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    [BRN] RAID


    Condi weaver wont get home till 7pm worst case scenario was hoping to be first priority backup
  2. Winter Berry run, made it to top of these cliff
  3. Now that you've read the rules and expectations do you agree to follow them? Yes! Let's start with your preferred name... Moon Preferred personal pronoun? none May we ask your age? 34 What is your Arena Net Display Name? (user.1234) starwind.3408 How did you hear about Reborn of Embers? I was in mistlock. Met someone from RISE. We talked for a bit, and they said this might be a good place to learn how to raid. Our events are typically in the evening of the Eastern time zone. Are you available during these times? How often do you play each week? yes, about 3-4 hrs a night starting at 7 pst What is your favorite game mode and what do you like most about it? Favorite is PVE love seeing the world. Doing events, getting that sweet gold. But I Enjoy me some PVP , mostly because I'm so good at it. Are there any game modes you are interested in learning and what is holding you back? Raiding , iv watched lots of Vid's. Tried doing some, even gotten some boss's down to like 2%. But iv never downed a boss yet . What classes do you play, which is your favorite and what do you like most about it? Im playing weaver. My favorite is either thief or engineer but I wouldnt raid with either. Ummm.. there my favorite because there fun =P What are your favorite and least favorite things about a guild? I love almost everything in GW2 even with my bad experience with raiding I still want to try . But nothing and I say Nothing can save Fractals. at least for me I'm done with them. Pineapple, does it belong on pizza? belong...no Tell us a little about yourself. What do you enjoy outside of gaming. Im just a normal guy. I play music. Piano and Guitars. I like reading si-fy and non-fiction books. I do watch sports Baseball here and there Football 8 hrs every Sunday during season. What other games do you play? rainbow 6 . fortnite . LoL . sea of thieves . overwatch . counter strike Who’s your favorite all time video game character? Link . he saves Zelda
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