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  1. Last minute swap in the schedule has me in at 6am Sunday! Reeeeee! Have an awesome time, though! I'll catch the next one!
  2. Just from eavesdropping on my colleagues I have sort of found the following: Which app? Coinbase seems to be very popular (it's what everyone has swapped to). There seems to be some difficulty with getting started & there appears to be a ~$15USD fee (though apparently this can be circumnavigated) This also apparently only shows certain coins, so it may not be a great option? Honestly, I know nothing about this platform... It's just one I've heard of a lot lately Robinhood is very much NOT the application
  3. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know if anyone here was looking to get into crypto-currencies? They seem insanely volatile, so I don't intend to spend much money on them, but I am interested in seeing how to best look for them! My colleagues are all very much a-buzz about Coinbase & the new "Shiba Inu" coin, so I figured I would ask around here! Questions/Discussion starters: 1. Do you have any platforms you suggest? (why/why not?) 2. Do you have any strategies for selecting currencies? 3. Is there an optimal time/day/etc to invest? Does crypto hav
  4. Hello! This will be one of the lucky Fridays that I am able to stay up late! To commemorate this, I am hosting a good ole post-BRN night of party games! Jackbox Games will, almost indefinitely, be happening, but I'm also open to other ideas! (Gartic Phone anyone?) Drinking will not be required, but will occur from at least some of us, so just be warned! (18+ content) Hope to see you there! - Riky P.S. If there are a lot of people who are not in BRN (and assuming I'm not in BRN), then I w
  6. Riky Ricardo

    [FIRE] Clears Night


    Can caulibackup. If you need, I would likely need to point a bit early, to run some practice on SFTA. No alac, no BT, no cQB.
  7. Hey! Have you ever been interested in the occult? Have you considered what you would sacrifice for power and eternal life? Tonight we'll be reviewing these deep topics in Karyn Kusama's "Stellar" film that asks serious questions that harken back to Stoker's "Dracula" and Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray!" Yo, I'm just kidding, we're watching Jennifer's Body. This movie is inherently terrible, full of fan service, corny dialogue, and ridiculous situations for Amanda Seyfried & Megan Fox. It's bad, The
  8. Riky Ricardo

    [BRN] Raid


    ♪ I said Maybeee.... I'm gonna be the one that ..... doesn't-bring-alac/cQB-ee ♪ Fine to backup lead if the flames are tired
  9. Riky Ricardo

    [FIRE] Clears Night


    Should I have hit maybe? Maybe. No alac, no cqb
  10. I just realized..... Sub or Dub? ORRRRRR You stream sub & I stream dub? @Senlorandir
  11. until

    I bet I can get us more than the 2 paths, I'll just need to stop being an IRL main & return to gw2. Oh, and I can lead a 2nd group.
  12. until

    Can probably lead if needed. May end up asking to have skips for the cutscenes in my group if I lead, since this one is a bit long.
  13. until

    Backup, No Alac/cQB. I'll likely be Mining & Crafting.
  14. Riky Ricardo

    [FIRE] Raid


    Caulibackup. Likely will be working. No Pylon, no cQB, No Alac
  15. Riky Ricardo

    [BRN] Raid


    Caulibackup Leading. No cQB, No Alac, No BT.
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