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  1. Woohoo!! Thanks all!
  2. My "grumpy" attendance at Monday Night Guild Missions!
  3. Sunday Evening Strike Mission Training Event. Learned some VERY helpful things! Thanks!!!
  4. Zang's Sunday Evening Boss Train!!
  5. Ten

    strike missions


    Yep, I'll be there. No delays happened this afternoon.
  6. Saturday POF Meta Train!!
  7. Ten

    strike missions


    Whoops, I MIGHT be delayed, and I can't figure out how to switch to MAYBE!!! LOL Will probably be there, but yeah, put me on MAYBE just in case.
  8. Spontaneous Friday night full Strike Mission run with RISE!
  9. Ten

    strike missions


    Magi Support Scourge for the "hard" ones. Sub-par Condi-Minion DPS for easy ones which yes, works for those. Would like to go to learn some of the finer points by experience.
  10. Tuesday Driftwood Bingo Meta with RISE!
  11. Monday Night Guild Missions with RISE!
  12. RISE Sunday Boss Train!
  13. Quick AC Story and Path Run Sunday.
  14. RISE RP Sunday at the Wishing Well! LOVED THIS!!!
  15. Cold War Strike Mission with RISE!
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