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  1. Angst

    CM/T4 Signups!


    All them deeps and heals
  2. until

    Let's gooooooooooooo I can run whatever. Heal scrapper for tank superspeed?
  3. until
    [SAND] is running another round of T6 Dry Top map metas, and we've been invited to join the fun! I'll be taking a tag for the night, so come on down and get your events, chests, geodes, gathering, achievements and piles and piles and piles of sand. Tyrian Misfits [TM] and Auric Oasis [AO] will also be joining, so it'll be a four-guild effort to that sweet T6 reward If you can't make this one, there'll be more throughout the week: Wednesday June 2nd @ 6 pm PST (1 hour after reset.) Friday June 4th @ 1 pm PST (4 hours before reset.) Saturday June 5th @ 1 pm PST (4 h
  4. Angst

    T4/CM Signups!


    quickHeals, banners, dps. Ok with backup
  5. Angst

    [FIRE] Prog Night


    Def need the practice with banners/wyvern tank, but down to go where you need me. Ok with being backup too. Edit I'm a fool and forgot I signed up for gvg tonight so I can't dip from wvw early for this
  6. until

    Available backup, can fill with what we need.
  7. Angst

    T4/CMs Signups!


    heal qrapper/HB, dps
  8. Angst

    [FIRE] Prog Night


    I forgot what exactly I have vetted but I know there's condi dps in there Can miralac too. Can HB, will just need to grab some tanking gear.
  9. until

    Would like to try condi DD, miralac, banners. Can flex into most other stuff, can be backup Edit- parents still in town, prob can't make it - super duper backup for me
  10. Angst

    T4/CM Fractal Signups!


    [vibrating at max velocity] QUICK HEAL SCRAPPER??? But also p/c dps, hb.
  11. until

    Condi DD Big backup for me, family in town this weekend so not sure if I'll actually be home in time.
  12. until
    TWILIGHT ARBOR - AETHER PATH We're going to tackle the Aetherblade Path of Twilight Arbor! What to expect: Achievements - Completing these paths will give you credit towards Dungeon Master, Dungeon Frequenter, and Hobby Dungeon Explorer achievements. We will also be tackling the unique achievements tied to this path. If you want clear as many achieves as possible, you will need to bring 5 Completed Aetherkeys - just buy 25 Aetherkey Pieces from the TP and combine them to have the keys for the dungeon path. Teaching - The point for this is to show
  13. until

    LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Whatever you need, and I can backup if you need the space Edit- can't make it, family in town ;____; Yet another edit- ok yes I can make it tonight
  14. Angst

    [FIRE] Prog Night


    Niche things- scourge pylon, BT tank (or regular) for Adina. Otherwise, druid, HB, boon chrono, dps. Ok with backup.
  15. Angst

    Saturday Night KEGRs

    Anything except alac. Can tank and push for SH.
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