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  1. Early Morning Rituals The sun has yet to rise and Duriel sits at their desk, right hand slightly stained with ink as the quill pen scratches across the parchments surface- Do not hurt where holding is enough; do not wound where hurting is enough; do not maim where wounding is enough; and kill not where maiming is enough; the greatest warrior is the one who does not need to kill. They set the quill down and scatter a light dusting of sand across the page's surface before tapping off the excess onto the table. They consider the words carefully before standing and taking the page to the fireplace and carefully feed the freshly inked parchment to the fire- slowly, deliberately destroying the poetry. They watch the fire for a moment before returning to the table to carefully clean up their workspace- each piece put precisely where it belongs. That done, they grab a wooden waster from the corner of their room and tread quietly through the guild hall to the training room- where a solid hour is spent practicing technique against a roughly battered pell. Duriel checks the wooden sword for damage and cleans up the training space before moving on to their morning meditations. The stretching poses taught to Duriel by the Kalashtar are not easy to perform- stiffened joints and broken bones healed roughly complicate what should be simple moves- but Duriel pushes themselves through it, reciting the principles of the Il Yanah- hearing the voice of Zashanna speaking them in their mind- by the end of the session Duriel stands alone in the training room, shaking and covered in sweat. They retire to the baths, where naked they consider their body in the reflection of a polished mirror- there’s hardly a piece of them left that isn’t burnt scar or the mark of sharp steel or claw. The green scales along their sides ripple along the lines of cuts and burns- the last vestiges of their past. They practice their smile again and again, not sure how close it is to finally being right, the sharp fangs always seem to ruin the effect, but it almost seems more natural now. That done, they begin the rituals of cleansing and eventually return to their room. Armor polished, room cleaned- Duriel finally has a moment to give to leisure and pulls a book from off the shelf, “The Humors of Wood Elves- A study”- they turn the pages until they come to the one they’d marked as last read. “What is brown and sticky?”- Duriel asks no one in particular, they let a pause fill the air before adding “A Stick!”- they pause and consider the words carefully- they say it out loud a few more times, using different inflections and pauses until sighing, they mark the page and return the book to the shelf. Connah had wanted to see them this morning- about some sort of new assignment but had been cagey on the details- cheerful, but cagey. Duriel prepared themselves for what could prove to be a very rough day and made their way down stairs to await their new orders.
  2. Aspira is awesome people and a good gamer, she's a win for the guild for sure.
  3. (( The KRS Campaign is a city based campaign that will take place on Sundays with a meeting time set at 1600 Eastern, we've just freshly started and are more than happy to have other's join us )) The Story Thus Far for our Intrepid Murder Hobos Our story starts at the port city of Urstoon, at midday, on a bright spring day. The city was alive with people talking, selling, living with the occasional misplaced stabbing. Three adventures sit in their guildhall, recovering from their last successful mission. While sitting at rest, the ground starts to rumble, silverware rattles, the room shakes. They look outside and see a magical storm front crashing down on the city- a wall of black and red energy rising up in the distance like a tsunami coming to wash the city into the sea. Seeing no way to confront the storm head on they make a tactical retreat to the port where a ship captain they just worked has his shipped docked. Pushing through the panicking masses, they make their way onto the ship as it pushes off the docks, ships and people mashing into each other. Their ship makes it's way to the open water, fighting against the other ships- but the escape is for naught as the red wall crashes across the water, turning water to steam and slamming against the ship and dragging it's magical mass across the deck. The crew and passengers bodies are wracked with red energy- the feeling of ants crawling across their skin, dripping from their nose and flooding their ears comes and passes. As the storm's effects fade they find themselves and their ship stalled in a foreign sea, black algae locking them in place, and three moons in place of one hung over their heads. As they find their footing the new land they realize that all the clerics on the ship have lost touch with their gods, and as a group of mages attempt to cast divination magics they witness in quiet horror as the mages armor is consumed by eldritch fire and explodes, leaving the body gushing blood from the open wound. The druid tends to the injured man as the others help the captain manage the swelling panic of the crew. Four days ,as the can count them, pass- and a strange ship appears from under the waters. Soldiers in black armor appear from below deck, followed by a grey skinned man who speaks to his captive audience of his desire to come aboard as neither friends or foes, but as one able to help them out of this situation. The party agrees to the mans request and the ship is boarded- people are segregated and sorted- some permitted safe passage aboard the rescuing festival and those found to be potentially danger kept upon the ship and to be towed into the harbor or Ker'Resh'Shel. The party finds themselves allowed to stay aboard the rescuing ship, where a man named Horace greets them as their Intercessor and gives them counsel on the choices they might make- the could choose to die, they could choose to live normal lives cut off from their weapons and casting abilities, or they could find fortune and favor in the city as guardians for the city itself- the choice was theirs to make. After a short discussion between themselves they agreed to working with the city (at least for now)- until they could find their proper footing and a way out. They eventually are allowed topside and given the chance to witness the approach to the city. First they see the great white walls of the city, walls that nearly seem to reach the sky and extend into the water of the sea forming a natural harbor. Guarding the harbor on a large outcropping of obsidian rock, a palace of white stone, cascading waterfalls and a shaft of white light piercing the sky. As they enter the harbor they see the expanse of the city open up before them, low lying building shining bright white. In the center of the city, a golden and green ziggurat sits, an anachronism against the white walls of the city. In the far distance, against the Eastern wall ,a hive like structure pules against the wall like a living cancer. Their ship lands and they are guided to the new Overseer, a man called Khan Law, who gives them the tools of their new profession and a task to complete- someone is tampering with food production in the Meat Cauldron and he's tasked them with ending the person responsible. Afterwards they are taken to their new lodging and decide to tour the city at large- deciding that the ziggurat in the center is worth exploring. They arrive and find out that it is the temple to a Goddess called P'trexia, they're invited inside to commune with the divine and in doing so learn many things but are seeming left with more questions.
  4. 1) Sundays are my one guaranteed day off from work- so that would probably be best for me. I'm open to figuring out a good time on that day that doesn't conflict with events or other RISE shenanigans. 2) I prefer to cap out at 5, with 4 being kind of ideal, 3 is very workable, 2 has been done more that once, and 1 is also a good number of players. 3)I really track the RISE culture, and am in line with all of what question 3 is asking. 4) I have GM'd a lot, a lot lot- 3rd Edition to 3.5 to Pathfinder WOD Wraith, Vampire, and Werewolf- I don't have the headspace for mage at all. Ars Magicka, which is a really awesome set up for a game, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a realistic middle age setting with magic elements. Mouse Guard BESM- Everything from Slice of Life school to Space Opera RIFT- Fun stuff, Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun Star Wars d20 As to my style of GMing- I prefer collaboration style play- the GM and Party working in tandem to generate a good story. I prefer story and rp driven games with combat as spice and not as the full dinner. I don't really need players that want to break the game, or me, or the party. I'm fine with party drama (the paladin and the rogue bickering) but I like the team to be a team. I like to bend rules to allow for character development, but I don't break them. The group never runs into an unbeatable foe, or a November monster. I like props, not easy to do online maybe, but I can still make it happen most of the time. 5) It wasn't a like at first, it was a role that needed to be filled. I've done quite a bit of it though, and while no pro by any stretch, I do a fairly decent job of it and I like doing it well. There is a real simple joy in working with a group towards a common narrative where everyone gets a chance to shine and you're the one helping them find that shiny bit. 6) I had a long sit down and think on this one. When I run a 3.5 or similar game I use a particular setting that I've been homebrewing for a long while now- it's a setting that doesn't really allow for world hopping or cross play elements. If I were to GM, I would probably want to use this setting. There's also the fact that I don't use standard xp for leveling, I use the bubble system- Level 3 is 3 bubbles, 000, 4 is 0000 and so on and award bubbles based on story progression and achievement. I also like to award flurby merits for backstory the players generate and small minor bonuses gained during play (+2 to control magical effects while under the influence of wild magic) that kind of thing. I'd be game to talking with the other sitting GMs or players who would be game to game with me- and I'm hoping that I will be able to do DMing for the group. Best Regards- James/Obsidian Newt
  5. The Reaper spec is one of the reasons I chose necro, that and good memories from GW1.
  6. I likewise look forward to meeting you. I'm just mucking about on my necro right now.
  7. Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... James/Newt Preferred personal pronoun? Him/He most days May we ask your age? 40ish What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Haelmaire.9152 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? The lfg reddit. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? My work stars abot 3am pacific so I'm generally off well before you're running. I am in Seattle but I don't think time will be an issue. What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? I am newish/returning to the game and don't really have a favorite as yet. I did a lot of pvp on ESO so probably that. Social is probably a top tier choice to. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? I want to try them all if I'm honest. And being newish and ignorant on a lot of key things is probably whats holding me back a smidge. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? Still making yp my mind on that. The thief seems to give a lot of instant satisfaction with its playstyle. Guardian and necro are funnish. I hated warrior in gw1 with how adrenaline worked so that migjt not have changed. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? I generally like knowing that I can find a group of fairly chill people to play with. That were all on the same page. As to dislikes... You don't usually stay in a guild if you dislike something about it. And your core rules vs. Drama Llamas and bullying cover the one actual thing I reallybdo dislike. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? Yes. Yes it does. Anything you could want on a pizza belongs on a pizza. It's your pizza afterall. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. I met my partner at a WoD larp here in Seattle. Social gatherings with board games is always a plus. I like the outdoors but do all my camping from a hotel room. I write silly songs to annoy my partner with. I enjoy plays and saw my first opera not too long ago. Lots of gaming as time permits. No kids, cats, or dogs. They're all fine. Except maybe Chihuahuas... Whole packs of roaming Chihuahuas have been known to take down grizzly bears outside of Trinidad Colorado. What other games do you play? ESO, MHW, Dark Souls and Code Vein. Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Roger Wilco as he was the first character I ever knew, from Space Quest.
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