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  1. Running around crushing dem world bosses with @Kitty Blu
  2. Halindar

    [BRN] RAID


    Dps (power or condi) or Druid pls
  3. extra event added in....BRN (inky)
  4. t4s and 99/100CM that I apparently didn't Screenshot.
  5. until

    Power DH, condi SB, or Druid
  6. and lastly event #6...kitty blu's boss train
  7. Halindar

    [BRN] RAID


    DPS please, power or condi. If needed I can Druid also
  8. Event number 4....t4 fractals and CMs with Peuruki, Kagrenac, and 2 others...I really need to get to know the other people in the guild. I feel bad about not knowing who they are.
  9. hi @demonbunnyyeah, took a long break
  10. And got event number 3 in today...100CM with Kagrenac, Peuruki, Flareing, Kat
  11. Hey @JinnGalia not too bad. Took a much needed break from gw2 but now I’m back shining my pants up
  12. Halindar

    Strike Missions


    Prefer DPS. Power DH or condi soulbeast. Can also do Druid or Berserker bannerslave
  13. Halindar

    [BRN] RAID


    DPS-DH or SB, also have a Druid that I think I remember how to play...if there are any openings. I know its kinda last minute
  14. 2 events in the bag today...ran t3 fractals with Kat and 2 other guildies (just met them tonight and can't remember who was there) but I forgot to screenshot it. After reset ran t4 fractals and CMs with Claytotsu, PaxtonR74, and Richdragon. And this time I remembered to screenshot it.
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