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  1. Thanks so much, glad to be apart of this awesome guild. YAY.
  2. Joined Peu's AB event again, with raywarrior and others, this time on my guardian. Sorry I had to leave early I was feeling unwell.
  3. I participated in the Low Tier Fractal event with a fabulous pink Asuran and others.
  4. until

    Guild missions I've never bothered with, but something I want to try! I'm down!
  5. I participated in Kitty Blu's Boss Train on my Guardian.
  6. Toshi Chi

    Kitty Blu's Boss Train

    I will try to join you guys tonight, maybe on my Guardian.
  7. I uploaded my avatar and made an intro in the introductions forum. I participated in the low tier fractal event with Raywarrior and Nok.
  8. Hello I'm Toshi. I've been playing GW2 on and off over the years since launch. I just recently got back into GW2 a few days ago, I have some catching up to do. I'm enjoying the guild so far, it's nice to meet you all!
  9. Thanks for the welcome. There is a spec "enhanced capacity storage unit" that I take, that helps alot with overheating, plus with enough practice you can get the feel for it.
  10. I participated in the AB event in Peu's squad.
  11. Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Toshi Preferred personal pronoun? He/They May we ask your age? 32 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) Kouta.9472 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? heard about you from raywarrior01 Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? yes, several times a week What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? Fractals, they are challenging, have little short stories and are short dungeon-like content. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Raiding. I don't have any geared character for raiding, and I don't know what class to go with for raiding. What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? Engineer Holosmith and Scrapper. My favorite is Holosmith because it melts faces. What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? Favorite thing about a guild is teamwork. Least favorite thing about a guild is inactivity. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? No, but to each their own. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. I like listening to music, dancing, art, and learning new things. I have a cat and a snake, no kids. I dislike loud noises. I like things that smell good (incense, fresh laundry, air fresheners ect.) What other games do you play? So many... Guild Wars 1, Aion, Ultima Online, Lineage 2, MU online, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, ect. ect. ect. ad infinitum Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Link. He is just the ultimate symbol of Heroism to me.
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