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  1. until

    I already have the achiev but can help others I can fill any role - tanking I have limited exp (I have successfully tanked SH twice before but no other bosses)
  2. DangerNoodlez

    Guild Scrim


    Thief: DP, SD, SP, Condi Power Reaper
  3. DangerNoodlez

    [BRN] Raid


    Anything except purple class. Can backup teach/lead.
  4. until

    jk can't go I'll be in Chicago for work tmr night
  5. until

    pref Druid Anything else besides tank
  6. DangerNoodlez

    Dhuum CM


    Comfy on: p/c banners/green 1, kiter/green 2, druid/green 3, cDPS Could fill if needed: RR, HB Can't tank
  7. until

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do heal tempest huehue I'll have to think of some other meme type build in the meantime ;D
  8. until

  9. until

    I can fill any role but would rather not alac unless that is last option (ALSO I CANNOT PURPLE CLASS FORGOT TO MENTION) Yay Kag raid clears
  10. DangerNoodlez

    [BRN] Raid


    Anything except purple class Can lead
  11. DangerNoodlez

    [FIRE] Prog Night


    anything except purple class I have a boon thief
  12. until

    anything but purple class Druid tank on Wing 3
  13. DangerNoodlez

    [BRN] Raid


    Anything besides purple class Can lead
  14. until

    banners, druid, HB, dps
  15. DangerNoodlez

    [FIRE] Raid


    RIP I'm moving this weekend :(((((( sorry I can't join
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