis while staying on the good side of notoriously-fickle fey was easier than all this. And that was far from easy. The rat curled up in Siscia's lap and sighed as she patted him absently. Nobody ever wanted to talk to him, let alone cuddle him. This was a nice change, even if the druid was distracted and distraught. At least she didn't shoo him out or chase him with a meat cleaver like the cook. He liked this druid. He hoped that her friend would be okay. But then, maybe her friend would shoo him out… maybe he had a meat cleaver… so it was probably better that he was in his weird, still sleep. @Cowboy
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    Let's do fractals together too! One day~
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    Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Sauko Preferred personal pronoun? she/her, they/them May we ask your age? 27 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Sauko.8059 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? My Name Is Glen/Jungle Cat joined a fractal group I was in and they mentioned Reborn of Embers. Just thought if someone as nice as them was part of such a guild, then that's a good reflection of said guild. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? Yes, I will be available. Tend to play every day due to the current situation. What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? I prefer PVE since I like exploring, achievement hunting, and partaking in metas; always good content to do while listening to podcasts or talks. It's also a lot easier to stop and help people with whatever pops up in map or guild chat! The occasional dungeon or fractal is fun, but PVE is definitely my main thing. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Raids are something I would be interested in getting involved in and possibly getting back into WvW. The only reason I never got fully invested was because I just like things to be a bit more chill. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? So far my favorite class is Elementalist/Tempest. Working on a Mesmer, a Ranger, and a Necro, but just can't really get into them. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Looking back at the first guild I ever joined, I really enjoyed the camaraderie at a large scale -- always a new person to meet and get to know. It's something I've been looking for ever since but haven't really found a guild where I fit in or where activities circle around the same few people. Just looking for that spark again that got me excited about being in a guild. As for least favorite things, maybe lack of structure or solid leadership that either brews drama or lack of interest from guildmates. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Of course. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. Law grad on the job hunt with a passion for libraries and other educational institutions. Can sometimes be a bit of a stick in the mud, but a chill/reserved one. Likes baking, death positivity, movies, music, graphic design, and romance novels. Dislikes debating or hearing arguments about politics/policy/religion (lived and worked in D.C., have mercy ;A;). What other games do you play? Overwatch, Minecraft, Pokemon GO, and Animal Crossing (3DS/Mobile), and a bunch of indie games. Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Maybe Lottie since I own her amiibo. I do love Doctor Chakwas from Mass Effect though . . . it's a tough choice.
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    Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Knight Preferred personal pronoun? He/Him May we ask your age? 25 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) KnightofDark.1374 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? MaericTV, and all the other guild members in his stream Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? Yes, every day I play What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? Raids, fractals, meta events Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Raids, just looking for a consistent group of people to play with and have fun with What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? I play every class, although not all are built. Ones that are build are condi firebrand, dragon hunter, condi mirage, power holo. My favorite class is my hunter and working on finishing his druid build. Also looking to finish some sort of revenat build but dont know which one yet lol. Im historically a dps class, but looking to become more of a support guy. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Favorite thing is the community aspect, i love being able to come into a chat forum of whatever, whether its in game or discord, and just be able to forget about whatever day i was having and get to kick back with people who are considered friends. Least favorite would be guilds who are just a bunch of elitist and have no respect of people who tend to just enjoy the game for the game. I do like to follow metas and understand the importance of a meta but hate the attitude that comes with elitist if that makes sense. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? no Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. Ya, im an IT engineer for a health insurance company. I tend to geek out about all things computer related. Im also a lover of a good fantasy book and can talk about books for hours. I love to travel and get new experiences. I live with my girlfriend and roommate and have two dogs and two cats, looking to get even more animals. Also a lover of anime and consider anime to be the biggest teacher of my morals LOL. No kids, yet... I also love sports and working out, not like a gym rat or anything but enjoy a good sweat. Cooking is another big hobby of mine and throw the occasional cook out. Thats about it really, you can either find me in front of my computer, in the kitchen or outside! What other games do you play? Runescape, summoners war, league of legends, Diablo 3, tried ESO maybe can get back into it if i have people to play with, apex legends, valorant. Im always looking for a new game to try. I also play various amounts of single player games. Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Auron from Final fantasy X. What he did for his best friend, tidus's father jecht, is just a quality in a friend i look for. It takes alot to watch over a friend's kid and also keeping your promise. Jecht did a huge sacrifice for the world and his family and it couldnt of been done without the help of Auron
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    DPS, Druid, bChrono in no particular order. tanking should probably be a no for now IRL graduation sendoff got scheduled on raid night..... Ill see you all next week! Good luck!
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    First Official Guild Event! Sandswept Isles Train.
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    Quest Report 5/6-13 Report by Cedric Grayfuller Before our departure, Nion and Lionel, realizing that the flumphs might be a valuable source of additional information, returned to the menagerie to question them. When Nion asked when weird stuff had started happening, they indicated that it had “always” been happening. He asked if they knew anything about Shaper’s kidnapping, and they said that “one of the dead ones” took Shaper and the griffon that night; “one of the ones killed,” they said. Prior to the kidnapping, this person would come and befriend the griffon every day (which we already knew). But he wasn’t acting any differently than usual during the kidnapping; he was “always weird.” This was all the information they were able to get from the flumphs (other than, perhaps, the fact that they seemed mildly offended when Nion implied he thought the griffon was cooler than them). Lionel and Nion also experimented with transformation magic to try to figure out what had gone wrong with Lionel’s Solus disguise previously. Nion tested out his own magic by transforming into Siscia, his capes billowing appropriately; he didn’t have any issues. (The night before our departure. Left: Nion/Siscia looking fabulous, to Lionel’s chagrin; Top: Scylla, attempting to visit the griffon one last time, fails to avoid the flumphs; Right: Pif sleeping happily with her new sword under her pillow. Illustrations by @Tiffymew) We got up very early the next morning to make our way to the ship. After breakfast, Merrix and Delphine escorted us down to the docks. We got there a little early, so Siscia went looking for rainbow wine; she ended up at this sketchy stall that was covered with dirt and had a flat wheel, though she didn’t seem to notice any of this. She couldn’t find any rainbow wine, but bought some sort of lightning wine for a gold. Meanwhile, Eli went off somewhere. Shaper went onto the ship to look for a deserted corner to do crafting stuff. I said goodbye to Delphine, who gave me a sending stone to keep in touch. Katrina and Anna, two of Maeric’s raiders, approached us and introduced themselves to Merrix. At the very last second before getting on the boat, Lionel mentioned the heist we pulled off the previous day to Merrix. He said he went along with it “to avoid a theft and people getting arrested.” Anna, visibly unhappy with this, grabbed Lionel before he could get on the boat. She said she was going to have to report this, and it was going to be a problem. “We really thought better of you,” she said. They went back and forth a bit; Anna said she had more power than Lionel, Lionel said that confidence was no substitute for intelligence. Merrix was also pretty dismayed at the news, especially given all the costly repairs House Cannith already had to deal with. Lionel was walking away at this point; he turned around to give Merrix a respectful nod, but kept going. At this point, the ship was just about ready to leave. Nion sent Quill to go find Eli, who just barely made it back in time. Eli had apparently gone back to Tiago to get Siscia a bottle of rainbow wine as a thank you for not letting him die. Siscia gave him a big hug. Everyone’s been giving me shit all this time about my interactions with Delphine, but as awkward as I may be, I don’t think I’ve ever been as visibly weirded out by a hug as Eli was then; but Siscia didn’t seem to notice. Eli noted that he did want to try the wine at some point, but, to my surprise, Siscia said that wasn’t what it was for. I asked her what she was going to do with it, but she wouldn’t tell me; she just said it was “going to be awesome.” (Illustration by @Tiffymew) Our ship, by the way, was La Volpe. Its captain was named Nathaniel, and its first mate Kid, although Kid was actually fully grown. Onboard, we found ourselves face to face with Eli’s fellow cowboy Isaac, the “bathrobe cowboy,” a cleric wearing a priest robe with a cowboy hat and boots. Other passengers included a human woman named Natalie; an old shirtless dwarf named Yohan, with a fishing rod hanging out of the back of his pants and a glowing green sickle strapped to his waist; a halfling mother-daughter pair named Cynthia and Christina; and a group of traveling elf bards named Piper and Perriwinkle, along with their monkey. Siscia went to try and wave to the monkey, but it didn’t go well, since the monkey was in the middle of a performance at the time. We went to go get situated in our tiny rooms. When we returned to the deck, there was suddenly a very dense fog. We couldn’t see anything that wasn’t immediately in front of us; we couldn’t see even as far as the other side of the deck. Nion, noticing the danger, changed from his billowing cloak back to his displacer cloak. Lionel, determining that this was magical fog, went to warn the captain. He tried to detect thoughts to see if there was anything around him, but he couldn’t even tell Pif was there, even after literally colliding with her. Nion tried to dispel the magic, but it didn’t work, even though Nion did a very good job with the spell. We were a bit stumped, but then the fog started to dissipate on its own. Suddenly, Cynthia shrieked and pointed to the mast—where the departing fog had revealed our captain, Nathaniel, more or less crucified, and obviously dead. Nion messaged Shaper to get him to come back on deck, as Lionel began to try to round everyone up. Lionel wanted to get everyone together, figure out who killed the captain, “and then move on.” I began casting detect magic. Siscia suggested that everyone should hold hands; Cynthia thought this was a good idea. Isaac noted that he wasn’t feeling up to tending to the dead at this moment (even though he’s a priest). Scylla tried to approach Kid to ask about what he had noticed, but Kid strongly wanted her to back away. Siscia suggested asking the seagulls if they knew anything; Lionel and Pif simultaneously told her to go do that, Lionel giving Pif a wry smile at how on-the-same-page they were. Lionel noticed a footprint in the pool of blood, and that there was blood on Cynthia’s shoe. Cynthia was still trying to get everyone to hold hands, though Scylla insisted that the power of friendship would help solve this mystery. At this point, my detect magic ritual was done, revealing that everyone except for the bards could use magic, including the crew and the little kid; even the fishing rod was a magical item. The spell wasn’t ultimately a whole lot of help. Lionel cast detect thoughts on Cynthia and Christina and heard nothing; he couldn’t sense anyone’s presence, not even party members. He started messing with the weather off to the side of the ship just to see if he could; then, when this worked, he tried to create an illusion on the boat, which also worked. Shaper wondered if something was blocking divination magic, but this couldn’t be it; my detect magic spell was divination magic, and it worked fine. Meanwhile, Scylla was chatting with Piper, asking if they had ever seen anything like this in their journeys. Piper noted that their family, House Thuranni, wasn’t unfamiliar with murders, and they were in fact going to Sharn in the first place to check out rumors related to a family member’s passing, but they hadn’t seen anything quite like this. Scylla and Piper speculated about what could have happened here; Scylla suspected that the murderer must have had flight and some kind of magic; Piper added that a magical tool of some kind might have been used too, and also noted his skepticism about how Lionel seemed more suspicious of the passengers than the crew. At the same time, Pif was trying to talk to Christina, who seemed super scared. She tried to reassure her and asked her if she had seen anything. Christina said that her mommy hadn’t let go of her the whole time. Pif found out that they live in the upper part of Sharn, and that Christina’s daddy thought “boat rides are good because they help us connect with the common people.” Cynthia said they had been in Trolanport on a weekend getaway; they seem to own a fair amount of hotels. Pif was actually pretty diplomatic about this whole thing, in contrast to Lionel, who was getting peered at suspiciously as he rather unsuccessfully tried to take charge. Lionel told Cynthia he needed to talk to her alone to ask her some questions without scaring Christina; she was strongly against the idea of them being separated, and accused Lionel of inciting panic. Siscia and I suggested doing this via message spells. Lionel pointed out the blood on Cynthia’s shoe; she ostensibly hadn’t noticed this before, and looked shocked when she saw it. Lionel wanted to know why Christina didn’t have any blood on her shoes, if the two had really been together this whole time, but she didn’t have a good answer. He wanted to question Christina, but Cynthia still wasn’t a big fan of this idea. Shaper, meanwhile, was chatting with Yohan, in dwarvish. He learned Yohan works at a forge but was coming back from a fishing trip. They talked about Shaper’s arm construction project—what metals he was using, and so forth. Yohan tried to extol Shaper on the virtues of magnesium alloys. Scylla went to try to talk to Kid again, keeping her distance this time to try to avoid alarming him. She asked him about his relationship with the captain; he said that they had been best friends. Scylla was proceeding rather awkwardly when Shaper went to bail her out, asking Kid if he knew of anyone having a grudge against the captain. They concluded that none of this added up. Scylla went to Lionel and told him she thought the murderer was Kid. The crew, at this point, started to call us out and accuse our party of having committed the murder. Lionel had been approaching everything, this whole time, with the attitude of “we know our party at least can be trusted”; while I admit that this was a nice spot for us to be in, given the tensions of just a few days earlier, it wasn’t making us any friends. One crew member thought it was Lionel and Siscia (Pif burst out laughing at this latter accusation). The bards initially started playing dramatic fight music, but then backed off and helped to diffuse the situation. Lionel and Shaper, investigating Nathaniel’s body, found some sort of spiral swirl in the blood, as if some wind-related magic had taken place there. Meanwhile, Nion tried to cast detect magic below-deck. He noticed something in the bards’ room, but he couldn’t tell what school of magic it was, which made Shaper immediately suspicious when he told him about it. (Lionel was basically out of fucks to give at this point. Illustration by @Tiffymew) At the time, it felt like we had reached a dead end, though writing this up afterwards I can’t help but notice that we more or less completely forgot to investigate both of the people who actually turned out to be involved with the murder. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We went back down to our cabins to rest, having lost interest in dealing with the other passengers. We had gotten up very early that morning, and the adrenaline from the captain’s murder was starting to fade. Suddenly, I felt some sharp stabbing pains in my head/neck area, and I couldn’t move. I could see what looked like magically animated nails surrounding and attacking us; they seemed to also be causing some sort of paralysis effect. A few of us, realizing what was happening, tried to fight back, but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do, in such a tight space, fighting these tiny enemies, without, like, burning down the ship. Even Shaper, who was the best-equipped of us to defend himself, couldn’t do much against an entire swarm of opponents by himself after the rest of us had been disabled. The nails were apparently animated by the bards across the hall, who broke through an arcane lock Shaper had cast to come collect us once we were all incapacitated. They had changed out of their mundane clothing and into armor with House Thuranni colors and sigils. One by one, they dropped us down to the bottom part of the ship. I was the last one to be dragged over; before I got thrown down the hatch, Piper hissed at me, in a tone that suggested this was supposed to be somehow meaningful, “Cedric, has there been enough killing yet?” They teleported us away, and suddenly we were in a magical cage dangling over a pit of lava. On a ridge around the lava were a bunch of elves with bows and arrows aimed at us. There was also an isolated rock on which Perriwinkle was standing. The person who seemed to be in charge was this elf woman: she was tall, with long black hair, dressed in dark robes, older than the bards but not particularly old-looking, rather beautiful. (Illustration by @Tiffymew) She announced that we were there to stand trial for the murder of Percy of House Thuranni. We looked at her blankly; no one had any idea who she was talking about. Siscia asked if he had any aliases. The Thurannis additionally accused us of killing blink dogs belonging to their house, and suddenly things started to fall into place. The blink dogs were the ones that Reborn of Embers had specifically sent us after because they were attacking people along the road; Percy must have been that were-bear who we did kill, but after trying not to. Periwinkle used some sort of magic to replay the last things Percy saw, and it didn’t look too good from his point of view. The Thurannis called upon us to explain ourselves, though it seemed like they were more interested in castigating us than actually collecting evidence or listening to any sort of explanation. I actually do have an official report, filed with Reborn of Embers, telling our side of the story. It was, in fact, the very first report I wrote; I must admit, I feel more than a little bit smug looking back over my notes now and remembering the comments I made in the beginning about the likelihood of our experiences and actions becoming relevant in unexpected ways in the future. So, anyway, there was evidence and testimony that I’m sure the guild would have given them access to if they had bothered to look for it, but it didn’t seem like they had. Instead, they were asking me these loaded and rather irrelevant questions about honor. (What actually happened is that I tried to let this Percy go, and then Lionel read his mind and told Shaper to stop him. Shaper slowed him down and Steel Defender finished him off. Was it actually honorable to let him go and then change our minds? Maybe not, but Lionel in particular has never been the sort to care about that; he places a much greater priority on just getting shit done. I’m not really sure how I feel about that, to be honest. But in any case, the accusations the Thurannis were making about us having “sued for peace” were full of shit. Percy had already dropped his axe before I suggested letting him go; his apparent surrender was in fact the reason why I suggested this in the first place. It’s not as if we won the fight via a trick; the fight was already won.) Siscia wanted to know why the captain of the ship had been murdered; they claimed that it wasn’t relevant and was “an isolated incident.” Lionel was asking for an attorney at this point. Shaper noted that self-defense wasn’t a crime and that this whole thing felt like a farce, given the lack of zone of truth or speak with dead spells, etc. The judge gestured to someone, who did then cast zone of truth on us, and asked why we thought the blink dogs had attacked. Shaper explained how we were following up on a guild writ. They didn’t think this made any sense, but Shaper was the person who had sent us on the writ in the first place, and he knew what he was talking about. (Once again, I note that they really didn’t seem to have done their homework collecting evidence.) Shaper wanted to know why they had kidnapped us instead of giving us a writ of trial, and reiterated that none of us had committed any crimes. “Mr. Lionel,” the judge asked, “have you committed any crimes?” Lionel thought about this for a moment and concluded that no, he had not (which seems to me to be a pretty big stretch, to be honest, but he seemed to genuinely believe it). “You say he and the blink dogs attacked you, which is very unlike them; was he displaying any strange actions or thoughts?” Siscia asked if he had always been a were-bear. Lionel talked about how he read Percy’s mind and he was totally evil and wanted to kill all of us and all of our families. The judge huddled with Piper and Periwinkle to discuss. After breaking the huddle, they indicated that this seemed like a kid of possession they had seen before. They thought it might have been the shadow. But still, they said, we had killed a member of House Thuranni and left only a body behind; they wanted us to find more information on whoever was possessing him. Siscia was pretty enthusiastic about this idea actually, since how hostile the blink dogs had been was something that had always bothered her. Shaper wanted them to file an official guild writ, noting that if they just dropped us into the lava, they’d be stuck. Calling his bluff, they released the cage, sending it tumbling down. Lionel and Nion, reacting quickly, got almost everyone flying, except for Siscia, who can fly on her own, but we weren’t strong enough to keep it up in the air. Just before it was about to hit the lava, it stopped falling, and we got pulled into a cavern on the side, where we could see a circle of mages. Suddenly, we were teleported back to the ship. Piper and Periwinkle weren’t there; apparently we had just been freed. Shaper claimed to have known the falling cage was a bluff. I should note that Pif and Eli had not been in the cage with us, presumably because they hadn’t been with us the day of the blink dog episode. They were waiting for us in the bottom part of the ship, able to move again, looking a bit baffled. Siscia perched on Pif’s shoulder to try to explain what was going on, not realizing that she was still in owl form and Pif couldn’t understand her. Pif gently swatted at her to try to get her attention; she fluttered in the air a bit and then landed right back on her shoulder, continuing unperturbed. I tried to explain everything as well as I could. Lionel told Pif that if she had stolen the sword, we would probably all be dead. Lionel didn’t think we had actually accepted the Thurannis’ quest, but basically everyone else thought it would be a good idea to do so. Shaper pointed out that the writ would be coming from a respectable house and likely high-paying. Siscia tried to transform back while still perched on Pif’s shoulder. Pif, miraculously, was able to stay upright, causing Siscia to bump her head on the ceiling. She started talking again, still on Pif’s shoulder, until Pif shot her a look that finally made her stop. (Illustration by @Tiffymew) Someone pointed out that there was still an unsolved murder on the ship. Nion released everyone except himself from flying and started casting detect magic, just floating there while reading from his ritual book. Shaper declared that he had “a dumb idea” and cast disguise self to make him look like the captain. Siscia was afraid this was going to traumatize people, but Shaper thought it would really throw the murderer, noting that people who are scared and confused make mistakes. He floated the possibility of getting hold of the actual captain’s clothes somehow, but Eli doubted there was any way Isaac would let him steal the captain’s body. Scylla was having none of this. “You guys do your magic tricks,” she said, “I am going to sleep.” Nion determined that there was more magic coming from everyone in the party who had been teleported earlier, and there was also more magic coming from up above in the vicinity of where funerary things were going on, but there was no longer any magic in the bards’ room, nor any other apparent surprises. No one stopped him, so Shaper went ahead with his plan to go out on the main deck dressed as Nathaniel. “Oy… no, no, no,” gasped Yohan, before getting up and running. Natalie didn’t have so visceral a reaction, but she gasped and backed up slowly. Cynthia screamed, the same shriek she had let out when first discovering the captain was dead. This alerted the crew and Kid, and they were outraged. Shaper dropped the disguise: “So, any thoughts anyone?” Pif commented that Natalie’s reaction was less dramatic than everyone else’s, but this was lost, for the moment at least, in how pissed off the crew was. Shaper said we were trying to find the murderer, but the crew accused him of going about this in the most disrespectful way possible. One said he had crossed the line and drew his sword; his crewmates backed him up. Shaper just stood there with his arms crossed, like usual. Lionel argued that we should be looking for the real killer, drawing the crew’s ire as well. Pif tried to diffuse the situation, claiming that her party members were “a little rash” but meant well. Shaper didn’t really care if they attacked him, and was willing to let them get it out of their systems. Nion tried to hold person on the armed crew; he only succeeded in holding one of them, but he pleaded to talk it out. Meanwhile, Scylla, woken up by the commotion, tried to sneak up to the top deck. One of the crew challenged her, but she insisted she had “nothing to do with those five scoundrels.” This was actually sort of true, at least for the moment, since she had come up on deck well after every else, so she was let through. She tried to strike up a conversation with Natalie, who initially brushed her off, but then softened. Natalie asked if Scylla would be her “buddy” through all this. I noticed at this point that she seemed to be doing something magically to Scylla, and alerted Lionel via message. He tried to message Scylla, but she said the two of them were just having a casual chat. Shaper argued to the crew that anyone not distraught by what he had done should be regarded as an automatic suspect, and that solving this murder was more important at the moment than worrying about disrespect. The crew seemed mollified by this, though they still thought he was a dick. The party started to approach Natalie, but suddenly, from the other direction, we heard Isaac advise us not to do anything. We turned and found the bathrobe cowboy holding Eli in a chokehold, Eli’s pistol pointed to his head. Scylla tried to get us to back off. Shaper turned to Siscia, asking her, “If he gets shot, you can heal him, right?”, but Siscia wasn’t enthusiastic about taking that risk. Shaper pointed out to Isaac that this was actually a standoff, since we would be able to easily take out Natalie, and pointed out to everyone else that this wild over-reaction to our attempt to ask questions of Natalie pretty much proved her guilt. But Isaac wasn’t interested in a standoff, and just turned around and shot Eli in the fucking head. Then he kissed him twice. These actions, taken together, downed Eli instantly. The kisses were important, because now, dropping Eli to the deck, what we had thought was Isaac transformed into a winged humanoid with a tail—an incubus. The Isaac-creature pulled out a locket and whispered into it, and then suddenly the fog was back. I’m not totally sure what happened at this point, due to the fog; what I write here is reconstructed, as well as I could, from everyone’s accounts afterwards. I blindly put down a Slow field, hoping it would catch our opponents. Lionel cast invisibility on Eli to try to protect him from any further damage. Those who were standing near Natalie reported hearing a splash as she seemingly disappeared off the side of the ship. Scylla realized she had been charmed and wasn’t too happy about it. Pif, who it turns out is actually skilled in blind fighting, shouted out that she thought the incubus was between her and Siscia. Siscia tried to disperse the fog with Warding Wind; this accomplished—at least in her immediate vicinity—she was able to see it. She made her way over toward where she thought Eli was, avoiding the incubus’s attack only due to the slow field. Nion also sent Quill looking for Eli. Quill had to physically feel around with his wings for the cowboy’s body, but he was able to locate it and cast cure wounds, before immediately getting blown across the deck by Siscia’s wind. Nion claims to have made an awesome jump off the top deck at this point. (I’m not sure how true this is, since no one saw it— he might just want us to picture him flying through the air in his capes—but on the other hand, he’s generally pretty trustworthy, so it could be true.) The incubus-cowboy looked at Pif and said something to her, but she couldn’t really make out anything except the word “mine” at the end, due to the howling wind. It jumped off the boat, like Natalie had. After a moment, the fog started to dissipate. (illustration by @Tiffymew) Eli was just laying on his side, blood all around him, unresponsive. His eyes were open, but he wasn’t moving or responding to us. We carefully moved him down to the bards’ now-vacated room. Siscia stayed behind with him. Shaper arcane locked the door shut and put Steel Defender on watch outside. So here we stand, trying to process everything that has happened and hoping that our friend will be okay. -Cedric
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    Had a great time this evening raiding valiantly and sometimes successfully with our leader @Angst! Forgot to take a screenshot but I swear I was there, even fully nude when all my armor was broken. Thanks for the heals from @Kell and my dude @Lumitootie!
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    Woooooooot! Can't wait to start the RISE family dynasty, @Randy. @Claytotsu, just this once please be nice to this new recruit. @MooseFace, lookie what we have here!
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    Hey Moon! Glad you decided to apply! I was the one you talked with in Mistlock! As I mentioned, I could not have had a better experience with learning raids than through this guild. Everything is explained and the leaders seem to have the patience of saints. And as far as PvE goes, this is definitely the place to be! Granted, I'm not sure there's an area of the game this guild doesn't offer: Fractals, Raids, Boss trains, Meta farms, and even some PvP all seem to be a part of the regular schedule around here. Really anything you could want to do in the guild, there's probably someone else doing it too. Also if your hatred of fractals is rooted in difficulty or not having a good group I hope you can be convinced to give them another shot! We've got a very similar kind of training event as the raids. If you hate them because "they're boring" then good riddance! The only thing I see being a slight problem is your PST timezone. Most of our events are scheduled to start somewhere around 7-9 EST which is (3?) hours ahead of you. However, It's not to say you can't join in on the back half of things or hop in on impromptu events / weekend ones. Again, thanks for applying!
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    Thanks for the Warband! Also thanks @Angst and @Zang for the instrument achievement.
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    Hi Halindar, welcome! I heard Maeric get super stoked to see you again, glad you're joining us!
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    Fractals with RikyRicardo, Kitiara, TonaKertz, ShiroMori
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    Had a great evening doing some T4s and learning some CMs. Thanks to @escaiedail for leading and patiently explaining everything and keeping me alive as much as possible! I forgot to take a screenshot for the event, but @Lumitootie, @Claytotsu, and @Tabin were present as well. A few other folks joined up later for recs. Won't be joining y'all for raids this weekend (will be at my cabin) but have fun! I posted a screenshot of the event below, but not in-game.
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    Hi Marshiie,   Congratulations!   We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the Spark phase and are now a full Ember!   It's great having you as part of the family. We hope you continue to enjoy your time with us!    
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    I guess my past is finally trying to get revenge, nearly taking me numerous times. This last time was different, it was by my own will. The chain of events have left me semi in a daze and everything felt so fast except for that moment. In that moment, it is like I knew exactly what I needed to do. Is this P'trexia trying to tell me or guide me? I promised Her I would protect her Queen, and in return I would not fall in doing so, and she actually kept her promise. Although I hope that she doesn't send us another giant chicken to swallow us again.... That was a new experience, even for me. For now I have to let my wound heal. You can still see my tattoos sadly... So I hope this red-haired man is able to bring a better solution.
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    Journal Entry 3, Date Still Unknown A'tun will die by my remaining hand... or I will die trying. *The penmanship is exceptionally scratchy, blotchy, and difficult to read. The quill tip has been pressed hard in to the page, nearly piercing through it.*
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    Journal Entry #10 Date; ██/██/████ I pray I never have to experience something like that again. As it turns out being eaten is a horrifying experience, I'd rather face down a thousand Granite-Breakers than suffer another monsters stomach. But we managed to make it out of that place finally, and while I do feel some trepidation about leaving so many deadly beasts down there I feel a proper excavation by a prepared militia or military body (if there are any that don't wear clerical robes) would be better suited to deal with it. That all said my concern for █████ and her condition continues to press at the back of my mind, but I will leave the decision of who and when to tell to her. Journal Entry #11 Date; ██/██/████ Things have gone from weird to worse lately, I had hoped finally solving the source of corruption within the woods would help the situation. While it may have done that we could have just unleashed something far worse onto the world. My more pressing concerns are internal, I partly blame myself for not keeping a closer eye but its seems ███'█ has been at least in part corrupted by his unknown █████. He attacked █████ and if it had not been for ████ I fear she would have been lost to us and I would have failed her. I feel I should be more clear, it was not █████ himself that attacked her, just a corrupt appendage that was eventually removed. Apparently it was not a fan of being removed and has sucked us into some unknown place that seems far more sinister than the woods and caves we just left.
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    Nice, you joined! I'm Tona by the way. You're the first person I bring to the guild whom I didn't need to tell all the good things about it, just "They're all pretty chill". I'm sure you'll like it here, we have a couple of spanish speaking friends around here so if you need something you can't explain in english, you can come to me or Ishxtar. If, like me, you didn't really find a good reason to play before the quarantine, this guild will give you more than enough. We have a lot of events and there's usually at least a couple of people down to help if you need it for harder content. So yeah, just wait to have your application approved and you can start joining us ingame!
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    Had a great time in my very first raid ever last night! It was a pleasant, low-pressure, welcoming intro to raids thanks to our fearless leader, @Angst, who was super patient all around. A big "thank you" to the leadership team for setting those up. Additional thanks to @Kell and @Lumitootie for helping me not kick the bucket for a majority of the time.
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    Did about 2 different factal (is that what it's called) events so far with the guild members... Forgot the names but I know at least Sana was in one of them and Ars in the other.
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    I started writing a very cliché Science Fiction story back in 2013, however after many drafts and attempts I decided to shelve it to write a lore for myself to make more sense of the concepts I was trying to tell and then it escalated into a big lore that I am still working on to this day. I am not going to mention the story but I can tell about the setting around it in which became more complex. Take note that English is not my first language, so most of the concepts I wrote here are based on a literal translation from Spanish to English and some words won’t make sense to an English speaker. There are no images to show how my lore does it looks, since I started to draw by the end of 2018 and I didn’t have in mind to illustrate my lore. However that Idea is coming down to an end by showing my universe “just enough” through my drawings. WELCOME TO THE PLANETARY SYSTEM: There is another place, another age, another system surrounded by sentient life far among the stars; the religious think this is a miracle, some survivors consider it a new home and the visionary consider it as a new opportunity. For over 100 years since The Arrival, the politicians of the Dominant Species tried to name it but the natives stuck with “The Planetary System”, and it’s a name that’s still being used in its year: 2188. THE ARRIVAL As the name suggests, The Arrival was the first event where the Two Dominant Species came to the Planetary System: The Drakonians: a race of humanoid dragons, conservative and proud they are governed by their last king: Máximo Daigos. Most of them are traditionalist and believe in one God: Aedón (which most of the times they only mention them as “God”) and have an old-fashioned society which males and females have exclusive roles on it. The goal of the Drakonians is to take the lands of the Planetary System under the law of the Radiant Kingdom of the Skies and save the Lesser Races from their own chaos and convert them to their religion and political view: One Kingdom, one God. Drakonians have ethnic subspecies inspired in the fantasy species of dragons. All of them have their respective names but I am not going further The Epsilians: a diverse species, they are a little shorter in size with a weak physique and immune system. However all of these problems are solved by one element: Mechanical Implants. Their immune systems adapt very easily to these implants allowing them to be stronger, faster and resilient. They have a government named the “The Nation of Qorimpul” and they don’t have a religion but a philosophical current named “High Consciousness” which many important members of the society form part of this group. Their views are, in short words, visionary with a focus on progress and the future above everything else. Their goal is to unify the lesser species under Qorimpul law and improve the lesser species both ideologically and physically. Same as the former, Epsilians have five subspecies with different traits than the general aspect as I described previously but I am not going further than here. There are conflicting historical records; when and who of the Dominant Species discovered the Plantary System. Citizens came to the conclusion that both Drakonians and Epsilians came at the same time during The Arrival but what is certain is that both species had their first and last battle (Also called ‘The First War’). The Kermani Siege and The Defense of Arandi. Judging by the respective conclusion and the collateral damage the planet had, both were afraid that, if such thing escalate once again, they would leave no land to conquer, so they decided to make a ceasefire and fight the conflict indirectly… through an ideological war between the Lesser Species and their respective planets. THE LESSER SPECIES AND THE PLANETS The Planetary System is a group of six planets that orbit around one star; five planets are able to sustain life in small natural areas called “Habitable zones” which have their respective Capital Cities. Only one planet is inhabitable by any natural means; the names of these planets are: Verdión, Quirodos, Nahil, Kukultzi, Yiagi and Ciqa; the latter being the inhabitable planet. Yiagi: The planet where The First War started, homeland of the most numerous and diverse species in the Planetary System; commonly known as the Yiaguitas. They are a humanoid mammal species, depending on the ethnicity they have different names and different tribes. The planet suffered total devastation in their respective cities: Kermani and Arandi. One Epsilian city was built from the bones of Kermani and was named “Miraclum”; despite the destruction left in the planet, there are still a number of natural landscapes and mountains with a balanced ecosystem. Verdión: A medium-sized planet full of very aggressive flora with heavy rains from time to time. It only has one habitable zone which is a city made by Drakonian and Epsilian architecture, divided by one great wall in the middle of it. Outside of the habitable zone lie many dangers; from toxic spores, deadly plants and Pirate zones. Quirodos: The Planet with a dark bioluminescent flora and very tall trees that prevents light to touch the ground which is filled with a conductive gas that is toxic to the native species and Epsilians. There is one habitable zone and a city that floats above ground. This is the native planet for the Quirodonians, a gargoyle-like race with two subspecies that are in quarrel against each other. Nahil: A desert planet that has zero chance of survival due to its heat; however there is one city which is constructed in a crater next to an underground river and is the home to the two species: Lazarites and Chaadras. Nahil turned into the commercial middle ground for the entire Planetary System and also the hub for shady business practices. Kukultzi: a Heavy Gravity planet with one side being too cold and the other being extremely hot. Only one species can survive this planet’s extreme of weathers and it’s under a tribal war that’s either supported by the Radiant Kingdom or the Nation of Qorimpul. Ciqa: The frost planet, with strong winds and extreme cold temperature, the planet is inhabitable by any standard means. There’s not enough technology for the Planetary System to establish sustainable life thus it is barren. THE ASSEMBLY AND THE SILENT WAR Life in the Planetary System became relatively normal, while political debates and opinions are still divided under which government the system should adhere to. The system shouldn’t stay with no law, hence this is where the Assembly stands: a multi-racial union of representatives of almost each race of the Planetary System to establish law and order for the rest of the society across the planets. While in theory this helped to keep the peace between the political entities of the Two Dominant Species, in practice, it is a power play to dominate or submit one faction or the other as the Planetary System is still at war. Only the weapons have changed and yet nobody knows who will push the button. ANOTHER SPECIES While the inhabitants of the Planetary System agree that life beyond the planets is possible, what they don’t know if it’s actually possible to make the attempt to travel beyond the Borders of the System. This is because the first and last attempt at it was in The Arrival, and it was defined as a very large trip that lasted many years. None of the Dominant Species had made an attempt to work on space exploration beyond the Borders. However there is one species that has proven that such technology is possible, and makes it seem very trivial. They are living beings Beyond the Borders, some say are very like the Epsilians but without the mechanical implants and more resilient to the environment. Others say they are like the Drakonians but more thinner without their horns and wings. Nobody knows who they are because the only evidence was a sight of a ship that the media called it “an Unidentified Foreign Flying Object” in 2160, and then 28 years later, another ship that crashed out of the Habitable Zone in Verdión (Which is the focus on the story I was writing). Thanks to these events, the new species were called: The Foreigners. When the new visitors came into the Planetary System, many speculated the Foreigner’s technology is far more advanced than anything encountered in the Planetary System. Conspiracy theorists say that they might have bases in the inhabitable parts of every planet for constant surveillance to the Planetary System and experimentation, but nothing is certain. and in the meantime, many questions have risen since their arrival: “What do they want? Are they friendly? Where do they come from? Do more will come? “
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    [The following is hastily written, but much, if not all of it, can still be understood if one takes a minute or so] Journal Entry #3 - Octavius Date of Entry - 33rd night of Spring I am fully convinced I lost track of time. Fortunately I am almost sure we're still in spring, though I could be horribly wrong at this rate. Nevertheless, it appears that these days have been not so focused on my...minor stupidity to investigate the tree and fall into a subterranean cave. For the better or the worse, after we dealt with a corruption in a forest's leyline, we have fallen into some kind of space formed by Dillon's memories. I am usually neutral about life and death alike. As a Druid, I accept that all things come and go as part of the natural cycle of life. However, there was something especially stinging about Dillon's family and their appearances. Perhaps it might have been that they were once his family, and have departed before his eyes. I do not...understand how deep those relations go, but I do feel as though as Dillon felt that, painfully enduring through all of it until the end. Unfortunately, neither my touch, my word or my spirit can heal wounds that deep. Fortunately, it all came to an end after a fierce battle against A'tun. As it were, the several skeletal structures, delayed fireballs and miasma were not enough against our wits and will to see through that dream. All six of us - and Dillon's family - were all dropped back into the forest, all...well, not exactly in good shape, but we were alive. All of us. Ah well. I should close this notebook before anyone notices - I would not want any of P'traxia's knights hounding on me about what I write in my journal. It is not their concern, anyway. [Octavius hastily signs before quickly closing the journal]
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    Hi Kitiara,   Congratulations!   We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the Spark phase and are now a full Ember!   It's great having you as part of the family. We hope you continue to enjoy your time with us!    
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    @SqueeksI’m turning into you. Spent a few hours going through my toons last night to figure out what I was doing...seems I’m in the process of crafting 2 legendary armor sets, 2 legendary weapons, 2 legendary back pieces, didnt check trinkets. I remember why I got overwhelmed now lol
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    Hey @Squeeks yeah, it’s been almost 2 years. Just got bored with the game. But now, I miss it (what with this quarantine and all)
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    Crystal Oasis Bounties: Moon Has Tears Dark Nessu Asamel Kitiara Cross Avalanta of North Ranviliya
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    First activity- Kitty Blu's World Boss Train
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    Ran T3 and Recs Fractals last night (5/7/2020). In party was: ShiroMori.6209 (Poet), Grievous.3568 (Asamel), Riky Ricardo.9436 (Deirdre Woodrose), and TonaKertz.9718 (Barberino)
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    Really glad you applied, @Knightofdark94! Knight has been hanging out with us in Stream for a while now and has joined on a raid or two in the past week. Awesome dude and I'm glad to see him here. I think you'll find that RISE is pretty much the best guild around, man. Hope you enjoy your trial and if you need anything, you know where to find me! ~M~
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    Welcome to the forums Knight! It's so nice to meet ya! I'm glad to see that MaericTV brought ya here as it's always, always a blast to do raids with him and the rest of our guildies ~ This community shares a lot of joy, positivity and a ton of gut busting hilarious moments that I always look forward to the next moment thinking "What shenanigans may occur this time?" I personally love our fractal sessions in this guild. Whether it's CMs or T1s I've been spoiled by the joy this community has provided and I hope that you'll have tons of fun here too! Auron never gets mentioned enough, he is a badass warrior/true support to Jecht and Tidus.
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    On April 28th, did some Adventure Box dailies with Moey and Whit May 1st, did some Adventures and dailies with Sana and others May 2nd did Strikes May 3rd, did some Fractals with some Choyas and World boss May 5th, Peu Train
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    Pheonix: >:) used to have literally all the powerful potions just clogging up my inventory lol. Might end up buying them again, haha. Ars: SWEET. Raids, fractals, and strikes?? Amazing. Everything I could dream of Also, yeah Animal Crossing consumed my life like the first weeks it came out. It was like Guild Wars 2 all over again.
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    Yaassssssssssss! Just wait until you hear his deep supple bass tones!! John is, unfortunately, the nicest person I know -- so you'll have to put up with that as well.
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