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  1. Well, with this we officially have a full group of six. That said, others may please continue to express interest. There are still other one shots and short campaigns coming, as well as guest spots from time to time. Others please continue to respond with interest if it is there so that I have you on the list!
  2. Sounds good. We're happy to have someone listen in, and I believe the first one shot I'll be running will have newer DnD players in mind so I'll keep you updated.
  3. Memories of Seroth: RISE Campaign Day of the Week: Sunday Start Date: TBD based on players, earliest August 8th, 2021 Start Time: TBD based on players, earliest 4PM EST (GMT -5) Session Length: 3 Hours, hard capped. Will stop wherever we are when we hit the three hour mark. Number of Players: 4-6, Players will be chosen based on availability and ability to participate long term. (Occasional guest characters may be needed) Campaign Core Conceit Our party members awaken seated in simple wooden chairs in a darkened chamber consisting of plain stone walls and a single heavy wooden door. The only light in the room is that cast by a simple copper brazier at each of the room's four corners. The air in the room is cool and slightly damp, and the braziers do nothing to provide warmth to the chamber. Those in the chairs have no memory of who they are, where they are located, or how they came to be there. The only other feature to this otherwise empty room is a simple carved stone pedestal that sits in the direct center of the room containing a small, ornate wooden chest. Inside the chest is a pouch of 1000 gold coins, a strange crystalline sphere filled with a smoky swirling mist, and a note. The note simply reads "Just remember... you all chose this. Good Luck. -A.R." Campaign Setting and Story Hooks The campaign takes place on the (homebrew) world of Seroth, in the Kingdom of Aberrenia, and begins in the capital and port city of Llaber. Aberrenia is a Kingdom of prosperity and wealth, with claims to being the oldest of the human kingdoms and the longest direct lineage to the first monarchs of the human world. Despite their strict Nepotism, they also are a nation of tolerance. Those within are generally free to follow any of the gods they choose, though some suspicion is cast on some of the darker deities and in particular worship of Vertia, God of Battle and Flame (for reasons that will become obvious later). While there is a caste system as there is in most kingdoms, most would still consider their lots in life to be generally fair and many towns and villages throughout the kingdom enjoy something of a democracy when it comes to their own leadership. Seroth is a world in conflict. Aberrenia, ruled by the largely fair and benevolent King Dwellyn Aberr XVI, has long been at war with the Kingdom of Holderow over the contested landmass of Orinthar between the two kingdoms. Both kingdoms boast powerful armies and formidable navies that keep either from gaining or losing too much ground, though in recent years Holderow has been making steady encroachment into the territories of Aberrenia and the two countries seem poised on the verge of all-out war. In addition, typical dangers such as Orcs, Goblins, Wilderfolk, and monstrous creatures remain a constant threat even to the civilized lands of the kingdoms of men. While the Orinthian Contested Zone is in a state of constant political tension and conflict, the actual controlling factions within it two neutral parties that have some degree of influence in both kingdoms. Both the Seekers of Antiquity and the Street Artists Collective tend secretly, or even openly, have guild operations not only in Orinthar, but also within the major cities of both Aberrenia and Holderow as well. Both of these factions are available for players to join should they choose, and both will have very different motivations and stories associated with them. Once the players leave their strange room and set upon their adventures they will quickly discover that they recognize places and people, and have a reasonable understanding of the land's history. There is simply a complete lack of memory of who they are and what their place in that history is. Perhaps the players will seek out who they were before this turn of events. Were they villains? Were they heroes? Did some of them have dark secrets, or did they merely have things so painful in their past they wished to forget? Do they even care what their past held and choose to simply move forward? Finding the answers to any of these questions will be no simple matter. Some players may have pasts that come looking for them, even if they choose not to go looking themselves. While the memories of the player characters and how they were taken away can easily serve as a central arc to the story, this is far from the only plot thread for the campaign. As Seroth is meant to be a living and breathing world, there will be numerous ways to engage it. The world is fully open to the players and they may choose to engage with it in any way they see fit. It is sure to be a grand adventure no matter what path they decide to take. Always remember that nothing is exactly as it seems. Central Conflicts Holderow, Kingdom under the Sun, Followers of Vertia, God of Battle and Flame. Religious zealots who believe that control of Orinthar is theirs by divine mandate. Players may encounter zealots, paladins, spies, and mercenaries should they travel in to the Orinthian Contested Zone, and may even encounter some of those in the port cities along the Aberrenian coastline. A.R. Are they actually a villain? Are they a savior? They certainly stripped the players of their memories, but was it a benevolent action or was there some much darker intention? The note claimed they "asked for this" but it is unclear how much truth there is in the statement. And if so, what was it they had to pay for such a favor? The Wildlands, also known as the Tyridhain Marches and home to Orcs and other Goblinoids, have been making encroachments in to the territories of man in recent months. While these races are typically tribal and divided, there are rumors of armies amassing that may mean something far worse is coming in the around the corner. Requirements and Character Options Campaign Requirements: An account at https://www.dndbeyond.com/. We will be using DnDBeyond for all of our character management needs. You can join the campaign with the following link: https://ddb.ac/campaigns/join/18181331946750919 AboveVTT: This is the virtual Tabletop we will be using for the duration of the campaign. It is a browser extension and requires either Chrome or Firefox browser to function. Links to the respective extensions can be found following: Chrome: https://tinyurl.com/Chrome-AboveVtt Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/abovevtt/ Character Options: Please select the following from the Character Preferences section. Everything else remains on default. Race: Any. We are using custom Lineage and Origin so please feel free to select race based on RP preference rather than what has the "best stats". Please confer with DM before finalizing race choice. Class: Any. We will be starting at level 1. There are no restrictions on base class, including Blood Hunter. If there is a "Redux" homebrew for your subclass, please use this option instead of the standard variant. Please confer with other party members before finalizing class choice/role. Abilities: Manual/Rolled Generation. We will be using an array of the following scores for this campaign, distributed in whatever abilities you prefer: 17/16/15/12/10/8 Description: Choose a Background, fill in Physical Characteristics, Personal Characteristics, Character Portrait, Name and nothing else. Optionally confer with DM before finalizing name and portrait as different races may have different naming schema. Our campaign is now officially filled, but if you didn't get to take part don't fret! We will be running the long term campaign in four to eight week sets, with one shots and mini campaigns in between so there are many chances to be included for DnD. There may also be guest opportunities during arcs in the long term campaign. Continue to post your interest here in the time slot so that I can keep a running list of those who are interested in playing, and what type of games you might be interested in.
  4. Shaper spent a good deal of the rest within the shade of jungle trees working diligently on the brass dragon scale he had been gifted so long ago now. He had been spending so much time on guild related work and… other projects, that such a passion project had largely been put on hold. Back with the group, though, it seemed an appropriate time to resume. But where he had spent the entirety of the prior rest working, this time it was only a few hours before he put his work away and turned his focus towards the others. He wanted to speak to all of them one on one again, at some point. He owed a number of apologies, though his first priorities were actually Duriel and Top, whom he barely knew, and Pif with whom he also had much more limited interactions. He scanned over the three of them for a time before ducking away from his corner towards Pif and where she was still exploring the surroundings. “Do you mind if we talk?” Pif stared blankly. “About what?” she asked. Shaper looked towards the pool of water that was supposedly also a portal and spoke quietly in reply. “Since what happened on the ship… The only perspective I’ve really had on what has happened in my absence is from the reports that Cedric has written. They talk a lot, but often say very little. I was hoping you might be able to give me a fresh perspective… one that maybe doesn’t come from the ones that talk too much.” His gaze briefly settled on Lionel before he looked back towards Pif. “That is a very open-ended question,” Pif remarked, continuing to scan the ground for any items that could use a new owner. Shaper nodded his head and replied. “It is a bit. Maybe let’s start with whatever happened with werewolves and wendigos, cause that report read a bit like a fever dream at best, and I honestly have very little idea what actually happened.” Pif sighed and pulled out a packet of papers from her pack, flipping through until she found a particular page. Her face soon turned to stone, her face twitching only once or twice with an almost imperceptible wince. She quickly shoved the packet back in her bag. “It appears accurate to me.” Shaper shaked his head slightly but didn’t push for more detail and continued. “Well… Alright. Um… There’s some allusion in Cedric’s report to some things that happened between meeting the… uh… squirrel,” Shaper momentarily but visibly shuddered at the mention of the squirrel but continued, “and the run in with the Black Dragon showing up in lower Sharn, but because of Cedric’s walkabout I don’t really have any details in between. Would you mind clearing up what you all found?” Pif paused for a second or two. “We went into some sewers...found a hidden chamber with dragon blood. Fought a mindflayer. We found Scylla’s brother down there, too, and he was possessed by Dramul. He was standing with a statue that rose into the air while we were talking to her brother. We bound him and took him to his parents’ home, and he appeared to recover. I believe those were the only discoveries of note before the dragon fully awoke and appeared before us.” Shaper seems to consider for a moment before speaking up “A lot of Sharn went a bit to the hells while you all were gone… it seems odd that Scylla’s brother was able to recover so quickly when so many have not been able to without the cure that Connah’s team recovered. I wonder what’s different in his case.” He seemed to ponder on this a bit longer before remembering he was sort of holding up Pif’s time, “Oh, right… the only other thing I guess is… everything happened so quickly once you came back… I haven’t had a chance to read Cedrics reports on the Feywild, if he even finished one. All I’ve caught is bit’s and pieces about it having only been about two or three days on your end and something about a dragon.” “Honestly I cannot remember anything special that we did to her brother to allow him to recover,” Pif replied. “Maybe it was seeing his sister there that snapped him out of it? We may never know, at this point, considering the state of the city right now. As for the Feywilds...we met a dragon there, Amfortas, who told us that we were connected to the heroes who last defeated Dramul. He also mentioned that there are magical relics that we used to defeat Dramul in the past. I now have one, and Nion has another. We do not know much about the remaining relics, or where they would be.” Shaper crossed his arms and thought that over for another minute or two. “While that doesn’t seem terribly helpful I suspect that one way or another those relics are likely going to end up in our hands whether we want them to or not.” His head drifted towards the pool before them once more and scanned over its surface, as though keeping watch to be sure nothing emerged from it. “Siscia said something about me being a Human in a past life. I wonder if the soul in this body was chosen specifically for what it once was. Maybe Jaxon knew what was coming… he always was thinking many steps ahead…” “That’s quite possible…” Pif said thoughtfully. After a pause she shrugged. “Or perhaps it was merely a coincidence. I do not know much about Jaxon or how he came across your soul, so I obviously can’t say one way or another. But if we reformed as a party by coincidence, surely anything could be one.” Shaper nodded his head. “To be honest I don’t much believe in coincidences. I think we’re being manipulated from the sidelines. Maybe it’s by the gods, maybe this Amfortas fellow, maybe something else. We’re certainly being manipulated by the Shadow as well. I think there are those working to throw us together, but also those trying to drive us apart and it concerns me in both directions because it definitely strips away our free will to a degree and I don’t like it. I don’t like the feeling that we’re constantly being tested or used like game pieces, even though I’ve admittedly fallen in to that line of thinking myself. Maybe because I have.” “It’s certainly possible that outside forces are affecting the party, though I disagree that they are affecting us to that extent,” Pif replied. “The person who is tested still has a choice in how they respond to that test. I think we all have as much free will as we allow ourselves.” Shaper looked towards Pif meaningfully “I actually am relieved that you feel we have that free will and yet still travel with us. I know that at least Lionel and his constant paranoia and mistrust has likely not made it easy, and perhaps the others as well. It’s ironic because as Duriel themself was quoted in one of Cedric’s reports… right before the… squirrel incident in lower Sharn,” There was another brief and nearly imperceptible shudder, “How many times has Lionel himself nearly abandoned us?” “Many times. Though I guess it’s all hot air unless he can convince his friend to do the same.” Shaper sighed and shook his head. “I guess the real reason I wanted to talk to you… the reason I want to talk to everyone eventually is that, though. I agree with what Siscia told Eli. We’re stronger together, and we all need to start trusting one another a bit more. If what they say is true and we are some kind of reincarnated heroes and the best hope against Dramul… this wedge between us is exactly what their cult wants.” He paused for a moment and gathered his thoughts. “I also realize that blind trust isn’t healthy either. We also need to work on making ourselves trustworthy as well… so I will do my best to make myself worthy of your trust.” Pif stared blankly. “What wedge? Do you mean between Lionel and Duriel?” Shaper chuckled slightly “That’s certainly a part of it. I understand mistrust. Everything here and now does seem a bit convenient, as Duriel put it themself before we stepped through the… bowl, but I also admit to having my doubts in the past about some of us. Doubts about Lionel, about Duriel recently, and about you as well. I am certain I’m not the only one. Of all of us, only Siscia’s trust has never wavered I think. I’m just trying to put my doubts aside. To be honest we don’t all have to get along or like one another to work well together, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. I don’t want to see anyone die and I am hoping maybe there is a way to bring us more in sync with one another and get us working as a proper team. There has to be.” Pif nodded thoughtfully. “Well aside from some minor annoyances here and there, I can’t say that I distrust anyone right now, personally. But I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and concerns. I agree that trust is important, and I hope you receive the reassurances that you seek, as you talk with the party as a whole.” Shaper nodded his head and turned to take his leave. “I appreciate the conversation… even if for nothing else than the chance to put words to some of the thoughts that have been tumbling around up here for a while.” He reached up and tapped his metallic head before starting off towards the shade. “You should probably get at least a little rest… the heat out here is fairly unforgiving it seems.” Pif scanned the ground briefly, as if to check for any valuables she may have missed. Finding none, she sighed in resignation and nodded. She made her way to the camp to get some sleep.
  5. The warforged known as Shaper stood outside a room he had spent months in, and stared at the door. He was difficult to read, of course. There were no particular features to his face; His head was constructed in the form of a permanent helmet, with no mouth and thin slits for eyes that never deformed to show emotion of any kind. Somehow, though, the way that he stood hesitantly at the door suggested an anxiety and trepidation that read clearly to any that looked on, until eventually his metal fist reached up and rapped sharply at the door. After a moment, footsteps approached the door, and it slowly creaked open about 6 inches. His face was barely visible with only light from the hall illuminating it. “What?” Shaper nearly visibly flinched from the curtness of the question, but he was still determined to make the attempt, and spoke quietly in reply. “I am certain I am the last face you wish to see at the moment but… we should speak. I will do my best to keep it brief.” Eli stared at Shaper for a few seconds and says, “Fine. Come on in.” He opened the door wider as he walked away. He went to the desk and lit a candle. “What’s up?” He said as he plopped down onto the bed. Shaper made a faint, hollow, and mechanical sound as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him, almost the equivalent of clearing his throat if he had one. “I suppose I should lead with something I didn’t manage to say before. I am sorry… for everything. I don’t expect forgiveness but it at least needs to be expressed. I can’t express enough how deep my regret is for my choices, and everything that resulted from them.” He sat and thought for a moment. He sighed. “It ain’t in my nature to hold grudges. I thought that if I was gonna come out of this thing, I’d have some sort of revenge to take on y’all, but I can’t. That ain’t me. Let me make it clear though: I don’t trust y’all.. and I sure as shit ain’t scared of any of you either. Except maybe Lionel. I think he’s kind of a sociopath. I dunno, man. I’m probably not using that correctly, but eh.” He shrugged. “At any rate. I appreciate what you did to help my brothers. They told me after I woke up. Told ‘em I was gonna kill you and they said they’d take great exception to that and that they couldn’t let me do that. So if they say you’re alright, then you’re alright. I still don’t want no charity though.” He chuckled. Shaper listened quietly and his head twitched ever so slightly at the word “brothers,” though he said nothing at that point and allowed Eli to finish. He ruminated on his words for a moment and then nodded his head. “It’s not charity. The items I made for you, and those I have made for others, will help everyone to make it out alive. I’ve had a lot of time to think about things in the last several months. I’ve always approached every difficult situation like some puzzle to be solved or game to be won, and I realize that while that may typically produce positive outcomes in a way, it doesn’t take in to account the eventual costs of that way of thinking.” He paused for a moment and gathered his thoughts before continuing “I won’t be taking any chances with any of you anymore, you have my word with that. If it’s within my power, all of you will make it out alive. I know it’s not a game, and I have no right to gamble with anyone’s lives.” He chuckled again. “Well that’s a relief then. Looks like we have a pretty sturdy group now. If Boone, Jed, and Johnny hadn’t been killed like they had been, I’d probably wager that we’re near invincible if we all fight together. Caleb told me all of the gritty details. I’m going to kill that thing that got them. But all that aside, I reckon we can still hold our own against most things. But ya know… Something feels off with the group. I can’t quite put my finger on it though. And there’s something about that Duriel that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You’re not ruled by sneaking suspicions and baseless feelings. What do you think?” Shaper tilted his head to look towards the ground in thought for a moment before answering. “I’ll be honest, I haven’t been around Duriel enough to make a full judgement call. I read in one of the reports that they drew their sword on Pif, but It didn't seem entirely unwarranted given the situation described. I also know from some of the reports I’ve caught a glance at that they may be willing to protect the group to a reckless degree. Aside from that it’s hard to tell, but I won’t treat them any differently from anyone else.” He tilted his head back upwards to look towards Eli. “Top of Bottle seems really genuine, like Siscia. He also seems to have formed a strong bond with Duriel, so I’ll trust in that for now I think. I am honestly more concerned about Lionel and Pif. Their relationship is still quite antagonistic as far as I can tell. I understand distrust… but at the same time I believe that it’s a self-feeding monster. Constant antagonism towards either could cause Lionel to leave us in a difficult situation or Pif to turn on us for real. I think the best course is to… put some trust in to Pif that she will do the right thing… openly. I gave her the healing wand because I want her to know someone trusts her. For Lionel I believe the best course is to at least put some trust in the fact that he believes he has the group’s best interests in mind. I know he has strong loyalty towards his close friends, and I believe he wants to see us all make it out okay even when he’s being a prat. Maybe actually because he’s sometimes a prat.” Eli took a moment to digest Shaper’s words. “Lionel said earlier, ‘Fear is the enemy of trust,’ but he trusts everyone the least out of all of us. I let my good nature control my response there, but he’s a hypocrite. I don’t think he makes smart judgment calls. They’re all steeped in arrogance and overall, most of the messy situations we’ve been in are because he mouths off. He’s lucky. My daddy would’ve knocked his head and ass together.” He shook his head and started scraping his nail on his index finger against the corner of the desk. “I think we’re being manipulated from the shadows. There is constant distrust of anyone who’s giving the orders. Y’all are relatively new to this guild, but I ain’t. The leadership has never made this many mistakes and we’ve helped take down corrupt monarchies before. That’s delicate stuff. I think someone is sowing the seeds of distrust between us on purpose. I’ve heard rumors of Sammy being a traitor, but I just don’t think that could be true. Sammy is a Phoenix and might have issues with the others, but he ain’t in the business of ruining things. All in all, someone is lying to us. Someone is trying to make us fail, but I don’t know who. I’ve been gone too long to know if there are traitors in this party, but I do know one thing: Something is fishy. The guild’s internal workings are being sabotaged.” Shaper nodded his head at what Eli was saying and seemed to let loose a mechanical sigh. “None of what you’re saying about Lionel is wrong, but the way to change it isn’t to mistrust his motives. Those, at least, I believe are clear. I will try work with Nion and be a positive influence on his decisions. As to the guild… you’re probably right. If I learned nothing else from travelling with the Cowboys, this cult we’re dealing with insinuates itself in to everything in the most insidious ways. Their actions are rarely overt, and they subtly poison the thoughts and minds of those around them. An invisible enemy is exceptionally difficult to fight, and not all of them are blatantly blood corrupted either. We know that the goal of many of them is to restore the Mournlands and Cyre. Is it any surprise that a people who lost everything could be easily manipulated, with or without an overtly corrupting influence?” Eli pondered Shaper’s words for a moment. “I’m honestly just sick of the shit that Lionel talks, that’s all. If I had a choice, I’d never be around him. But since that won’t change, I’ll put that to rest and just try to let it go. Boone always told me that I had a bad habit for holding things against people too much.” He shrugged “So here’s what I’ll try to do. I’ll try to just be regular old me that smiles, calls people ‘friend’ and ‘partner’ and loves a good riverboat ride. But I’m gonna watch everyone like a hawk. Until we know what’s going on, it’s going to be rough trusting any of them completely. Except maybe Siscia and you now that you’ve learned your lesson!” He laughed and slapped his knee. ”I want to trust Nion, but we’ll see. I dunno. I’ll get over it, but only once we’ve won.” He smiled. “Sorry to talk the sides of your head off. You came here to apologize and reassure and I’ve turned that into something else. Apology accepted.” “Honestly, I am relieved you felt like talking at all.” He nodded and headed for the door, speaking only once more briefly before exiting and closing it behind him. “Good to have you back.”
  6. Everything is wrong. There were cracks in the group before what happened to Eli, and he had been trying to work on mending them... but since he has been gone those cracks have grown in to deep fissures that may never be repaired. Shaper expected the anger from Eli, deserved it even. Everything had gone sideways and it was because Shaper had gambled and lost. Gambled... with the life of one of the people he had been tasked with protecting by the guild... as if it was a game. Shaper didn't really need to sleep. Even when he was in his inactive "restful" state his mind never shut down, so he had a great deal of time to think. To that point his pragmatic approach to things had always paid off in some way, or at the least hadn't had any negative consequences. He thought he had the answers; That his insight in to others was nearly flawless, despite the fact that he had been alive for less than a decade. He was intelligent... creative... calculating. It had always been enough before... but what he had failed at was compassion and empathy. He had a great deal of time to think. It wouldn't happen again. There would be no playing games with the lives of his companions. Eli was right... he had no reason to trust any of them. Pif had no reason to trust any of them. Lionel had no reason to trust any of them. Siscia trusted all of them, but maybe she shouldn't. Everything had gone wrong, and Shaper had a great deal of time to think. There was only one way to make everything equal now. The job doesn't matter. The mission doesn't matter. Everyone else makes it out alive.
  7. Journal Entry 3, Date Still Unknown A'tun will die by my remaining hand... or I will die trying. *The penmanship is exceptionally scratchy, blotchy, and difficult to read. The quill tip has been pressed hard in to the page, nearly piercing through it.*
  8. Journal Entry 2, Date Still Unknown. A great deal has happened since my previous entry, and it has taken until no to fully gather my thoughts. I was correct... Lysander is here. Not only has he come to this place, but he appears to be largely responsible for the predicament that we're in... at least it seems that way for now. Whatever else the implications of that may be, I have at least discovered a potential ally out of all this. It seems the tiefling that travels with us is a member of yet another family he has destroyed. She comes across as a bit flighty but her malice towards him is genuine. We are, for now at least, aligned in our goals. I am done running. It's time to bring him down, no matter how influential he has become. That, I suppose leads me in to the problem. I've felt the loss of connection with my patron since arriving here. The Traveller is a fickle one, but has always been more the hands off sort... content to keep to the background as long as I lead with deception and mischief. It was an easy alliance and one that I sought on my own. Here though... the connection is gone and what I'm left with for options is... less than desirable. The new patron is... direct. He sought me, and indeed manipulated events so that I would have little choice but to take the power that was offered. His broken blade left a scarred brand on the palm of my left hand... one that I have noticed persists through all disguises. So far he has remained silent, but I wonder what game he plays at... with a patron so officious it's only a matter of time before he starts making it know exactly what it is he wants me to accomplish. There are other concerns as well. I'm thankful to be outside of the city, but there's evidence that the job we're traveling for might be a set-up. There have been multiple attempts made upon our group, and the Emperor's seal can be found tainting all of them. Beyond that, it seems that the goddess of the city has assigned a task to the tiefling that may be directly opposed to the one we were sent to complete. Seems the man we are meeting with is an agent of Lysander, and while I am happy to do my part to weaken my Uncle's position it must be done while simultaneously appearing to be cooperative with the Kahn Justice. The plan so far is to meet with the man and see what the job actually is. If it's something we can do without disrupting our side mission, some of us work on that task while two of us split off and attempt to find and steal an item that proves his betrayal to the plantation. Now... we haven't discussed it much but I believe after that the best course of action is to return with the job done, and plant the incriminating item somewhere where it doesn't link back to us, but where the people will discover it and turn on him after we have left. The plan needs refinement, but we can't do much until we've met with him. We'll have to see what happens next.
  9. My ESO account is @wanderer202. I also have um.... like 20+ player homes that are available for use.
  10. Journal entry 1, Date unknown. Will have to inquire about the calendar system in this place. We've landed ourselves in a world with three moons. There's a darkness about the place... an ominous red energy that seems to power much of the magical nature here, and also seems to be if not the same, at least related to the force that ripped us away from our homes to begin with. Home... that's an interesting thought. I was making myself busy with work in that small port town but I never really considered it a home. Nothing I have left behind there holds anything in particular for me to remember fondly. Perhaps I should feel this is some sort of blessing of the Traveler... an opportunity to start life anew with none of the past that had tied me to my existence still holding sway. I can't fight the creeping feeling, however, that even here my troubles are not over. It stands to reason that whatever brought myself and the others here could have brought our pasts with us. That was not made more evident than one of the others of the group encountering a familiar face in the 'job' we were first assigned to after arriving... but we'll get to that. The type work we have been assigned is one of investigation and protection of the city. Our first assignment one to investigate the source of contaminated meats within a processing facility inside the city proper. We chose to begin by getting a feel for the factory layout from the outside, and stopping at some variety of provisioner. I requested rations, along with one of the other companions... others requested clothing. They took no measurements, and the shop itself was barren save for a chest with a similar red glow to the ring and the source of our transport. Once we had all placed our requests, the chest gathered more of its red energy and produced our products within. I have theories, but I will save them for now. The day at the processing plant was... illuminating. It seems nearly everything here is done in a way that is... perhaps ingenuitive but also unnatural. Rather than harvest livestock or fishing as is done in most places in our home world... plane? They grow their meats via manufacted constructs of flesh and bone... foul golems (fowl?), in more ways than one as the constructs seemed to produce bile and filth as bi-products while still 'living'. Our job was simple... to tend to the constructs while they grew over a short time-frame and after multiple baths in a boiling cauldron of... chemicals... magic reagents... just plain scalding water, I don't know, and waiting for their slaughtering and collection. Since we had arrived late, we were asked to stay late as well in order to finish our production lineup. When no one arrived for the slaughter and collection, our investigation began in earnest. I disguised my nature, as is typical, and traveled the factory floors with two others until we came across a room in while a vile ritual had seemingly been performed. A Fowl Golem, larger than the others, seemed to have crushed and murdered those who I assume had... altered it for lack of a better term. A short but violent battle ensued as the other caught up, and as a final cleaving blow from the pliable and foolish one split it asunder, some new fresh horror sprung from the corpse and wrapped us in its eldritch tentacles before spiriting us to... an unusual location where sat a Dragon seemingly composed of blood, and a strange hovering blue orb. It was here that the Dragonborn in our company immediately ran forward and began bashing at the orb, though only making the slightest of cracks in its glass. We were able to stop him long enough to hear that the face of this dragon... it was the same dragon that raised him and taught him his craft as... a Druid he said. I find it suspicious that a black dragon taught a green Dragonborn something so benign as communing with nature, but I digress. We allowed the orb to be smashed (standing back to safe distance), to which the simple one was happy to comply, and the dragon entity was freed, pouring itself in to the Dragonborn much to my alarm but apparently no one else's (judging by reactions). On the orbs destruction, we were also returned to the room from which we had left and began further investigation both of the corpses there, and the facility. When complete I collected the name tags from the corpses and experimented with the black ring. It went about as expected... red sickly glow, disappearance of corpses without a trace. On the one body, a man named Ash, there was a note that read as follows: I suspect -A- is the man we found the note on. No clues yet as to whom -X- or -C- are. I need to collect some charcoal dust and a makeup brush to maybe have any luck in discovering what they were making 'progress' on. I wonder what I have in my disguise kit? We also found the corpse of the butcher, his throat cut, further on in the factory. Finally, we found the shipping warehouse and the offices of the compound. I the offices there were of course the expected ledgers, the foreman reporting losses over the last five weeks and a contamination of their meat products reducing their production by about 25% overall. There was also the request to both Kahn Guild and Kahn Justice to make an investigation of the circumstances. In another of the desks, I found a secret compartment concealing a note of debt. A man named Frakes owes the Red Halls (that name again) a debt of 500 gold pieces, and the bill was signed by Kahn Vice whom... I gather... is in charge of those things in the city that are less than above board. It is clear that the job is not over and there is more we must discover. Who is Frakes? Was he trying to boost size (and subsequently production) of their product in order to skim the results to pay off his debts? Who are -X- and -C-? The so called "Red Halls" have come up more than once, and it seems that is the next place we must go. For now... rest and recovery... we still have five more days to investigate. That brings me to the group. They are unpredictable. The simple Orc seems at least mutable if a bit over-eager for violence. The others... I am particularly concerned about the Dragonborn who reacted without a second thought. I am not typically used to working with others. There is safety in solitude, though my hand is forced for now. I am merely concerned that this group may be the type to attract... excessive attention... and that is something I do not need. I will have to be more reticent... blend in to the background and let them take the lead I believe. I will have to be very careful. If a face familiar to the Dragonborn can appear in this place... than faces familiar to me can as well. In fact, I must assume that they have. I need to set up some contingency to leave this place should the worst occur. Thoughts on the red energy: It seems used in many aspects here, but largely seems tied to making things apparate or vanish. It also bears some resemblance to whatever brought us here, though the link will require more study. It would seem that the uses are not connected but what if, however, it is ultimately a single use magic and transport across planes it its primary operation. I don't know that the corpses are destroyed at all, but perhaps rather are simply whisked away to a sort of planar garbage dump. When clothing and rations were produced perhaps they were snatched from another plane as well, in much the same way we were, and brought to us here. Once again, it will require study and testing. Perhaps the process can be reversed, though. For now... I will rest... and think on how to manage the others later.
  11. Further information, We'll be operating off of a point buy system for stats rather than rolls or standard array. If you need any help creating a character, contact me on discord. I will be pretty available over the next two days.
  12. I think we have the basic idea of a structure. Cowboy and I will be coordinating ideas I think to establish a setting and overall story arc as well as spit-balling ideas for one shots for people, house rules that we want to play by, etc. Anyone else is welcome to contribute ideas of course as to what they'd like to see. If there are totally new players, or people new to just 5E as a ruleset, I will be setting myself as available to workshop one on one with people, help them establish what kind of character they want to play and what their goals are, etc, and help explain most of the basic rules.
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