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  1. It's time to Party !!! Join us Saturday at 9:00pm edt for RISE's Four Winds Festival Guild Hall Party. Fun, Prizes, more Fun, etc. 1) Fashion Contest on the Four Winds Party Stage : Prizes for best Summer/Festival Theme, and for Ugliest 2) Jumping Puzzle contest on our very own Four Winds Jumping Puzzle 3) It's Raining Choya Cloud Drop * (*requires Choya tonic) 4) Traditional Death Darts from the Skybar Make sure you make plans to attend. Don't miss the fun, and don't make Kitty Blu sad - she wants to see all her friends win prizes and have fun \o/
  2. It's Dragonbash Time !!! Let's celebrate in Hoelbrok and try out the fun activities, bet on the Moa Races, beat up some holograms, and generally just show Tyrians how to party \o/ Join Dragonhunter Luna Blu at Reset, and lets get some Zhaitaffy and have some fun !!!
  3. It's Kitty Karnival Time !!! Join Kitty Blu on June 1 (Blu'sday) for a fun night of Grothmar activities. We will start at reset, and do all 4 parts of the meta, so we can all have a complete key to try our luck in the vault. Roller Beetle Racing, Ooze Pits, Flame Effigy, Misc. fun stuffs, plus the highlight of the night (of course) - The Metal Concert !!! ( Looks like we need a drummy booster stand here Kitty Blu ) (Well, our favorite Bass player is Paul McCatney, but you are super good too !! ) Don't miss all the fun on this laid back meta train, and help Kitty Blu start her summer off with a "Bang" !!!
  4. I don't know enough to comment on the differences between the cryptos - but I know some old fashioned rules that you should follow : 1) This "coin" is only worth what they next sucker will pay for it. It's not tied to any currency base. The people who get in early, and get out early, make a fortune. The others, well, your results may vary. For historic reference, look up the Comstock Lode 2) I only invest in us$. I don't want to invest in Yen, Yan, Reale, Euro, etc, etc. If I don't want to invest in foreign currency, I certainly don't want to touch Mythical currency. I might as well buy a Micronesian Money Stone 3) If you do decide to play with it. Start with an amount you are willing to lose (say its $1000). If it goes up to $1500, cash out $500. If it goes up again to $1500, cash out another $500. Then you playing with house money and can gamble all day. 4) Make sure to sell before the line of suckers gets short 5) Any currency that can be heavily manipulated by Elon Musk is highly suspect to say the very least
  5. Join Kitty Blu every Sunday night at 7:30 EDT for her weekly Boss Train !! Starts with Claw of Jormag, then Shadow Behemoth, Tequatl, Svanir Shaman Maw, Megadestroyer, Fire Ele, and Shatterer. The boss train is a relaxing way to end your weekend, and you don't even have to be level 80 to ride !! No expansions required either. You don't even need map completion, because Kitty Blu supplies anyone who needs transport help a Boss Portal Device. World Boss Portal Device - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Join us for the fun - Food, Banners, and Cookies always provided. Kitty Blu needs your help !!! Don't let her down !!!
  6. It's that time again !!! It's time to celebrate our big 2nd Anniversary with a Spring Shindig in our fabulous Guild Hall !!! Come join us at Reset for food, fun, celebrations, and of course PRIZES \o/ 1) Spring Fashion Contest (Prettiest and Ugliest/Atrocious categories) 2) It's Raining Choya (hallelujah!) 3) SAB Jumping Puzzle (improved version) 4) Death Darts (of course) Don't miss the fun as we celebrate 2 years of fun !!!
  7. I don't spawn for Teq -- He spawns for me. Join us on April 4th for a special Zang's Birthday Death Match : Tequatl vs. Kitty Blu The regularly scheduled Boss Train will be replace by a special RISE spawn of Tequatl. An hour after his normal time, right in the middle of his nap, so he is sure to be extra pissed off. Kitty Blu will need all the help she can get to take on this baddie without the benefit of the normal spawn folks, so be sure to mark you calendar accordingly!!! Let's show Tequatl that RISE beats all Dragon Minions - on their time, or on ours. \o/ (I'm Kitty Blu, and I endorsed this message)
  8. The 3rd fund I bought recently is the Reeves Utility Index. I bought into this fund mostly cos I hate picking individual utilities (my luck is pretty bad at dart-board investing) It pays a nice 6.6% dividend, so I am not looking for growth here. If it just stays the same, I can live with 6.6% I really like Next Era energy, as it is one of the new "green" companies that I own very little stock in. The rest of this list is meh to me. Again, I bought on the 1 year performance dip, hoping to return to the normal 5%-10% range I paid $32.99 per share on 1/19. Today it is at $32.78, so it is -0.6% after a month. I do get my first div for owning it on 2/16, so there is that at least. It's early, but they can't all be winners. We will see how this goes for a while.
  9. The next fund I recently bought is the XLRE Real Estate Investment Trust exchange fund. I'm not a big fan of REIT's in particular, but I am a huge fan of Cell Phone tower companies Crown Castle, Digital Realty, and American Tower. Since the stock prices of those are out of my price range, I bought 100 shares of this fund. Here is the performance history I bought last month cos the 1 year performance shows that it is due to rebound, given the 8% historical performance. The fund pays about a 2.9% div. I bought 100 shares on 1/19 (about 3 weeks ago) at $36.29, today it is at $38.11, for about a 5% gain in a month. No way that holds up, but It makes me smile seeing it for now
  10. I do have some recent history with Exchange funds I can share. I mentioned before the DGRO (i shares dividend growth fund). Here is the top 10 holdings This fund was started in 2014, and here is the performance history. I bought 300 Shares of this fund on 12/17, so I have owned for almost 60 days. It pays about a 2.2% dividend (which I will get the first one in March) I bought it at $44.63 per share. Today it is at $46.04. That is a 3.14% return in 2 months, or about 18% per year, without the 2.2% dividend. So far so good We will see if it holds up. But since it ahs been doing about 10% a year, I like my chances. I will post another couple I recently bought later
  11. Until the feds change the rules, none of the cannabis companies can use the banking system, etc, or operate as normal companies from a financial standpoint. Also, the situation is similar to the dot.com era back in the late 90's. There will be a few big winners, and the rest will disappear in a "cloud of smoke" Anyone got any Myspace or Ask Jeeves stock? I wouldn't touch any of this. Established companies are the way to make money. If you are gonna risk money in startups, make sure it's money you don't need. It's kind of like winning the lottery. Your chances are slim. If you do win, cash out while you can. Don't wait. (Almost forgot, Cramer is an idiot, and should be arrested for self hyping his own portfolio in order to cash in on swings.)
  12. A word about dividends. Dividends are declared and paid by a company. Sometimes once a year, sometimes every month, but most companies pay dividends every quarter. The board will announce that they have declared a dividend, and give an ex-div date. The people who own the stock on that date get paid the dividend, and goes into whatever account you have set up. For me, my dividends go directly into my Morgan Stanley account. My Mutual Fund dividends can go either back into the funds, or I can have them deposited into the normal account. Dividends are a dollar amount per share. The yield is this amount divided by stock price. So if a company pays $1 dividend and is worth $10 a share, the yield is 10%. If the stock goes to $20, that same dividend is now a 5% yield. If the stock drops to $5, that yield is now 20%. Dividends are incentives to invest. Companies raise the dividend to attract more investors. Dividends are also a rough gauge of risk. If a company needs to raise a dividend higher and higher to attract more capital, then they are probably a riskier investment, and/or more subject to volatility.
  13. I won't use any electronic trading platform period. I know I kick it Old School, but I use Morgan Stanley. Not so much cos of the company, but because of the 2 people that run the local office have been working with my Dad for decades, since they were with EF Hutton, then Dean Whitter, then Morgan Stanley. Experience like this does not grow on trees. I could do the trades myself through their platform too, but then if I make a mistake, I am responsible. When I call them and have them do it, any mistake they make is on their dime, and not mine. Their fees are so minor that it doesn't even factor in. I pay $0.01 per trade. Also, most importantly, Morgan Stanley does not sell my private information and history to the highest bidder like RH and some of these other platforms do. Also : 1) Options can be a good way to generate income. Options on real quality companies. Not lottery style options with high chances of failure 2) Don't buy any stocks on hype. Most of this "hype" is generated by folks who want to see a particular stock go up or down to make money for themselves (see Mad Money Jim Cramer for a perfect example of this. We were at my Dad's once when he came on, and my Dad just sneered at him and said "you could probably do pretty well by just doing the opposite of whatever this guy says") 3) Yes you will lose. The secret of course is to win more often. This week, I will post some guidelines in creating a strategy and portfolio that should help you navigate the waters a little better.
  14. Another way to invest in dividend growth is with the DGRO exchange fund, which consists of very good companies, some with skyhigh prices (like Home Depot and Apple) that I can't afford to buy individually. This is a fund my broker uses in IRA accounts to hold assets while they reallocate the protfolios. I bought 100 shares of this fund last month. As you can see from the top 10 holdings, these are some pretty solid investments. I personally also own Merck, Cisco, Pfiezer, and Verizon. Our family partnership also owns Microsoft and Proctor & Gamble. Dividend Growth is a solid strategy, because as the dividends grow, so does your cash flow. This is ideal when you are older like me, and don't have the time to wait for "Growth Stocks" to grow. (My hundred shares cost me $4400. It would take about $23,000 to invest in 100 shares of Microsoft. A fund like this can be a good way to invest in companies that have prices that are "just a wee bit out of my price range" )
  15. Picking the highest dividend can be a good idea, but it carries some risks as well. The stocks that have the highest yields are probably the ones that have been beaten up, so it stands to reason that they would have upside. But it also could be that the companies are underperforming and will continue to do so. They could also cut the dividend if things get too bad, and then they no longer pay the highest yield. I believe a sounder strategy is to look for dividend growth. Companies that have regularly increased the dividend for years and years. Some call these dividend achievers. Here is a spreadsheet i got recently showing this class of companies. This is a good starting place to find solid companies with years of solid dividend growth. Many of the stocks I personally own are on this sheet. I will post another example right after this dividend_achievers.xlsx
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