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  1. until

    Backup! banners, alac, dps, cdps, hb
  2. Hello RISE Art Club SOOOOOO Art Club forum is pretty slow, not saying that less people are making art in the guild, the I-made-this channel is always notifying me. I just thought that since I have a bunch of old stuff that I haven't shared I'm gonna bump them here as well as with new stuff that are coming along. (hopefully, if I remember to keep doing this XD) Welcome to Nepheline's Art Dump Site where all old and new works will get posted so I have the motivation to make more! #1 This big boy of a sculpture I made last year (2019) and is still one of my fav
  3. until

    Experience: Role: Anything
  4. until

    HB! Wanna try it out in CM's. It's gonna be my first time Healbranding in CM though so apologies to my party in advance. Though if we end up needing more alac, I don't mind running alac.
  5. until

    Dps, banners, alac (still practicing)
  6. until

    dps banners
  7. until

    Power DPS, Power Banner
  8. Nepheline Syenite

    [BRN] RAID


    Just a maybe if we manage to make a 5th group. Power DPS, Power Banner, druid (not as experience with druid mechanics in raids)
  9. All of your guys drawings are so good! I have this guys from a couple of years back. I haven’t been able to make any figurines recently, but I hope to get back to it!
  10. Nepheline Syenite

    [BRN] RAID


    pdps tempest heal druid - still practicing though
  11. Nepheline Syenite

    [BRN] RAID


    DPS Tempest
  12. Nepheline Syenite

    [BRN] RAID


    DPS Tempest
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