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  1. until

    I can try to thief. I'm sorry in advance
  3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  4. Ooof if we end up watching Disney movies I definitely gotta get drunk. Keep the suggestions coming! Speaking of which, going to add to the list a couple movies that are good for drinking games. DIE HARD
  5. Hey all! Time for a revival of RISE Movie Night! Actual photo of Sen getting ready for movie night. Actual time TBD, but will be after Peu Train. Post your movie suggestions below; please put one per comment so that others can react with "" to vote on the suggestions! We'll watch the movie with the most votes by the time we get started. If enough people want to turn this into a drinking game I'll also include some recipes and a list of rules for the movie we pick. Let's keep the options PG-13/soft -R for now (e.g., stick to movies you'd feel comfortable watching with yo
  6. until

    Mirage or maybe reaper
  7. @Book Club We have a book! Event here: If anyone would prefer us to move the chat to the 21st/22nd due to the Thanksgiving holiday, let me know!
  8. Book of the Month Club! This is an event for people looking to: - Read more; - Talk about books with people; - Need a wider variety of books to add to their bookshelves This will be a monthly event for people to come together to pick a book, read it, and have an opportunity to discuss the book we just read! Book Theme : Dystopian Future (Thanks @Kagrenac!) Suggest any books related to the decline of civilization, or frightening/unsettling civilizations! DM me book nominations by: October 17, 2020 Voting Closes on: Octob
  9. until

    Not sure if I'll be available, so I should be last-ditch-effort-backup.
  10. Cocktail Recipes, as promised: Blackberry Gin Halloween Punch Ghostini (rum/vodka) Jack the Ripper (whiskey) El Diablo (tequila) Apple Pie Sangria For a Halloween-themed mojito, try some of the following tips: - Add cinnamon and/or cardamom to your simple syrup - Try flavors such as blood orange, blackberry, cherry, apple, or even pumpkin
  11. until

    I call dibs on Rev or Sana
  12. Stuck inside this Halloween and not sure what to do? How about Come test your knowledge of Halloween (in and out of Guild Wars)! Prizes may be given to the winning team. Halloween cocktail recipes may be shared prior to the event. The host may be riding a massive sugar high as she reads off the questions. Guaranteed to be more fun than farming Lab for the 100th time. Exact start time TBD, but we'll be starting after Peu train! Please RSVP so I know how many people to expect, and post below if you have any particular trivia categories you'd like to see!
  13. until

    Still mirage, lol
  14. until

    Not sure if I can make it, but if I can I'd like to practice Druid
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