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  1. I’m willing to host and visit!
  2. Creating channels is easy, but they might have a limit to what they want to add to avoid too much clutter. idk--we'll see! BTW, I am not sure if I'll be playing on Sunday, with it being Valentine's Day. Might have a movie night or something.
  3. @Phoenix could decide on this. I do think it would be helpful for planning and chatting. Not to mention, more folks might join in if they see a channel on discord for it.
  4. Everywhere I looked, barbarians!! I am definitely down to play most Sundays. That was really fun. I'm good with one-shots, we could possibly start in a later era or something... I haven't tried that before. You know, give the Barbarians boats and gunpowder from the get-go.
  5. So, around 6 eastern tomorrow? I can do that! @Cowboy I didn't mean to tag cowboy but my phone won't let me delete it... Oops!
  6. I love cooperative mode! I haven't played in ages, so set the bar really low. Saturday evening or Sunday working around PvP time is fine for me (but still bedtime at 11:30 or I turn into a pumpkin).
  7. I can potentially do anything other than Saturday morning. The latest I can go would be about 11:30 pm. HOORAY!
  8. Siscia

    RISE Movie Night!

    @Senlorandir what we watchin'?? If I can stay awake long enough I will drop in!
  9. Siscia

    RISE Movie Night!

    Jingle Jangle (Netflix)
  10. Siscia

    RISE Movie Night!

    Klaus (Netflix)
  11. Siscia

    RISE Movie Night!

    I'm going to try to make it to this!! I love the suggestions for Hamilton, Christmas Chronicles (or Christmas Chronicles 2?), and the Nightmare Before Christmas. All are great movies I never get tired of!
  12. Scene: Outside the Guildhall, early morning the day the group returned from their Feywild/dream-combat outing (co-written by @Siscia and @Obsidian Newt) The outside of the guildhall has seen a lot of work since the party first came back from their 2-3 month venture. Littered bottles, broken glass, and loose debris has all been picked up and dealt with. Duriel stands with a wet scrubbing brush and a bucket of water and washes the walls with fury, using a ladder when needed to reach the higher portions. No longer in their armor, but plain clothes with sleeves rolled up. Their hea
  13. The half-elf splashed joyfully in the bubbling creek and then flung herself onto the grassy bank. She grabbed a berry bush by its chin and laughed, “We’re going to find the puppiiiiiiiiiies!” The bush nodded happily, laughing along with her. It replied in Shaper’s voice, “That is the mission, you’re right!” Siscia somersaulted twice and then jumped to her feet. Her friends stood in front of her, weapons drawn. One was a giant rabbit. Behind her, the playful yapping of young pups echoed through the forest. She grabbed at the rabbit’s bow and tried to block Nion, who readied a shimmering magic o
  14. What a day. Or, couple of months, depending on your plane of existence. Siscia opened a familiar door on the second floor of the guild hall with a little less oomph than usual. She wore a slight smile upon her lips, but she looked tired. Siscia was almost never truly tired, but the morning had been more complicated than she could have imagined. She flopped onto her bed and a faint cloud of dust puffed up from the barely-used mattress. As she stared up at the ceiling, her vibrant green eyes wide and searching, she noticed a tiny brown spider hard at work in the upper corner of the r
  15. until

    @kiyoomii swap party with breakfast?
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