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  1. Angst

    [FIRE] Raid


    Can tank, greens, kite, kite and do green, dps, druid, healbrand.
  2. until

    Banners, alac, dps, or healbrand!
  3. until

    Backup, can fill with whatever except support scourge.
  4. until
    It's time for another night of CHOBINGO! But this one's a bit of a special edition - Peu gets to play because I'm leading! And it's my birthday, so there'll be random bonus prizes going out during the train on top of the chobingo rewards! It's time for Verdant Brink - Come get those airship parts, bladed armor, and loots! Running from 9:30 - 11:30 EST We'll start at the main waypoint - Shipwreck Peak Waypoint — [&BN4HAAA=] and then head through the Pale Reavers, Pact Encampment, and maybe Jaka Itzel outposts if there's time. Then night defen
  5. until

    DPS, healbrand, banners, alac
  6. until

    Only really done supports on this fight, so would love a chance to give mirage (with portal?) some reps
  7. until

    DPS, healbrand, alac, and newly-AR'd banners!
  8. Angst

    [BRN] Raid


    Backup for whatever you need, but need that alac practice
  9. until

    All the things!
  10. until

    Healbrand, dps, alac
  11. Angst

    [BRN] Raid


    The spookiest jump scare: Alacrigade Low-budget jump scare: DPS/banners Not even spooky: chrono, druid, healbrand
  12. until

    I don't need the collection, but sign me up for COWBOY LUPI
  13. Angst

    [PAL] RAID

    PAL RAIDS Raids changes are happening! So check this post out for details. If you're okay with being backup, please mark MAYBE on the RSVP. Rosters will go up Sunday afternoon/night. Bosses: Adina and Sabir CMs! Here's a quick and dirty breakdown of the CM versions (Adina // Sabir + the wiki page)
  14. until

    Dps or healbrand. I'd like more Sunqua time but also down to just clear 98/99
  15. until
    BEGINNER RAID NIGHT/BRN RAIDS Time for a spooky scary raid night: NO DOWN STATE! (featuring Vale Guardian and Gorseval) Comment with the builds you can bring and RSVP to the event. We need you to do both so we can properly roster you - otherwise you'll likely be moved to backup. If you want to be backup, you can mark Maybe and/or mention on your comment. If you can't stay the whole time, comment with that as well. The guild will drop ascended food platters, but you can grab any utilities or
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