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  1. Moey

    New Strike Mission!!


    banners /dps
  2. i found the video where i did a run with rise also thanks @Claytotsu
  3. i am camera shy haha
  4. congrats and welcome
  5. thanks all loving the guild happy new year
  6. Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Moey Preferred personal pronoun? he May we ask your age? What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Moey.6931 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? From my friends nok, hailyee and Maeric Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? i play daily and around server reset times What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? WvW and raids mainly for the peoples interactions and making friends, and making legendaries Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? im not as good with PvP but i tend to do it from time to time. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? my main pve toon is warrior, mainly cause its one of the lese classes that get nerfed and buffed and it always needed in pve, necro for WvW its fun and does lots of damage in zerg fights and mesmer in PvP mainly cause i like the mobility and the illusions. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? the interactions and friendships that you can create and as for least favorite could be that some times guilds can be quite ( but thats all depend on the guild) Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? um for me no but it all depend on the persons taste haha Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. Hi rise, i am Moey i live in Newe Zealand i am a casual streamer and very easy to talk to. i have been playing gw2 for 7 years and i might be a legendaryholic. What other games do you play? overwatch, Apex Legend Who’s your favorite all time video game character? zommoros collacting everything we through in the mystic forge
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