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  1. until

    DPS, preferred cFB in order to practice. pHolo available if more experience is needed. Also have a cMirage (DPS).
  2. until

    DPS, pretty experienced with CM's now.
  3. Guild Missions, basically everyone is in this screenshot! also Astralaria.
  4. Karen I'm so glad to see that you applied, I think you'll love it here ~
  5. until

    DPS (Holo & Condi Mirage)
  6. T4's and CM's again with Kag, Peu, Kat and Moon!
  7. Updated my profile with a beautiful shot of Rakkor
  8. Ran an excellent duo-tag of Drizzlewood Coast with Peu! Gabo joined in as well.
  9. Thursday Night CM's, lots of fun! Kat, Boxter, Nysrocks, and Clay.
  10. So four Charr can clear T4's + 99 CM, what else can they do? Peu Paxton and Kag
  11. Hah, I hadn't thought of that!
  12. T4's and CM's with Peu, Kag, Clay, and Kat
  13. Attended Peu's Sandswept Isles train, although I didn't take a screenshot Maybe I can prove it by referencing that crazy argument in map chat >_>
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