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  1. EnergyEagle

    [BRN] Raid


    I can play any role that isn’t tank
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    Hey everyone, I know it has been quite a long time, but I am officially back and I ready to lead some strikes. So without further ado, welcome to the first official Late Night Strikes Run!!! This will ideally be our new time to run in the week, and we will be running slightly differently than we ran Friday Night Strikes. This event will be focusing on clearing every strike currently in the game, aside from Forging Steel (it does not count), Though the event is open to EVERYONE, no experience needed. So even though we will be focusing on clearing every boss we will be open to training if needed, so feel free to come on down and lets bash from frozen baddies. FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS: Strike missions are GW2's introduction to raiding, they are set up they same way with 10 squad members and full raid compositions but they are built to be much easier than raids while introducing some common raid mechanics. So if you are interested in learning how "10 man" raid style content works this is your event. As stated earlier we will be using raid compositions which require full raid builds, if you are unsure about what that might be or how to gear one you should check out https://snowcrows.com/ this sight will give you almost every raid build we use in the guild and if you have any specific questions please feel free to ping me (@EnergyEvan) in the strikes channel in discord or send me a PM through discord. I know I am not very good at this, and people don't normally read these. So if you did congrats, there is nothing useful past this point. Haha, I lied, as I said earlier Forging Steel does not count, but it is tied to multiple achievements so if you really want to run it or need it for an achievement, you can request to run it ONLY if you specifically ask to run it when you rsvp to this event.
  4. EnergyEagle

    [BRN] Raid


    BACKUP if needed Druid Banners DPS Alac Quickness Literally anything that isnt tank Or boon thief (if anyone even uses them anymore)
  5. EnergyEagle

    [BRN] Raid


    Quickness (not heals) Druid Banners Alac pDPS cDPS I have no preference on what role, I'm just happy to be back
  6. until

    I'm a noob, haven't fractaled in forever but know what to do. I can do both power and condi DPS.
  7. EnergyEagle

    sPvP AT


    DPS: Sic Em Sniper, Fresh Air Tempest, Fire Weaver, Greatsword Core Guard, pReaper Support: Aurashare Tempet, Heal Scourge Roamer/ Side Node: Flamethrower Scrapper, Sic Em Sniper, cMirage, Any flavor of DareDevil, Rifle Deadeye
  8. EnergyEagle

    After BRN AT


    Some unexpected birthday plans came up and I won’t be around Might not be available, but could be if needed. DPS: Sic Em Sniper, Fresh Air Tempest, Fire Weaver, Greatsword Core Guard, pReaper Support: Aurashare Tempet, Heal Scourge Roamer/ Side Node: Flamethrower Scrapper, Sic Em Sniper, cMirage, Any flavor of DareDevil, Rifle Deadeye
  9. until

    Anything and everything But no HB, they are smelly
  10. until
    Hi everyone, it's that again for Friday Strike Night!!! Like last week we are going to be focusing on training new roles and getting people ready for raids. So, instead of a scary we want clears environment and we are now going to be focusing on training new builds and giving new players a low stress 10 man content training environment. For instance if you are wanting to get into BRN Raids but are worried that you aren't ready for it, come to Strikes. Or if you are in BRN but you got a new build/ role you want to try out but aren't sure if it's raid ready, come to Strikes. We are open and welcome to all, no experience needed, NEW PEOPLE ARE SUPER DUPER AWESOME AND WE WANT ALL OF THEM. So come on down and have some fun while we break some frozen baddies faces. WHAT ABOUT GOODIES??? What can I get from strikes? Well you can get a multitude of things from strike missions that includes: - Ascended gear (armor/ weapons) - Fully stat selectable Exotic armor -IMO the runic armor is one of the coolest armor sets in that entire game - A really frosty chair - Map currency for all of the living world season 4 maps -The bestest of capes in all of GW2 So, when it comes to the runs in general there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, like raids you should have a meta/ accepted off-meta build, if you don't know what that includes you can go to https://snowcrows.com/ and they will give you a rundown and short guide of everything you need to do/ get for each class, when it comes of accepted off meta builds you can use the https://docs.google.com/document/d/17o2v0YeCSiSyq0sg9ZIH7HK6HeQm9mQ9spOur0cEg4Q/edit made by Kat, and that will give a link to a video intro of any build that the guild allows in strikes and raids :). Second off, even though the runs are going to be set up as a training environment we still would like to clear all of the bosses we do, so please keep in mind, if you are in the event you should be happy to be there (please don't complain about your role or the quality of pulls), we can joke around some but we don't want to go to far, if you do I will sic the raid team on you (they are scary). Now for the Event itself. We are as normal going to be running Strike missions on Friday before BRN raids from Reset, up until raids (We will make sure everyone in BRN has at least some break before raids). We are going to be doing all of our normal bosses, so everything but Forging steel. When you sign up please RSVP what role you wish to play, it helps me make rosters :P. Regarding forging steel, I hate it.... It's long and doesn't give cool stuff, but players do need to do it for a number of achievements, so if you really want to do forging steel you can request we do it when you sign up and if we have time we will run it at the end. One last thing, sorry about all the reading. And for the Boneskinner we are going to need a heal scourge, so if you want to play it just list it as one of your builds and I will slot you to do it, if we don't get one I will cover it
  11. EnergyEagle

    After BRN PvP AT


    Support Aura Share tempest, healscourge, support chrono Teamfight reaper, great sword core guard, fresh air tempest, condi scourge, condi mirage Roaming daredevil (all flavors), deadeye, fire weaver, flame thrower scrapper
  12. until

    Something very very messed up, I will play whatever we need based off of what everyone else is bringing.
  13. until
    Come One, Come All!!! This week we are doing something a little different for strikes night. We are playing with only meme builds. What does this mean???? Do you like playing flamethrower scrapper at Peu train? bring it to strikes!!! do you like playing longbow dragonhunter in PvP? bring it to strikes!!! do you play TRAILBLAZER'S MIRAGE literally anywhere??? bring it to strikes. YES, any build you can think of is what we are looking for, and as always the memeir the build the better!!!! We are going to be attempting to get through all our normal things, so all of the strikes except for Forging Steel. But with meme night, we can never guarantee anything so please don't be upset if we don't do well, we are here to have fun and mess around. Random questions that might come up: Q: But Evan, I really don't have any other build other than my meta dps build, can I still come? A: ALWAYS, just be ready, the rest of the squad might be a little wacky Q: I don't think I have full gear for it??? A: And??? I see no problem with this. ITS MEME NIGHT, NO ONE CARES!!!!! Q: What if my build isn't set up properly??? A: Who's gonna notice, our healer is a warrior, we are getting quickness from god knows where, and our top dps is freaking Hammer Holosmith Now we would like to keep it from being completely bring your own boons so if you hae any meme'd support build you like to play *coughs* heal shout warrior *coughs* it would be really really helpful to have.
  14. until

    I will backup if you get enough without me For support: Healscourge/ aura share For teamfight: Fire weaver, fresh air tempest, power reaper, rifle deadeye For roaming: Daredevil, sic em sniper, cMirage
  15. until

    Anything but healbrand
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