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  1. The necro army continues to grow...
  2. Nice to meet you! I certainly understand the struggle to find satisfying/fulfilling work and I wish you the best of luck. See ya around!
  3. Blink

    Blink says hi

    OH YA?! CLAY...
  4. @Peureki added the introduction thread at the request of @Kell so I thought I'd give it a spin! For no particular reason what-so-ever I created a user name of Blink Squish, which I've used in a few different games. My name is Daniel, but most people just call me Dan (my close family still calls me Danny, but family gets a pass on a lot of things). I'm married and have 3 children whom I think are pretty awesome. The fact that this quarantine has kept us all at home for months and I haven't tried to sell them to the gypsies must mean they're pretty good kids. Anyway, I built a new computer after many years and decided to boot up GW2 again. Well, it has sucked me back in and now I get to enjoy it in max setting glory. Besides family, work keeps me very busy (software developer), and so I don't really have the luxury of time, but I still hope to contribute to the guild as best I can. If you have any questions, feel free to ask - and I'll feel free to give vague and/or facetious answers to the best of my ability. See you in game!
  5. I know am now an Ember, but I'm thinking I might keep recording certain events here. Thanks @Peureki for a fun Lake Doric run! So. Much. Loot. In the end I find myself surrounded by choya, for some reason I do not look amused.
  6. A fellow necro ... more spinnin' and winnin'! Welcome!
  7. Thanks very much! I look forward to doing more content that I've missed out on with the RISE crew.
  8. An impromptu strike mission... thanks for the invite! I just logged in to check something, but got to take down some bad charr as well. Having done this one twice, I'm now seeing why there are some complaints. It lacks, shall we say, finesse - compared to the other strike missions. In any case, it's always better with guildies.
  9. This isn't a guild activity, I just wanted to thank a few choya that showed up to help me with a HP in Verdant Brink. Thank you @CorpPhoenix , @Cowboy and @Sauko! I only captured one choya in the wild, the others were camera shy. Thanks again!
  10. New strike mission! Lots of adds, plenty of spinnin' and winnin'.
  11. I did my very first fractal run T1-T4 with @Trashcan King!! It was fun, but it was a lot to take in. Thankfully the team consisted of some competent players, so I'm pretty sure I was carried. In any case it was fun, and I look forward to doing more in the future. Thanks again TK! (P.S. I forgot to take a screenshot, so here is a picture of the fractal portal - it counts! )
  12. I managed to get a couple guild missions done (unfortunately I had to leave part way). I'll need to brush up on them, as I was the only one obviously clueless . Finally I jumped back in just in time to hit the beach. You can tell which one is me by the awkward pose, unfashionable loincloth and a lot of body hair. For some strange reason, everyone started leaving once I arrived.
  13. Thank you for another awesome @Peureki Meta Train! Having a skyscale would definitely make this one easier, but I managed to keep up
  14. The Manstervile strike team was a lot of fun!
  15. Had nice chat with Clay and Corp. I'm adding the guild tour and orientation to my guild activities. Hey, it counts!
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