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  1. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raids


    -cough cough- not too late, DPS, HB, Alac, Love
  2. until

    HB, Alac, Condi DPS, Power DPS, druid(?????)
  3. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raid


    Condi DPS Power DPS Heal Brand Alacrigade
  4. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raid


    DPS Heal Brand Alac
  5. until

    Totes Druid or condi ren or dealers choice.
  6. until

    VERY late sign up b/c i want to br there as a backup, but I am on call I guess just whatever is available O.O
  7. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raid


    DPS Heal Brand Technically have banners, don't know it well enough BUT if it's whether we have it or not, I'll go ahead and do it.
  8. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raid


    well.... DPS Condi DPS (i DO need to work on my rangers condi, so i wouldn't mind this one over others) Healbrand (I miss it and want to do it if possible) druid (still working on, but available)
  9. Claytotsu

    [BRN] Raid


    DPS Alac HealBrand Condi DPS Druid?!?!?!
  10. until

    Swiftness only this round, fair question
  11. until
    Welcome to the Clay Train! Based upon the Peu Train, Peu loves doing world and Meta events. As Peu loves events, I love Jumping Puzzles. Therefore, the Clay Train shall feature Jumping Puzzles!!!!!! This is a teaching course, and Mounts are not allowed! Please do not cheese the JP's by porting others up without trying them for a bit, and please do not use the mount high up glide to the finish method! I want people to try to learn the JP's as I personally believe they help you learn more complicated movements around the battlefield. Below are the Waypoint Links/Locations that you w
  12. until

    i;m going to sign up, but I might be called in, so up to you. I would like to come though.
  13. until

    Yes, you did raids with that build, you can do anything that requires DPS
  14. until

    I really want to, and i'll play anything, but I honestly have no idea if I can due to work. I'm marking myself as a maybe and can't honestly say I'll even be able to be there Q_Q
  15. until

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