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    healbrand or power dps
  2. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 11/4] The other village leaders returned from wherever they had been and prepared a celebration in our honor. Aralee introduced us to her cousin Daekrana and their second-cousin Valimaer. Aralee and Daekrana are Sven’s grandchildren; Valimaer is Elemaer’s. After we’d had a chance to partake in all the food and drink we wanted, Valimaer waved over Top of Bottle, said something to him, and gave him what looked like sheet music. Meanwhile, Daekrana motioned the rest of us to come over by the statues. She said they were going t
  3. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 10/28] The next morning, we headed towards the western mountain. At one point, in the forest, we came across a dead treant with something black billowing out of its face. Nion approached it with his ring, dissipating the cloud. Suddenly, a shadowy bird flew out from behind Pif, and out from the ground sprouted a bunch more of the shadow things we had fought the previous day. Top of Bottle, after an unsuccessful attempt to snatch the bird out of the air, started running around in panic. I cast synaptic static, and it probabl
  4. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 10/14] By the time I woke up, Top of Bottle was already running around gushing to everyone about a legend he’d heard of how the founders had been pirate captains. Another legend held that they had been twin kings from another realm, though they had been overthrown in a coup. According to legend, the Dark Flame killed one, and the other got away—but the stories conflicted over which one was which. The stories also conflicted over whether they had actually fought. In short, no one actually knew anything, and we would have to find out for
  5. Excerpts from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 10/7] [Morning after the Dream] […] Siscia and Top of Bottle, of course, couldn’t be more excited about the whole thing. I haven’t actually ventured downstairs yet, but I can hear them running around. Top of Bottle is play-acting flurry of blows with whoever else is down there, and Siscia seems to have braided her into a fake beard. I’m really hoping I’ve misheard that last part—the mental image it conveys is honestly a bit terrifying. Regarding my feelings about Kirin—well, they’re complicated, and
  6. The afternoon after the party’s return from rescuing Connah, when everyone else is out running errands or shopping or relaxing or whatever, Cedric knocks on Nion’s door. “Hey, Nion,” he calls. “I was wondering if we could talk for a bit? But it’s not urgent, if I’m interrupting anything.” “Sure! Come in, the door’s open,” he calls out, sounding somewhat distracted. The door opens to Nion seated on the floor with a brazier, facing the entrance. His face is focused yet calm, and concentrated on an open book in front of him. He mutters something and there is a flash of light, and a sw
  7. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 9/2, 9/9, 9/16] Come morning, as we got up and got ourselves ready to go, Duriel drew us a map and walked us through what we might expect to find in their family’s lair. Of particular note was that the purebloods would be highly resistant to magic—a fact which I wish had been pointed out to me the previous night, so that I could better prepare for it—and that Duriel’s grandfather was an abomination who had empowered himself through ritual and sacrifice. According to Duriel, it was a safe assumption that everyone was going to be hostile
  8. until

  9. Some suggestions for related(ish) books to Heretic's Guide to Homecoming: The most well-known fantasy series to prominently deal with mental health issues is probably The Magicians by Lev Grossman (though, in this case it's depression more than anxiety). I'd describe it as "Holden Caulfield goes to Hogwarts and Narnia." (It's pretty overtly in conversation other fantasy series; the characters literally get drunk and start making Harry Potter references at one point.) There's a TV series, too; I think this is actually the rare example of a book that was significantly better in its T
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    I also need it for the collection
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    all I have geared right now is DH
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    Dps (dh)
  13. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal [Session Notes 8/19] I had pretty much just gotten to sleep when someone came around banging on the doors to wake everyone up. It wasn’t even dawn yet. As I trudged toward the common area, I noticed an envelope that had been slipped under the door at some point. There was no writing on the outside; I looked inside and found a sample of hair and blood—I think probably mine. I groaned: it was going to be one of those days, wasn’t it? Meanwhile, something was going on with the cowboys downstairs. I wasn’t totally able to follow all of what w
  14. Cedric’s Notes on Artifacts Below I describe what we know about the two recovered artifacts; then, I’ll try to use this knowledge to put together a list of ideas regarding what the other artifacts might be. Molly (Pif) - Confirmed to be a sword; received as a gift from the dragon Amfortas in the fey realm. Amfortas told us that Molly’s sword was made out of one of Dramul’s lieutenant’s fangs, with a little of Aureon’s light added. Pif is very protective of her treasures and won’t let anyone close enough to get a good look at it, but from what I saw, it seemed very dark-
  15. Excerpt from Cedric’s Journal Not long after I finished my report, Nion came to talk to me, filling me in on what I missed this afternoon, among other things. Nion, Lionel, and some others went to see Prof. Fandisqas, to whom they had given the Dragon’s Blood sample earlier, to follow up on what had happened in Lower Sharn this morning. The sample of Aureon-water collected this morning seemed to be fading in potency—which is concerning—but it still worked. Prof. Fandisqas had some corrupted rats, and she had observed that they seemed to become sluggish in the dark, which is definit
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