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  1. Scene: Outside the Guildhall, early morning the day the group returned from their Feywild/dream-combat outing (co-written by @Siscia and @Obsidian Newt) The outside of the guildhall has seen a lot of work since the party first came back from their 2-3 month venture. Littered bottles, broken glass, and loose debris has all been picked up and dealt with. Duriel stands with a wet scrubbing brush and a bucket of water and washes the walls with fury, using a ladder when needed to reach the higher portions. No longer in their armor, but plain clothes with sleeves rolled up. Their hea
  2. The half-elf splashed joyfully in the bubbling creek and then flung herself onto the grassy bank. She grabbed a berry bush by its chin and laughed, “We’re going to find the puppiiiiiiiiiies!” The bush nodded happily, laughing along with her. It replied in Shaper’s voice, “That is the mission, you’re right!” Siscia somersaulted twice and then jumped to her feet. Her friends stood in front of her, weapons drawn. One was a giant rabbit. Behind her, the playful yapping of young pups echoed through the forest. She grabbed at the rabbit’s bow and tried to block Nion, who readied a shimmering magic o
  3. What a day. Or, couple of months, depending on your plane of existence. Siscia opened a familiar door on the second floor of the guild hall with a little less oomph than usual. She wore a slight smile upon her lips, but she looked tired. Siscia was almost never truly tired, but the morning had been more complicated than she could have imagined. She flopped onto her bed and a faint cloud of dust puffed up from the barely-used mattress. As she stared up at the ceiling, her vibrant green eyes wide and searching, she noticed a tiny brown spider hard at work in the upper corner of the r
  4. until

    @kiyoomii swap party with breakfast?
  5. until
    Do you have DIY recipes that you've been holding onto forever just in case someone needs them? Do you have some popular or unique decor items or clothing that other folks might love to catalog and order for themselves? Do you have some stuff that you really don't want to sell at Nook's Cranny when you could give it away to a friend instead? AWESOME! Join your RISE guildies in Animal Crossing this Saturday and we'll do some swaps and cataloging! We'll start on my li'l baby newbie island (Two Rivers) for DIY swaps and free-to-a-good-home items, and can move to
  6. Siscia

    Wishing Well (RP)


    Tonight is the night!!! Who's got a story or song ready to go? I mean, I can fill time but it's so much better if multiple guildies share their talents!
  7. I'mma crash this party. May or may not PvP. May or may not still be drinking margaritas.
  8. Happy birthday, Alessi! ❤️ 

  9. Siscia

    Wishing Well (RP)

    In-Character: a slightly tipsy red-haired druid is shouting and passing out hastily-scrawled fliers to passersby in the guild hall: "Do you have a story begging to be shared? Do you play music? Do you just like drinking and listening to said stories and music? (I mean, what is better than drinking and stories and music?) If so--Well, this is the event for you! For one night only, I am hanging my hat (wait, I don't wear a hat...)... Hanging my laurel... in the RISE guild hall and taking over the long-neglected Wishing Well for an evening of serenades and epic
  10. Recap 6/10/20 There's Something In the Water.... So, there we were in Scylla’s mom’s house. The baby-faced squirrel had made us all feel very, very sleepy. Apparently, that was some potent knock-out mojo because I am pretty sure we all had really wacky, realistic dreams. I kinda think they weren’t so much dreams as something in our heads telling us things we maybe didn’t want to know. When I came to in the morning, after a very upsetting-but-somehow-reassuring encounter with Reylana and then Eli, the whole party was recovering from that “rest.” Nion and Lionel were
  11. until

    Okay! If it's full that's no big deal, but I'll standby for if a second group happens!
  12. until

    I lost track of the days!!! Is there room for tonight? @Cowboy
  13. "I’VE. TRIED. EVERYTHING!" Siscia's lower lip had been quivering for quite some time, but she had busied herself with preparing herbs, cleaning out the wound, burning small bundles of carefully-selected leaves from her pouch, and chanting for hours as something resembling an angel-squid hovered placidly above Eli, its translucent tentacles caressing his head until the physical trauma appeared to be healing well. Still, he was unresponsive. His eyes were glassy and blank. The healing spirit swept an ethereal arm across the druid's furrowed brow. She staggered back, exhausted, and fe
  14. I will remember this, Jinn Galia!!!
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