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  1. until

    Fabulous! Thank you!
  2. until

    YAY!! Is this started at 8est?
  3. HOORAY!!! Glad to hear it! <3 It's been lots of fun so far and very educational as well haha. I'm slowly, but surely, learning to play! :D CHEERS!
  4. Martini

    Kitty Blu's Boss Train

    Thanks for hosting! It is always a fun time.
  5. Rainy day in the swamp. Just saved some kids from the undead! =D
  6. Hello and welcome! Please send photos of your dogs. Got any tips for a new Witcher 3 player? (What a huge game, wow!)
  7. Thank you! I dont even remember how I got it; it was just in my wardrobe. LOL but so pretty I want all the skins like it.
  8. ROFL so @Zang just took me to fall to my death (after a few beers of course).
  9. Took a few (mediocre) screenshots Representing RISE!
  10. Oh no!!! I'll send them a Tweet. KEEP TRYING!
  11. Day 2 - Second Guild Event DRAGONS! and POOBADOO! (He's so dang cute). Good times, thanks for helping me learn!
  12. until

    Hooray! I'm excited to try this out with you guys! Yay for togetherness lol
  13. YES! They are an amazing bunch of folks. My friend volunteers for them at events as well. GOOD LUCK!
  14. Got to join in on the World Boss Train tonight!
  15. Greetings fellow nerds! Thank you for accepting my application! I'm Martini, been a gamer for years, mostly MMOs. Currently trying to really dig into GW2 and learn/enjoy with a good group of folks. If you have any pointers for me, please send em! I have a boosted 80 Ranger and various alts. Where do I even start!? What else.... I am from SK, Canada, single gal with two kitties. My desktop is my first born, and my laptop, Rowen, is my boyfriend LOL. I do stream from time to time. Recently made the switch from Twitch to Mixer. I love the Mixer community, and am enjoying my time much more over there. The winter is slow for streaming for me cause the damn seasonal depression >_> Hopefully that will pick up again soon. Other than gaming I like reading, cooking (when I have the time/energy) I actually think that I really like EATING so.. therefore, cooking haha. I love going for nice walks by the river with audiobooks, and going to the gym to get my sweat on! I look forward to meeting you folks in game.
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