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  1. until

    Power daredevil
  2. until

    Sorry for the delay, I forgot to sign up last night. I'll understand if it is too late. Daredevil DPS
  3. BlackBird



    ... I expect this to be a weekly thing now..
  4. BlackBird



    LMAAAAAO dis really happenin boiiiis!!! I’m awful at cards against humanity but I’d sure love to play it with y’all.
  5. until

    I'm down for T4s and CMs. Daredevil
  6. until

    I'd love to hunt for some LW2 achievements. I most likely won't be able to attend this Saturday tho
  7. until

    Sorry guys, I guess the forums automatically accounted for the time zone difference and I ended up missing the new strike mission. Good luck with it tho!
  8. until

    I know that I'm late, but I'm here nonetheless. Power Daredevil Power Dragonhunter (I'm extra bad at it so I prefer daredevil plz)
  9. until

    DPS Daredevil
  10. BlackBird

    T4 Fractals

    Same as lower tiers. Will be there if y'all need more people!
  11. until

    As long as I don't receive a crazy request from my professors tomorrow I'll be on!
  12. BlackBird

    T4 Fractals

    Can fill as well! Can only bring dps.
  13. BlackBird

    T4 Fractals

    Will be on standby to fill in. Can only bring dps.
  14. until

    Will be on standby to either fill or lead a group! Also, I'm sorry to hear about your bed/sleep situation @Soasa! Hope you can sleep better soon!!
  15. BlackBird

    T4 Fractals

    Will be there to fill a dps if needed. (Sorry for the late reply)
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