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    This past week I heard there are several people working on their Legendary Armor collection, so to help get some more ecto residue or achievements, here's an impromptu raid event to get some progress in~ No requirements, this is a casual unofficial event You still need raid builds and such though! Please comment the raid builds you are willing to play or at least have the gear/build for You can use the broccoli rating system to tell me how comfy you are playing something. five broccolis for very comfortable and for absolutely new/will play in last case scenario
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    Howdy Sparks! Come on out to our orientation session! This short 20-30 minute session is to help you get acclimated to our guild and for us to help you with any questions you might have so far! It includes: - Guild Hall Tour - Discord Tour - Website Tour - It also counts toward one of your trial events! It’s not mandatory, but we highly recommend attending so you can better understand the way we run events and some of the little things that you should know that end up being important! If you cannot make this time but want an orientation,
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  3. It's Kitty Karnival Time !!! Join Kitty Blu on June 1 (Blu'sday) for a fun night of Grothmar activities. We will start at reset, and do all 4 parts of the meta, so we can all have a complete key to try our luck in the vault. Roller Beetle Racing, Ooze Pits, Flame Effigy, Misc. fun stuffs, plus the highlight of the night (of course) - The Metal Concert !!! ( Looks like we need a drummy booster stand here Kitty Blu ) (Well, our favorite Bass player is Paul McCatney, but you are super good too !! ) Don't miss
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